Surprise! Braydon Szafranski is Pro!

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Baker has a really good (and sneaky) way of letting their ams know when they're goin' pro! Rather than give the am an advance heads up and let him slowly get used to the idea of being pro, they surprise the shit out of him with all his friends and fellow Baker team members at a party in his honor.


Braydon Szafranski was no different. He had recently missed a few flights to return home from Australia, so Baker boss Andrew Reynolds stressed to him that he really needed to be home by Friday, April 7 for an important Baker party at Brooklyn Projects skate shop in Hollywood. But Drew didn’t tell Braydon what the party was for. Somehow, Braydon made it home Friday and showed up at the party that night.


And he's lucky he did, as the shop was full of Braydon's friends, family and…his new pro deck! Everyone jumped on Braydon when he walked in, and the look on his face when he realized what was going on was priceless. Robin from Baker set the whole thing up, and hired girls to serve up drinks and wear skimpy outfits that said "Braydon" on their chests and "Szafranski" on their butts. What a night!

Braydon’s first Baker deck will be in shops soon, so go out and set one up. Congratulations, Braydon. You’ve made the big time!

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(102) responses to: Surprise! Braydon Szafranski is Pro!

  1. Haha, that's great! Looks like a real good time. I wonder if there was a single picture taken of Braydon without a Budwiser in his hand.

    joe's Emeritar joe Posted:
  2. thats fucking illlll.

    msm's Emeritar msm Posted:
  3. Old news

    dinotron's Emeritar dinotron Posted:
  4. yes he's finally pro, i knew his part from baker 3 was amazing and it would turn him pro. they should have turn atwuan at the same time because he deserves to be one too. maybe next year.....

    sk808's Emeritar sk808 Posted:
  5. That's good news!
    But hey, what's the EMB hacker situation?

    Tao's Emeritar Tao Posted:
  6. Sweet hes pretty old to still be an am, or at least looks too old to be one. So now he actually makes sense to me! Plus he had a pretty sweet part in Baker 3

    cooldrew's Emeritar cooldrew Posted:
  7. i know this from like a week ago

    skateFL's Emeritar skateFL Posted:
  8. No one cares if you know this from a week ago, some are just learning now he's gone pro. Congrats Braydon

    Cara1's Emeritar Cara1 Posted:
  9. Uh sorry bro, but the party was on April 7th. You can't have known about him being at the party and all the girls and shit, unless you're JustinB.

    Andrew's Emeritar Andrew Posted:
  10. FUCK YEAH, baker is the shit for having a party like that and surprising him. I mean imagine how happy he probably was. Thats fuckin awsome I hope he had the best fuckin time of his life. Just reading about this just now, put the biggest smile on my face.

    12bucklemyshoe's Emeritar 12bucklemyshoe Posted:
  11. Andrew Reynolds really knows how to make someone happy, thats so fuckin sick.

    12bucklemyshoe's Emeritar 12bucklemyshoe Posted:
  12. I'm glad that they finally put Braydon on the pro status. Good job

    PaleAle's Emeritar PaleAle Posted:
  13. i cant wait till im pro! i want the deck the chicks and the booooooz

    brokenboardsforever's Emeritar brokenboardsforever Posted:
  14. congrads to bryadon! im deffinatly getting that how about a pro shoe??

    wrekskatejosh's Emeritar wrekskatejosh Posted:
  15. braydon is so damn good. he deserves to be pro. i meen come on his part kicked my ass in this is skateboarding then in baker3 he fuckin annihilated everything he skated. fuckin tits braydon, fuckin tits.

    theduffmancometh's Emeritar theduffmancometh Posted:
  16. Finally

    billry's Emeritar billry Posted:
  17. that deck withhis face with devil horns is ill

    Raj's Emeritar Raj Posted:
  18. crazaalex's Emeritar crazaalex Posted:
  19. "skateFL
    says on: 04/10/06 at 04:43

    i know this from like a week ago"

    You mean two days ago, party was held Friday April 7.

    crazaalex's Emeritar crazaalex Posted:
  20. fuckyeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats man

    emerica303's Emeritar emerica303 Posted:
  21. mad crazy i found out the other day he is mad good especially when i met him in new york he is a insane skater

    xgames198's Emeritar xgames198 Posted:
  22. oh yeah and wrekskatejosh is right. how does a pro shoe sound????

    emerica303's Emeritar emerica303 Posted:
  23. hey, check out

    it's pretty cool.

    zackpayne's Emeritar zackpayne Posted:
  24. hey, check out

    it's pretty cool.

    zackpayne's Emeritar zackpayne Posted:
  25. Showing some love congrats Braydon!!! Vegas homies comin up....

