Braydon Goin' Pro Footy!

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Check out this funny footy we just posted up from the surprise Goin' Pro party Baker threw for Braydon Szafranski last week.

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(15) responses to: Braydon Goin' Pro Footy!

  1. Hooray!

    gabebauman's Emeritar gabebauman Posted:
  2. finally!!!

    DyiNg2sKAte9189's Emeritar DyiNg2sKAte9189 Posted:
  3. braydons my favorite skateboarder even since he was an am.

    iwanttompennystyle's Emeritar iwanttompennystyle Posted:
  4. kool

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  5. congrats!! braydon's got a sick style

    youngemerican's Emeritar youngemerican Posted:
  6. cool

    Bakerskate8819's Emeritar Bakerskate8819 Posted:
  7. i cant wait till me and braydon skate again

    xgames198's Emeritar xgames198 Posted:
  8. where is the fun? pretty boring footy :S

    m00n's Emeritar m00n Posted:
  9. salutations braydon

    unitdstsofemerica's Emeritar unitdstsofemerica Posted:
  10. ohh whaaa my names brayden too but with an E

    braydenk's Emeritar braydenk Posted:
  11. I was there at the "going pro" party. It was pretty fun until a drunk Braydon slugged me in the face.

    PhilCollinstwice's Emeritar PhilCollinstwice Posted:
  12. my favourite trick i ever seen him do is his fakie 360 kickflip over that set on baker 3 that was so gnarly i finally jus learned them flat but it has a lil slide to it but w/e im happy with it now i jus got to take it to a set.
    congrats! STAY GOLD

    Defya7x's Emeritar Defya7x Posted:
  13. Braydon kills it now he is finally pro he should have been pro earlier but whatever by the wy sick board

    SquidwardMcDickfingas's Emeritar SquidwardMcDickfingas Posted:
  14. Congrats dude !keep it that way

    SkatePunK777's Emeritar SkatePunK777 Posted:
  15. congrats braydon!!!! he should have been pro a while ago

    EmericaRulez912's Emeritar EmericaRulez912 Posted:

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