Wild Ride Itinerary Updated With Campsites!

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Calling everyone who is planning to hit the road with the Emerica team on Wild Ride this June 11-20! It's time to consult the updated Wild Ride Itinerary. We just added in all of the campsites, complete with addresses and phone numbers.

Important note: We have already made reservations at campgrounds for Emerica team riders ONLY. You will have to call ahead and make your own reservations.

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(21) responses to: Wild Ride Itinerary Updated With Campsites!

  1. Ok.

    ggk's Emeritar ggk Posted:
  2. wurd

    mikethedyke23's Emeritar mikethedyke23 Posted:
  3. i wish i can come

    iwanttompennystyle's Emeritar iwanttompennystyle Posted:
  4. WHAT!!, i fuckin hate emerica, i love BAM adios. "YEAH VIVA LA BAM"

    coolguy's Emeritar coolguy Posted:
  5. Anybody as seen leo's shoes in skateamerica? I don't like it but at least is somehow different than others skate shoes realeased lately

    m00n's Emeritar m00n Posted:
  6. yeah ive seen it.. it looks ok
    coolguy shut the hell up...adios r gay and so r u

    eeemerica's Emeritar eeemerica Posted:
  7. ya i agree wit eeemerica, shut up coolguy

    zVgoSkaTeVz's Emeritar zVgoSkaTeVz Posted:
  8. hey coolguy, FUCK YOU

    emerica303's Emeritar emerica303 Posted:
  9. why do people have to be so gay, coolguy, ur a fuckin retard, go fuck ur adio suckin self, bastard, oh the leos are ok, but yea campsites are for winers, im goin all out NO CAMPSITES BABY!

    emericanman575's Emeritar emericanman575 Posted:
  10. wieners******** i meant campsites are for wieners*

    emericanman575's Emeritar emericanman575 Posted:
  11. thats whack, the campsites and shit cost money fuck this shit then cuz

    mikey's Emeritar mikey Posted:
  12. bam audios suck mad shit man...emerica can take those on any day...they last longer, are lighter and more comfortable..where bam audios are like skating two giganto rocks that get no flick on the board...i love emerica jaintss

    Ishaq's Emeritar Ishaq Posted:
  13. First-Camp grounds sound completely awesome, because you can get away with so much more.

    Second-I'm sure that coolguy just said that to get a rise out of you people, and it totally worked.

    Third-Why the fuck is moon still posting shit. Nobody likes him anymore after the shit he had to say about Fausto Vitello.

    PhilCollinstwice's Emeritar PhilCollinstwice Posted:
  14. hey coolguy, not so cool

    youngemerican's Emeritar youngemerican Posted:
  15. Yo! Where do it start?

    Goofy's Emeritar Goofy Posted:
  16. I agree, youngemerican....coolguy, why are you even on this site...MORON!!

    kaotik9's Emeritar kaotik9 Posted:
  17. cool guy is a fag and moon is still gay from what he said before!

    derek's Emeritar derek Posted:
  18. Sounds like a lot of fun. We'll keep an eye on this as it unfolds...

    skateornot's Emeritar skateornot Posted:

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