Daniel Vega

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Daniel Vega
Tepic Nayarit, Mexico
Age: 18

Since Hendo (Jeff Henderson) is out of town on vacation, I was pretty psyched when I was asked to review Daniel Vega's footy. I always enjoy checking out what you, our fellow Emericans, are up to out in the streets.
Daniel, you've got some super buttery rail tricks in this vid! The kickflip front board, nose blunt and switch front board were all super dope. Not to mention your closer: a big spin front board--very nice! You've got some great talent loaded up in your Sponsor Me Video, but the one thing I wasn't as into was all of the basics that were included.
At the level of today's pros, the "basics" just don't cut it. You really want to showcase your very best tricks, especially since you've only got a minute to floss your steez in front of a potential sponsor. I liked some of the runs that you put together, and I think with more planning regarding which tricks should go where, you could put together some great lines. I would have also liked to see more variety in the terrain you can shred. From that "impossible" spot that no one can skate, to something no one would even think of--the more creative, the better.
Daniel, this a great first effort at making a Sponsor Me Vid, and I think with more planning, editing, trick selection and variety, you could really raise some eyebrows next time. Keep ripping, progressing, landing those hammers and good things will come. Thanks for submitting your footage, and enjoy your free pair of Emerica shoes! Stay Gold.--Timothy Nickloff, Emerica Sales Manager

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(98) responses to: Daniel Vega

  1. Dude pretty sweet vid...I liked it...I wish the quality on these vids was better though. Can't tell what people are doing half the time.

    StlThrash's Emeritar StlThrash Posted:
  2. it wuz awwwsssuum

    daidzz's Emeritar daidzz Posted:
  3. yeah i agree with what tim had to say. the rail tricks were gnarly but your lines and stuff couldve been more techy. kick as video though dude, tre flip front board is fuckin tits.

    theduffmancometh's Emeritar theduffmancometh Posted:
  4. it was a bigspin front board

    ehmerica's Emeritar ehmerica Posted:
  5. that was alot better than i thought it would be....nice job

    Bakerskate8819's Emeritar Bakerskate8819 Posted:
  6. yeah i sorta liked the video but it was sorta loud and the camera guy coulda been better but other then thet the video was tight

    logansk8boyy's Emeritar logansk8boyy Posted:
  7. It was good. Some things that could've been improved are the basics being taken out and close angles on some of the larger stuff. Also idk if it was the computer that i used or the site but it was extremely pixelated. Good job Daniel Vega

    undividedattention's Emeritar undividedattention Posted:
  8. that was way better than all the over sponser me vids

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  9. you are sick way better than that josiah kid you kill him nice video.

    fuckmesideways's Emeritar fuckmesideways Posted:
  10. thats a pretty sick tape!!!!!!

    conk's Emeritar conk Posted:
  11. nice tape. Its insaine on how he can skate thoses sketchy spots :p

    kosher's Emeritar kosher Posted:
  12. that was a bigspin fs board not a 3flip fs board

    EmericaDrew's Emeritar EmericaDrew Posted:
  13. by the way, its a bigFLIP front board

    Just Copy and Paste the link to check out the video of the emerica demo that I made. Let me know what you think..........

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  14. is that footy like mad old?

    jarbuckle's Emeritar jarbuckle Posted:
  15. my bad its a bigspin front board its kinds glitchy

    Just Copy and Paste the link to check out the video of the emerica demo that I made. Let me know what you think..........

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  16. I bet its pretty hard to find spots in Mexico

    123ABC's Emeritar 123ABC Posted:
  17. awesome video.....especially to skate in looked pretty trashy but awesome skating keep it up!

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  18. Yeah, the flash player just makes it a bit easier for everyone to view these things, the quicktimes are of slightly better quality (

    c00ler's Emeritar c00ler Posted:
  19. que lindo que en mexico este el nivel asi, pero puede ser mejor, y gente como Daniel lo esta mejorando, a wevo. Fuck Bush.

    ragamuffin's Emeritar ragamuffin Posted:
  20. Video was sick, but quality was an issue.

    Maybe next time include a alternate source (.mov).

    crazaalex's Emeritar crazaalex Posted:

    vovovolcom's Emeritar vovovolcom Posted:

    vovovolcom's Emeritar vovovolcom Posted:
  23. dat was some sick ass shizzit

    mikethedyke23's Emeritar mikethedyke23 Posted:
  24. my ears hurt.
    he should have just organized it better and not had so much ear bleeding skating;

    it was good though

    habitatforskating's Emeritar habitatforskating Posted:
  25. Hey crazaalex, we gots crazy alternate sources. Well, just one anyway, .mov's are always linked to right up in the post.

