Slappy Happy!

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Get happy! Do a slappy in the Slappy. These super steezy slim-fit cords are ready and waiting for your bad ass right now at your local skate emporium. If they ain't in stock, get the shop to special order 'em!

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(37) responses to: Slappy Happy!

  1. whoevr wrote the description fer the pants, calm down

    xXrideipathXx's Emeritar xXrideipathXx Posted:
  2. those pants suck, i bought 2 pair

    ehmerica's Emeritar ehmerica Posted:
  3. i like tight pants not super tight so how do those fit?

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  4. will they hurt ur nuts? Those tight pants can do that. But i bet these are the most comftorable ever, so maybe u could give me a free pair...

    cooldrew's Emeritar cooldrew Posted:
  5. the krews from reynolds are better

    emerica303's Emeritar emerica303 Posted:
  6. they didn't hurt my nuts, which is unusual for tighties

    emericen's Emeritar emericen Posted:
  7. i got these in size 34 at christmas, and they were SUPER slim nut-huggers. the AR cords from Kr3w are waaay more comfortable.

    lambchopper's Emeritar lambchopper Posted:
  8. gay

    jarbuckle's Emeritar jarbuckle Posted:
  9. 9th!!!1111!!!!!11!!!!!

    AND YEAH they hurt your balls i have them

    max's Emeritar max Posted:
  10. uhgg those pants are amazingg i have the black ones....mmmm yummmm

    thakr3w's Emeritar thakr3w Posted:
  11. those pants r gnarly in maroon!!!!straight up g

    ridefastwreckshit's Emeritar ridefastwreckshit Posted:
  12. there pretty sweet

    conk's Emeritar conk Posted:
  13. i wanna get some, but right now i don't have ANY MONEY...just bought premier elements.

    chrisk8's Emeritar chrisk8 Posted:
  14. those pants are tight, just how i like them!

    lotr's Emeritar lotr Posted:
  15. they are sick

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  16. arent those the same as the reynolds krew pants??

    wrekskatejosh's Emeritar wrekskatejosh Posted:
  17. all you guys are retarted, these pants are fucking sweet. i have 3 pairs and they are comfortable as shit, they hold up and are a perfect fit. they dont "squeeze your nuts" like you all think. they are good pants.

    trox's Emeritar trox Posted:
  18. I think i am going to stick with KR3WS.i am wearing the Reynolds' right now and they are so awesome and comfortable

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:
  19. although the Reynolds' make ur boxers shove up ur pants.that is so annoying and not comfortable

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:
  20. those pants would better in brown

    zooyorker's Emeritar zooyorker Posted:
  21. those pant are comfortable as fuck so for those crackheads sayin that they squeeze your nuts, its all bullshit.

    SK8DESTROYER's Emeritar SK8DESTROYER Posted:
  22. tight pants are gay, its reynolds style, so nobody copy it, fags

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  23. wow,kid above me,its not "reynolds style" to wear tight pants,its been around since the late 60's.And i doubt most of the cats that wear tight jeans do it to be like andrew reynolds,they do it because if they stretch,they skate better than baggy and dont hang over your shoes,get a life loser,quit hating

    845NYskateboarding's Emeritar 845NYskateboarding Posted:
  24. Those pants are retarded. You guys are stupid for spending so much money on gay pants.

    pieceofshit's Emeritar pieceofshit Posted:
  25. thats our choice not urs so go skate and keep ur mouth shut^

    bakerskater65's Emeritar bakerskater65 Posted:
  26. those pants look awesome!

    emerican-brandon's Emeritar emerican-brandon Posted:
  27. there cool i have them in brown

    fsflip91's Emeritar fsflip91 Posted:
  28. Dude if you guys wants some cheap tight comfortable ass pants, then go to Levi's and check out the 514's slim straight. They are stretchy, lightweight, and comfortable as hell. only 25$ not 50$ lol. And yeah they are in the guys section. Also, this is to all you fat kids"Tight pants arent made for everybody, so if your a fat bastard then buy some sweats or something" lmao

    DiamondbackDrewskie's Emeritar DiamondbackDrewskie Posted:
  29. well jus got new grecs` tore the crotch on my rusty`s ill be lookin forward to those leg suffacators

    emericskter14's Emeritar emericskter14 Posted:
  30. they look gay

    daidzz's Emeritar daidzz Posted:
  31. wow ok its not reynolds style to wear tight pants ur right, but how do tight pants skate better than regular jeans, they mae no contact with ur skateboard what so ever, and honestly to have some air in between urself and ur clothing seems to be more flexible for ur legs anyway, i still think its a waste of money

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  32. i got the black ones, there pretty sweet

    emericaLOVE5's Emeritar emericaLOVE5 Posted:
  33. and hey, diamondback, the levis ride up like a bitch, i got 2 pairs before i got these and some krews, and they hug ur nuts like nothing else

    emericaLOVE5's Emeritar emericaLOVE5 Posted:
  34. I'm not diggin the skin tight jean here, you gotta leave some room in these things to atleast move geez. But besides that they look alright

    LongLivePa's Emeritar LongLivePa Posted:
  35. My friend timothy mcparland from ohio just got some tight pants and hes gonna really look like a faggot. because tight pants suck ass

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  36. tight pants r OK. They do grab ur balls but u dont trip over them while u skate.

    gunsmoke81's Emeritar gunsmoke81 Posted:
  37. my pants are straight leg

    borninemerica's Emeritar borninemerica Posted:

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