Team Report 03-28-06

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We just finished up the Emerica Stay Gold Tour in Australia last Friday. Andrew Reynolds, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero, Braydon Szafranski and Brandon Westgate were all on it. Look for an article on the trip in an upcoming issue of Thrasher courtesy of Lance Dawes, as well as a full story here on the site soon.


Andrew Reynolds got some sick tricks while in Oz and has since returned to his home in Los Angeles. He will be spending time with his wife and daughter over the next few days and will also be shopping for a new guitar.

Heath Kirchart’s knee has been getting better after a car hit him a few months back, and he has been skateboarding a bit lately. He's even been filming some picnic table lines.


Kevin “Spanky” Long decided that he wanted to stay in Australia an extra week with Baker teammate Dustin Dollin, even though he is still a bit sore from a filming session the other day in Perth, where he got a hammer down a huge five-flat-five double set.


Bryan Herman just returned home from Oz, as well. He is still recovering from his broken leg, so he couldn’t skate on the tour, but he did do some hardflips on flatground that were so buttery it looked like he could do them in his sleep. Herman is now back at home in Victorville, California, where he is getting ready to move into a new house that he just bought. The B.Herman shoe is now in skate shops, so if you haven’t picked up a pair, what are you waiting for?

Leo Romero nailed it in Australia and is now back at home in Los Angeles. He has been working on his upcoming Emerica pro model shoe that is due out this Summer.

Ed Templeton
and Austin Stephens have been skating SoCal lately with the rest of the Toy Machine team. They will be going on a Toy Machine Australia tour early in April. Copycats.

Aaron Suski is heading out to Dubai on a Volcom trip. Dubai is located in the Middle East, right next door to Saudi Arabia. There is rumored to be tons of untapped spots there, so those guys are going to check it out. Thrasher photgrapher Lance Dawes flew straight from Australia to Dubai to meet up with them, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing what Dubai has to offer in an upcoming issue.

Chris Senn has been hitting up the surf, skating the local parks and chillin’ with his family at his home in Hawaii.


Braydon Szafranski also decided to stay in Australia for another week-and-a-half. He'll be staying with Dustin Dollin for a couple of days and then head up to Sydney to meet with Slam magazine photographer Pete Daly.


Brandon Westgate went home to Massachusetts from Australia to hang out for a few days before flying out for the Phoenix Am contest next weekend and then a Birdhouse Arizona tour a couple of weeks after that.

Matt Allen has been shooting more photos for the upcoming Am issue of TransWorld.

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(21) responses to: Team Report 03-28-06

  1. yeah! im number 1!

    jarbuckle's Emeritar jarbuckle Posted:
  2. the emerica team should most deffinitly come to rochester ny to do a demo

    jarbuckle's Emeritar jarbuckle Posted:
  3. when a southamerica tour?
    Szafranski so sick

    m00n's Emeritar m00n Posted:
  4. spanky rules! spanky needs thermoplastic though!!!!!!!!!!!!! can some1 please heed my words of "thermoplastic toecap" come on Emerican you need it as much as i do!!!!!!!

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  5. whats that

    derek's Emeritar derek Posted:
  6. how cute my spanky hes all happy and stuff

    janjanspank's Emeritar janjanspank Posted:
  7. spanky i smy FAVORITE SKATER, he's so sick

    chrisk8's Emeritar chrisk8 Posted:
  8. dollin is gonna kick some ass with spanky in australia.

    SK8DESTROYER's Emeritar SK8DESTROYER Posted:
  9. Emerica rocks dude!!!!! THIS IS SKATEBOARDING!!

    KR3WMONSTER's Emeritar KR3WMONSTER Posted:
  10. thats cool that herman is getting better

    Bakerskate8819's Emeritar Bakerskate8819 Posted:
  11. thats tigh stuff going in australia sucks. i cant wait for leo pro model

    skateFL's Emeritar skateFL Posted:
  12. Spanky and Herman are my
    favorite pro's so it's cool

    futurebakerider13's Emeritar futurebakerider13 Posted:

    Just Copy and Paste the link to check out the video of the emerica demo that I made. Let me know what you think..........

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  14. oh wow, that herman, he's gets me excited

    taylor's Emeritar taylor Posted:
  15. i mean its sick that leo is getting a shoe but suski definately needs a pro shoe he does the craziest stuff like that front board up that hand rail on the cover of slap or sumtin like that

    iamkr3wed's Emeritar iamkr3wed Posted:
  16. cant wait for romeros shoe thats gonna be a good one but i still thought the ellingtons were best ........ah well

    emerica303's Emeritar emerica303 Posted:
  17. whats leos shoe like? im getting some ksls soon

    bakerskater65's Emeritar bakerskater65 Posted:
  18. im getting the ksls in black and blue =)

    ridefastwreckshit's Emeritar ridefastwreckshit Posted:
  19. Come to Australia and go to marochy because the radness is here

    theradness's Emeritar theradness Posted:
  20. spanky is amazing

    juras03's Emeritar juras03 Posted:
  21. what did spanky do down the 5 flat 5?

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:

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