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Welcome to the sixth edition of Emerica's ongoing Design-A-Tee contests, in which we empower you, the ranks of Emerican youth, to create the best Emerica T-shirt graphic ever. You must enter Design-A-Tee 6 as soon as possible, though, as this contest officially closes on Wednesday, May 24, 2006. So, you better get crackin' and get creative!

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(38) responses to: Enter Design-a-Tee 6 Right Now!

  1. Cool. I try to come up with something. :D

    ggk's Emeritar ggk Posted:
  2. hell yes, one more try for me

    silentskater's Emeritar silentskater Posted:
  3. kool

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  4. yes i already have an idea

    brownman's Emeritar brownman Posted:
  5. I really hope they pick good designs.

    Nick's Emeritar Nick Posted:
  6. I have no clue.
    I hope i win.

    sparky's Emeritar sparky Posted:
  7. I always try to enter something but forget. lol

    SvennyBoy's Emeritar SvennyBoy Posted:
  8. ...

    emerica1134's Emeritar emerica1134 Posted:
  9. groovy.

    miles's Emeritar miles Posted:
  10. these are frickin impossible. you never know what they're looking for. they always pick some plain and gay design.

    lambchopper's Emeritar lambchopper Posted:
  11. kl ive got a new idea allready

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  12. kl ive got a new idea allready

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  14. i hope they actually pick good shirts this time. i've only like two of the winning shirts. hopefully my shirt will get chosen. it might be too hard to make though.

    pissdrunxsd's Emeritar pissdrunxsd Posted:

    Check out the vid I made of the Texas Skate Jam!


    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  16. I suck at being creative. I'm not going to enter the contest

    Brainwash's Emeritar Brainwash Posted:
  17. how bout none of you guys try and i do so i can win

    cooldrew's Emeritar cooldrew Posted:
  18. don't matter if you win or lose, just join for the hell of it.. who knows, you might win..

    proudlyPinoy's Emeritar proudlyPinoy Posted:
  19. Photoshop time!

    Eemerica2s's Emeritar Eemerica2s Posted:
  20. How come they only pick three now instead of five... five was better.

    SuperGangster's Emeritar SuperGangster Posted:
  21. yeah, one more!

    thanks to give us that possibility =)


    mademoizellechoco's Emeritar mademoizellechoco Posted:
  22. I hope they actually look at GOOD ones this time. I already have two FUCK'N GOOD ONES!

    Emerica1010's Emeritar Emerica1010 Posted:
  23. Emerica1010's shirts look like asshole.

    PhilCollinstwice's Emeritar PhilCollinstwice Posted:
  24. ill probably think of something cool and forget it.

    gunsmoke81's Emeritar gunsmoke81 Posted:
  25. i hope mine wins anyways. anyone have a idea i could use as like an extra?

    GdBlssEmerica's Emeritar GdBlssEmerica Posted:
  26. I'm glad they made another one, I thought of an awesome idea like a week after #5 ended.

    PopwarPanda's Emeritar PopwarPanda Posted:
  27. watch them pic some retarded design skippin out

    emericanman575's Emeritar emericanman575 Posted:
  28. I might do it. idk. It's always SSSOOO fuckn' hard.

    cartainopietro's Emeritar cartainopietro Posted:
  29. lol,lol,lol,bbq,AT&T,pos,brb

    PhilCollinstwice's Emeritar PhilCollinstwice Posted:
  30. isent my jaint kinda late, i hope they still check it out

    Ishaq's Emeritar Ishaq Posted:
  31. oooooooo sweet i'm gonna do this one!

    Scamper's Emeritar Scamper Posted:
  32. i hope i win

    iLuVEmerica's Emeritar iLuVEmerica Posted:
  33. I all ready started

    Misfit1's Emeritar Misfit1 Posted:
  34. yes please!

    askone's Emeritar askone Posted:
  35. kewl how do u sign up¿

    AndrewReynoldsRules's Emeritar AndrewReynoldsRules Posted:
  36. kewl how do u sign up¿

    AndrewReynoldsRules's Emeritar AndrewReynoldsRules Posted:
  37. Those are kinda random
    and WTF is with the cat.... well w/e it is they won

    ill try to come up with something but u never know what they're looking for....

    JaGeRs4LifE's Emeritar JaGeRs4LifE Posted:
  38. someone should design a midget handsdown on the ground eating a bowl of frootloops with a spachela


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