STI Foam Footbeds

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The enormous impact forces generated during skateboarding push pressures underneath the foot to the limits and can cause over-stress injuries. With the latest cutting-edge research from STI in hand, our designers and engineers have created STI Foam™ Footbeds to help relieve these pressures.


Our research has allowed us to specify exactly how much force and pressure needs to be absorbed and precisely where to place key support elements to spare the delicate structures of the foot. But that’s not enough. We also tested dozens of materials to find unique systems that absorb the most pressure and maintain their special cushioning properties after hours and hours of skating.

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(18) responses to: STI Foam Footbeds

  1. the ankle roll system rips off quick

    reynold3s's Emeritar reynold3s Posted:
  2. joevan's Emeritar joevan Posted:
  3. the STI foam is good for awhile until you start skating alot. the ankle roll system tears off easily.

    vizz101's Emeritar vizz101 Posted:
  4. Emerica shoes with System G2,and STI Level 2 Footbeds are just what skate shoes need today.whoever the fuck came up with an idea this great,HERES TOO THEM!

    FloydFan18's Emeritar FloydFan18 Posted:
  5. The toe cap isn't strong enough and the ankle roll system tears after a while

    kidofemerica1212's Emeritar kidofemerica1212 Posted:
  6. yo

    thugn4life's Emeritar thugn4life Posted:
  7. they shud make a shoe that has the toe cap of an adio kenny anderson and system g2 and sti foam and be an emerica and name it the rambler

    leoromero5's Emeritar leoromero5 Posted:
  8. they dont have enought padding

    cool's Emeritar cool Posted:
  9. fuck these guys. if they knew how to skate good enough you dont miss a trick. then the ankle roll system wont wear off from you rolling your ankle. the foam is amazing. never takes the shape of your foot giving you more support. emericas are the shit

    M!T[H's Emeritar M!T[H Posted:
  10. dude the insole is awesome and all, its just that ankle roll. it tears off to easy

    girlsk8er24's Emeritar girlsk8er24 Posted:
  11. dude the insole is awesome and all, its just that ankle roll. it tears off to easy

    girlsk8er24's Emeritar girlsk8er24 Posted:
  12. emerica and eS sti foam footbeds are the best.. ive got a pair of lakais.. horrible padding i need the sti

    mjk's Emeritar mjk Posted:
  13. which emerica shoes can i get with system g2 g202 g2full impact STI? is they all inside reynold light ?

    Aaron's Emeritar Aaron Posted:
  14. to Aaron-the g2o2 is in the boss

    Todd's Emeritar Todd Posted:
  15. feel gooooodd

    foxxz93's Emeritar foxxz93 Posted:
  16. amazing when new. although when the sole starts to wear down i get pains in the ball of my foot (beginning of the big toe) when pushing

    hiphopapotamus's Emeritar hiphopapotamus Posted:
  17. i love sti. ant other shoe is bull shit

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  18. theyre reallllyyyyy comfy
    and whats the ankle roll systm?

    gheorgheorghe's Emeritar gheorgheorghe Posted:

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