    c00ler's Emeritar c00ler Posted:
  26. damn

    vbsk8r08's Emeritar vbsk8r08 Posted:
  27. damn

    vbsk8r08's Emeritar vbsk8r08 Posted:
  28. damn

    vbsk8r08's Emeritar vbsk8r08 Posted:
  29. damn

    vbsk8r08's Emeritar vbsk8r08 Posted:
  30. sweet

    eeemerica's Emeritar eeemerica Posted:
  31. juras03's Emeritar juras03 Posted:
  32. its

    juras03's Emeritar juras03 Posted:
  33. its amazing

    juras03's Emeritar juras03 Posted:
  34. the vid was pretty sweet, a little could change but i cant really talk. the closer was sick

    jizzalman's Emeritar jizzalman Posted:
  35. nice footage, but the sound it's a pain in the ass.

    m00n's Emeritar m00n Posted:
  36. that was some sick shit keep skating dude and you will eventually land down some hammers that get u sponsored

    JOHNE's Emeritar JOHNE Posted:
  37. nice vid proably not the best terrain in mexico , you should sneak into america.

    fsflip91's Emeritar fsflip91 Posted:
  38. for skating in mexico that is some damn good skating. i can tell that city doesnt have much to offer. those are probably the best spots they have.

    pissdrunxsd's Emeritar pissdrunxsd Posted:
  39. Pretty good stuff.

    gabebauman's Emeritar gabebauman Posted:
  40. that was pretty sick man.
    keep it up!

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  41. Hey dude the vid was great and all but you need to stop the mongo in switch it make the whole thing look like a big pile of crap. You also need to get different skate spots because the ones you were skating were getting pretty annyoing.

    Al3x's Emeritar Al3x Posted:
  42. haha markous swyers sponsor me vid was better than this and you should see him now he lives around my location =) even better

    ridefastwreckshit's Emeritar ridefastwreckshit Posted:
  43. that vid was pretty god damn boring, maybe some more tech skate spots and shit. it was alrightr though, i hate how every time he lands switch he reverts, its soo UGLY, just roll away switch, be a man!

    hittman's Emeritar hittman Posted:
  44. o dude tht was pretty sik...

    kinnonwha's Emeritar kinnonwha Posted:
  45. sk8ing was ok u need to do less fakie stuff the sound was wierd too. Really nice sk8ing though keep it up.

    sk8now's Emeritar sk8now Posted:
  46. Tthe vid was OK...some tricks a lil sketch also need to be more tech. on ledges and rails

    theyouth77's Emeritar theyouth77 Posted:
  47. I have to admit that to be skating in Mexico, daniel vega is pretttttttty gooooooooooooooooood. i lived in Mexico for most of my life, and the skatespots are all pretty shitty. So when i saw his vid, i was pretty amazed how he was able to skate all of those shitty spots.

    ivankumamoto's Emeritar ivankumamoto Posted:
  48. i feel bad for u, u have no sk8 spots in Mexico. u did well sk8ing them tho.

    sk8now's Emeritar sk8now Posted:
  49. Overall I liked the Video. Some good tricks stood out and some not so good stuff that was sloppy did as well. In my opinion I would wait probably another year in a half before you send videos out to companies. You have some of the tricks needed, but I think just another year will clean up some of your not perfect switch tricks and make your lines a little faster. Other than that you've gotten to a good level in skateboarding. Good job, atleast deserves a pair of free shoes in the mean time but another year and film then and you'll be ace. Good Video.

    NJskate's Emeritar NJskate Posted:
  50. he put to maney basic tricks but other than that it's prety chill

    cheyne's Emeritar cheyne Posted:
  51. Yes, finally someone from Mexico. I new that our fellow beaners can really skate. Keep shredding dude, youll be the next Leo Romero

    alipunkskater's Emeritar alipunkskater Posted:
  52. The kid knows what he is doing, his style is in your fuckin face and I love it. And all you haters that don't like this vid can go fuck yourself.

    12bucklemyshoe's Emeritar 12bucklemyshoe Posted:
  53. I have absoultly nothing bad to say about this kid or any of the other kids that send there vids into emerica.

    12bucklemyshoe's Emeritar 12bucklemyshoe Posted:
  54. This kids name is also kickass I mean vega is cool sounding and cool to say the kid is fuckin cool.

    12bucklemyshoe's Emeritar 12bucklemyshoe Posted:
  55. he is sick i wanna se some more footy


    bakerboy's Emeritar bakerboy Posted:
  56. Hola ke onda gracias por los comentarios :p
    thanks for the comments !!!!!!!

    danielvega's Emeritar danielvega Posted:
  57. im going to smoke a blunt cuz those are better then this video

    smokinbanditt's Emeritar smokinbanditt Posted:
  58. kooooooooooooool

    DANZIG7SEVEN7's Emeritar DANZIG7SEVEN7 Posted:
  59. how come Emerica shows the sponser me vids on the web? this guy is good did he get sponsored? im full of questions, aren't i?

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  60. i like that they show them. they should show them more frequently, it would be nice.

    guille's Emeritar guille Posted:
  61. damn dude kik ass well ur fuking awesome keep it

    up tus trukos estubieron muy bien

    prozer's Emeritar prozer Posted:
  62. Railkiller just like me? Damn my nigg, keep shredding the handrails fuck all that hesh shit, its all played out, bust some billy marks shit and you'll be sponsored in no time.

