No More Pads in California Skateparks!

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Head on over to IASC to read about how you can make your voice heard in the battle to get rid of California's lame skatepark pad laws.



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(38) responses to: No More Pads in California Skateparks!

  1. 1st yes

    poopshoot's Emeritar poopshoot Posted:
  2. pads blow

    ridefastwreckshit's Emeritar ridefastwreckshit Posted:
  3. to bad i live in ny. pads are gay but some pads can protect your genitals so i guess theyre good or something

    jarbuckle's Emeritar jarbuckle Posted:
  4. werd i live in ny too. pads are gay though they should just let californians skate without em. GOTHAM CITY VANDALS*

    iwanttompennystyle's Emeritar iwanttompennystyle Posted:
  5. This is good news.

    crazaalex's Emeritar crazaalex Posted:
  6. its about time. you always have to stay alert in cali and watch for thos coppers. It should never be like that. im glad to see someone's trying to make a change.

    mkcstllns's Emeritar mkcstllns Posted:
  7. its about time. you always have to stay alert in cali and watch for thos coppers. It should never be like that. im glad to see someone's trying to make a change.

    mkcstllns's Emeritar mkcstllns Posted:
  8. I live in florida and all of the free parks there don't require pads

    123ABC's Emeritar 123ABC Posted:
  9. ha! i've already sent a e-mail with both of my adresses. hopefully all those pigs will stop fucking with us just because we don't have any protective gear.

    SK8DESTROYER's Emeritar SK8DESTROYER Posted:
  10. i live in nj. and theres a new law in affect that even just riding around on the street on a skateboard / bike etc. you have to wear at least a helmet. and little kids are suggested to wear full pads. until you are 17. im just turning that.

    they dont know's Emeritar they dont know Posted:
  11. i live in wisconsin so either way it would still be retarded thank god spring is near

    undividedattention's Emeritar undividedattention Posted:
  12. fuck thats too far

    baker14's Emeritar baker14 Posted:
  13. Thats cool but we dont have to have pads in Missouri...

    Malto's Emeritar Malto Posted:
  14. can any1 please help me get my mom to understand you dont need a helmet when your not doing anything dangerous!?!?!?!? i mean i would wear one doing hard stuff for example: i recently just kickflipped a 4 stair for the first time and didnt get hurt or even fall in the process i just landed on my feet when i messed up until i got it. i would wear a helmet when i think i needed one but when your just standing on the thing on flat me get her to stop being so worried please!

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  15. leave a response any1 that could help....and by the way she expects me to wear until im 18 and theres no law against not wearing one!!!! i'll tell you right now though im not wearing one till im 18 but please help

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  16. hey everyone

    jarbuckle's Emeritar jarbuckle Posted:
  17. austin im 13 and my mom doesnt care because most njuries are on your wrists or ankles not ur head. ive only hit my head twice while skating and it didnt hurt.

    bakerskater65's Emeritar bakerskater65 Posted:
  18. hope i helped

    bakerskater65's Emeritar bakerskater65 Posted:
  19. hitting your head hurts but the thing is ppl freak out because they see stupid ppl that arent good try something that they have no hope and get hurt badly then ppl r like ooo wear pads or youll end up like that guy when were not really trying stupid things

    ridefastwreckshit's Emeritar ridefastwreckshit Posted:
  20. pads suck dick

    emerica3's Emeritar emerica3 Posted:
  21. pads suck because they screw up the flow of yo skatin

    JimIsEmerica's Emeritar JimIsEmerica Posted:
  22. I usually pad up and wear a helmet as I usually skate big concrete trannys and I have had my share of knee injuries. Although it is a pain in ass when I go to the park to chill and skate a few ledges having to have that all that shit. I don't feel I need it when I am doing a 5-0 on a 1 foot ledge. It should be up to the riders.

    FatMatt's Emeritar FatMatt Posted:
  23. if your moms make you wear pads that sucks for you cause no one gives a damn if i where some or not here in cali. (except for cops)

    SK8DESTROYER's Emeritar SK8DESTROYER Posted:
  24. dudes, if you wana wear pads go for it and if you dont then dont. knowone should care if someone wears pads, at least they're out there skating instead of playing football. peace out

    jarbuckle's Emeritar jarbuckle Posted:
  25. fuck ya! my mom dont make me were try something totally knew.

    emericabitch's Emeritar emericabitch Posted:
  26. sorry i fucked up my speech i meen my mom dont make were pads only when i try something new.

    emericabitch's Emeritar emericabitch Posted:
  27. No more pads in california.. its nice but i live in canada(Quebec) and all free parks we dont need anything except you board. But in Indoor skatepark... 1st We need to paids... but we need pads... that sucks!! why they dont remove pads forever!!!Pads give no style!! And for Tights skater... that suck really bad!

    BakerEmerica's Emeritar BakerEmerica Posted:
  28. I wish MISSOURI had the same fukin law u cant even bend in knee pads there Gay and a half....or as i like to say,stupid and a shit

    leoromero5's Emeritar leoromero5 Posted:
  29. At Santa Rosa skate park, i think the cops got tired of givin kids warnings or tickests that they dont even bother to get out of their car... they just look at ya. (Bikers cut the fence so they can make a quick get away.)But anyways ya no pads please.

    Nixion17's Emeritar Nixion17 Posted:

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  31. Alabama's cool, the people here are just happy if we wear a pair of jeans and shoes at our skateparks.

    SkoopsDeCan's Emeritar SkoopsDeCan Posted:
  32. Seriously whats up with California man? Back In Vegas there were no pads required, why is it different in Cali? My 1st day skating a park in Cali I skated in and started skating the tranny, when some guy comes from behind me and grabs my shoulder. I punched him in the face and knocked him down. All he was trying to tell me was that I had to wear pads next time. See if there were no pads required I wouldnt of had to go to court and get fined 200$.

    DiamondbackDrewskie's Emeritar DiamondbackDrewskie Posted:
  33. You got fined $200? Thats pretty harsh. Did you get a warning?

    enjoirider's Emeritar enjoirider Posted:
  34. heck ya no more pads

    Emerica9132's Emeritar Emerica9132 Posted:
  35. screw the pads.I wear jeans when I skateand when u fall its nothing bad at all. I only wear a helmet when doing vert, which is a pain in the ass. and they should stop being retarded bitches and let us skate without pads. its mor fun

    gunsmoke81's Emeritar gunsmoke81 Posted:
  36. I hate knee pads and elbow pads that most skateparks require. I'm fine with helmets though. The knee pads fuck me up cause I can't bend my knees.

    Eemerica2s's Emeritar Eemerica2s Posted:
  37. Pads are for bitches!

    Ballsonmyface's Emeritar Ballsonmyface Posted:
  38. wear no pads they suck

    dickhead twenty's Emeritar dickhead twenty Posted:

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