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  26. He has been pro for so long it just hasnt been public!!! haha


    emerica5624's Emeritar emerica5624 Posted:
  27. fuckin told you.

    jornizzads's Emeritar jornizzads Posted:
  28. so still he deserves a party like that u jackass

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  29. the backer web page is never updated it is been the same for ages

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  30. you mean "baker" website

    123ABC's Emeritar 123ABC Posted:
  31. oh by the way it was Bryan Herman's birthday yesterday

    123ABC's Emeritar 123ABC Posted:
  32. YH LOL

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  33. kl

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  34. kl

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  35. I can't stop grinning this is so fucking cool, heads up Braydon your fucking awesome!

    lotr's Emeritar lotr Posted:
  36. 123ABC yh lol

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  37. 123ABC yh lol

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  38. Congrats amigo

    DiamondbackDrewskie's Emeritar DiamondbackDrewskie Posted:
  39. wish i was there..xD congratulaitions to braydon....

    kurtemerica's Emeritar kurtemerica Posted:
  40. where the fuck is leo┬┤s baker ad? baker website should be updated!!!

    kurtemerica's Emeritar kurtemerica Posted:
  41. that's so sick im gonna get those boards when they come out congratulations braydon

    Bakerskate8819's Emeritar Bakerskate8819 Posted:
  42. skateFL
    says on: 04/10/06 at 04:43
    i know this from like a week ago

    ....that's impossible. there are 7 days in a week.

    guyya's Emeritar guyya Posted:
  43. My friend showed me this a few days ago, he has another deck that has his face and 2 horns on his head, but they're little and there's like 5 that go across the board.

    PopwarPanda's Emeritar PopwarPanda Posted:
  44. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  45. baker is pretty classy how they suprise everyone like that, and isnt a new emerica vid in the works? ....some pro hammers from braydon will be needed, maybe a shoe?

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  46. oh and check out, some sick ohio footage

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  47. that is soo gnarly that braydon is a pro now, his pro model is sick. i can't wait for him to go pro for emerica

    eeeemerica's Emeritar eeeemerica Posted:
  48. hopefully his pro model shoe will be well designed, the bryan hermans tear up easily

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  49. hopefully his pro model shoe will be well designed, the bryan hermans tear up easily

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  50. thats fucking amazing. he should of been pro for a while, now he finally is. oh yeah the hermans tear mad easily so they better be good. cants wait for his pro model to come out

    jizzalman's Emeritar jizzalman Posted:
  51. weak surprise.

    falldog's Emeritar falldog Posted:
  52. WAT falldog UR GAY

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:

    vovovolcom's Emeritar vovovolcom Posted:
  54. he does look pretty shabby but if he doesnt do drugs or anything like that than ok but if he does drugs at all........hes a loser!!!!

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  55. sorry but budweiser is for rednecks...............

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  56. sorry but budweiser is for rednecks...............

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  57. FINALLY THAT GUY IS PRO. he is the shit and has been ripping for a while now so he deserves every bit of it. i bet he got loads of ass that night with the look those 2 girls asses. holla braydon!!!

    KR3WMONSTER's Emeritar KR3WMONSTER Posted:
  58. it's about time he became pro he deserved it

    brownman's Emeritar brownman Posted:
  59. braydon szfranskiiskysisky sucks ass and he doesent deserve to be pro, he sucks ass, my grandpa fucking kickflip shifty santa monica pier at 6:12 last friday night 1st try, bitch

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  60. jk

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  61. hes good

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  62. fuck


    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  63. Thats awesome. Braydon is my favorite skater so its gonna be sick to ride his board

    DylanSkatesEmerica's Emeritar DylanSkatesEmerica Posted:
  64. dylan sucks

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  65. im call9in brown man out, u suck

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  66. Skateboardingisfun, you're from Solon?

    joe's Emeritar joe Posted:
  67. no im from dayton, and al that gay shit i said i was just kidding about, dont take that stuff seriosuly braydon szfanski is amazing