    But remember fuu, you gotta go fast as hell, look at the Rivera guy's vid, he is going fast as hell and bustni tre' bombs. Later my nig.

    RandomHero's Emeritar RandomHero Posted:
  63. well maybe i cant go to fast cause here in mexico the floor or the field where i am skating its so sketchy sometimes the floor stop to go fast but yeah i have to go faster hehe i like that too its cool to go fast nos vemos

    danielvega's Emeritar danielvega Posted:
  64. como to mexico and u will find the sketchiest spots and the harder spots too mexico its good to skate in his own way like all the countries

    danielvega's Emeritar danielvega Posted:
  65. como to mexico and u will find the sketchiest spots and the harder spots too mexico its good to skate in his own way like all the countries

    danielvega's Emeritar danielvega Posted:
  66. i didn't like it that much i think some shit could have been alot better and hes very repetive

    eeeemerica's Emeritar eeeemerica Posted:
  67. Excellent, It's a very Good skater good luck

    Emerika's Emeritar Emerika Posted:
  68. pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

    sk8now's Emeritar sk8now Posted:
  69. not bad at all just a lilslow but it was some good skating

    brokeemerican's Emeritar brokeemerican Posted:
  70. he has a pretty sick style

    qdizzle's Emeritar qdizzle Posted:
  71. this kid is decent. i'm not looking to hate but this kid could clean up his style a bit. The ground definately looks sketchy, i noticed that but you also had some nice spots to work with. Props on rail steeze, and that one long dirt gap looks sick. With more practice maybe some more shoes will get thrown your way.

    camfnm's Emeritar camfnm Posted:
  72. alguien sponsoree a daniel!!

    ragamuffin's Emeritar ragamuffin Posted:
  73. dude this is pretty sick stuff..
    i can do most of it except the kick to front board,trey front board and that swtich board down the rail..prob like 2 or 3 smaller tricks
    neways did u get sponsored cuz if u did then so can could i..tell

    delaod's Emeritar delaod Posted:
  74. how is this guy not sponserd

    LazerViking's Emeritar LazerViking Posted:
  75. dude i am better than him

    SICKBRO91's Emeritar SICKBRO91 Posted:
  76. I could kick his assssssssssss

    LazerViking's Emeritar LazerViking Posted:
  77. dude i am better than him

    SICKBRO91's Emeritar SICKBRO91 Posted:
  78. A lot of it was sloppy though.

    Defy's Emeritar Defy Posted:
  79. pffhhhh, Daniel Vega is an asshole.

    PhilCollinstwice's Emeritar PhilCollinstwice Posted:
  80. werd to defy and the sound quality pisses tha shat outta me

    iwanttompennystyle's Emeritar iwanttompennystyle Posted:
  81. fo shooo

    EmericanGirlFoSho's Emeritar EmericanGirlFoSho Posted:
  82. no jodas wey estas bien wey la neta...deberias de ver al team A*HUEVO SKATEBOARDS...NO K TU WEY MEJOR TE DEBERIAS DE IR AL FIL LA NETA.......


    gerardofresno's Emeritar gerardofresno Posted:
  83. a ver pasame el link o algo carnal!!!

    danielvega's Emeritar danielvega Posted:
  84. quieres k te pase un link? jaja no mames wey luego vas a querer hacerlo tambien.............wey la neta.....mejor tu pasame a tu hermana

    gerardofresno's Emeritar gerardofresno Posted:
  85. mira danielito; yo quiero que sepas que tu eres el mejor keep skating and don't stop MEXICO kick ass

    isra's Emeritar isra Posted:
  86. i wish i had a pony

    isra's Emeritar isra Posted:
  87. poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

    sk8now's Emeritar sk8now Posted:
  88. you look like makak

    skip's Emeritar skip Posted:
  89. como destruyes esa baihna sigue patinando y esto cabrones te van a patrocinar

    VIVA EZLN!!!

    fonziethemagicalboner's Emeritar fonziethemagicalboner Posted:
  90. That shuv frontboard was dope. Perfect too

    planb's Emeritar planb Posted:
  91. i can't even read the comments, because half of them are in spanish..

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  93. does emerica actually ever sponser these guys, jw, this guy seems pretty freakin sweet

    emericanman575's Emeritar emericanman575 Posted:
  94. This guy is no better than some other guys emerica turned down. This guy is not even good.
    The only good shit in this vid was the bigspin frontboard but everything else was terrible and scetch

    planb's Emeritar planb Posted:
  95. blooop i thought i was narley

    boxagon's Emeritar boxagon Posted:
  96. i can do anything and everything this guy is doing and ya don't see me sponsored... wait that's probably cuz i didn't send in my vid yet.

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  97. young emericans rising!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  98. The movie's done and the reveiws are in:
    Satan: "two horns up"
    Jesus: "forgive him"
    Thor: "it needed more hammers"
    Bill Clinton: "I did not inhale"
    Pietro Cartaino: " fucking rocked"

    cartainopietro's Emeritar cartainopietro Posted:

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