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  68. Figures.

    joe's Emeritar joe Posted:
  69. Braydon is so good he should of been pro a long time ago but i guess his part in Baker 3 is what got him pro.Congrats Braydon....and i am deffinatly getting his board when i have the $$$

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:
  70. pinchi

    janjanspank's Emeritar janjanspank Posted:
  71. its about time, ive always wanted a board that had his name on it. CONGRADULATIONS BRAYDON!

    reynolds1's Emeritar reynolds1 Posted:
  72. skateboardingisfun
    says on: 04/11/06 at 05:55
    no im from dayton, and al that gay shit i said i was just kidding about, dont take that stuff seriosuly braydon szfanski is amazing


    proudlyPinoy's Emeritar proudlyPinoy Posted:
  73. its about time. he should get his own shoe also.

    penny's Emeritar penny Posted:
  74. braydon is so's kool that he is pro now so he can come out more in transworld and trasher and i can buy them.........Congrats bRaYdOn

    Mery's Emeritar Mery Posted:
  75. braydon is a sick ass skater

    emerica4life167's Emeritar emerica4life167 Posted:
  76. braydon is my #1 skata on baka

    emerica4life167's Emeritar emerica4life167 Posted:
  77. Thats sooo aweomse. it's up on the baker site now. good for braydon, he rocks. during his interview thing on here i asked him what extra body parts he would like, and he said that he would like 2 tongues for girls and devil horns would be cool. and lo and behold on his deck there are devil horns. i thought that was pretty cool.

    Pig Pen's Emeritar Pig Pen Posted:
  78. Congratuation Braydon

    iLuVEmerica's Emeritar iLuVEmerica Posted:
  79. YESS! finaly braydons pro on baker!!

    iwanttompennystyle's Emeritar iwanttompennystyle Posted:
  80. today is tom penny's birthday. happy birthday tom!

    penny's Emeritar penny Posted:
  81. yeah...congrats to penny and yes Braydon is pro...i suggested Antwuan Dixon will turn pro first but i missed...and its good!

    KidOfTheCircle's Emeritar KidOfTheCircle Posted:
  82. thx to me they hv updated the baker web site

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  83. those chicks are hot, im buying braydon's board too

    borninemerica's Emeritar borninemerica Posted:
  84. pretty dam cool

    gunsmoke81's Emeritar gunsmoke81 Posted:
  85. man that is sick.His part in baker 3 was nuts..hes nuts congrates bro

    captinkris's Emeritar captinkris Posted:
  86. That bud ripoff deck looks like an 8 incher, I might get it. lol

    SvennyBoy's Emeritar SvennyBoy Posted:
  87. yay braydon's pro!!

    [samol cela]'s Emeritar [samol cela] Posted:
  88. my gravatar has still not been rated,damn

    borninemerica's Emeritar borninemerica Posted:
  89. SICK

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  90. holy moly suck!! thats awesome he needed that shit. that huge ass kickflip shifty in baker 3 showed to me that hes pro material...

    1Spanky1's Emeritar 1Spanky1 Posted:
  91. werdd, he's got nice style

    silentskater's Emeritar silentskater Posted:
  92. they mispelled his last name on the decks

    brettreynolds182's Emeritar brettreynolds182 Posted:
  93. how do you get chicks dude?

    isra's Emeritar isra Posted:
  94. he's just a flipp'in P.I.M.P. and your... well... not. well i'm gitting yelled at in school but hey they can just keep yellin cuz i dont care the only thing i care about is skateing,eating and the occasional sex act

    keeble's Emeritar keeble Posted:
  95. another boy from vegas!

    hellrose138's Emeritar hellrose138 Posted:
  96. About time

    JoDawe's Emeritar JoDawe Posted:
  97. sick action, bout time to

    emericanman575's Emeritar emericanman575 Posted:
  98. thats sick

    Ishaq's Emeritar Ishaq Posted:
  99. it fell off the chain yo! he better come out with shoe soon

    ezerica's Emeritar ezerica Posted:
  100. Braydon is Great and Cool!!!

    DAGS's Emeritar DAGS Posted:
  101. Thats cool but Wheres Antuans Deck At ???

    Misfit1's Emeritar Misfit1 Posted:
  102. Yes it's good for his it's good skater

    Emerika's Emeritar Emerika Posted:

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