Matt Zicopula

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Matt Zicopula
Long Island, New York
Age: 16

This morning, I checked out Matt Zicopula's footy for this month's Sponsor Me Video Review, and what a great bunch of film it is! Matt's got some nice tricks stacked up in this sucker, including stellar hardflips and frontside flips, as well as a nice ender: a switch frontside flip down a grass gap.
Matt, the one thing I noticed after watching your footy is that you didn't have much in the way of rail and ledge shredding. While it's not essential, I think it will help diversify the segments that you've put together. Potential sponsors always like to see that you can skate a wide array of terrain, and tearing up the local rail and ledge is a definite plus. You may even want to drop some tranny in here and there to really light some fires.
I liked your run with the switch backside 180, 360 flip, nollie flip down the gap, and would have liked to have seen more connected lines incorporating your hammer arsenal. Don't forget, consistency and good lines are always where it's at...not to mention they are fun to watch and usually tend to be memorable. That being said, you may want to consider linking up some tricks in your next vid.
All in all, your footy is solid, and with some rail jammers and consistent lines, you could command some attention from the couch. Keep it comin' and enjoy your brand spankin' new Emerica kicks! Stay Gold.--Timothy Nickloff, Emerica Sales Manager

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(153) responses to: Matt Zicopula

  1. 1st

    EmericaRulez912's Emeritar EmericaRulez912 Posted:
  2. that was ok

    emericatwinx's Emeritar emericatwinx Posted:
  3. 1st

    EmericaRulez912's Emeritar EmericaRulez912 Posted:
  4. uhhhh it put my message twice

    EmericaRulez912's Emeritar EmericaRulez912 Posted:
  5. the video was ok

    EmericaRulez912's Emeritar EmericaRulez912 Posted:
  6. bleh

    ggk's Emeritar ggk Posted:
  7. Well, at least this sponsor me contest thing is still going.

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  8. the switch frontside flip was sick, the lines weren't original enough though.

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  9. The kid has a sick style, plus he got free shoes.

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  10. i thought that kickflip noseslide was really smooth

    reynolds1's Emeritar reynolds1 Posted:
  11. That was pretty Good...
    well at least he got some new kicks.

    JaGeRs4LifE's Emeritar JaGeRs4LifE Posted:
  12. it got boring after a while. it's mostly stairs and gaps. the runs he had were pretty tight though

    lambchopper's Emeritar lambchopper Posted:
  13. have they ever sponsored enyone?

    sk8emericas's Emeritar sk8emericas Posted:
  14. he had some tricks where you couldent see them, hes got skills but a lack of variety like timothry nickloff mentioned

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  15. wasn't that bad.

    kaotik9's Emeritar kaotik9 Posted:
  16. that video was preaty dope but the kid needs to skate some rails

    sk8emericas's Emeritar sk8emericas Posted:
  17. that was pretty sweet

    killjoy's Emeritar killjoy Posted:
  18. this kid is alright but omg if he can get a free pair of shoes i could get like 5 this kid lives in new york if u live in new york i expect u to be mad good i live in NJ and the spots here suck and when i go to new york i ripp it backside 180 9 gap it first try. u just have to get lucky

    xgames198's Emeritar xgames198 Posted:
  19. nice video but werd u gotta have some hubbs and some rails in that joint

    iwanttompennystyle's Emeritar iwanttompennystyle Posted:
  20. That's where I'm from, Long Island Represent!!

    SvennyBoy's Emeritar SvennyBoy Posted:
  21. chea lil matt, long island represent!!!!!!

    BlackLiNYSkate's Emeritar BlackLiNYSkate Posted:
  22. no rails... cmon bro. and he was skating kinda slow on some stuff... i dunno. i guess it was ok. there has been way better.

    emericanwoman's Emeritar emericanwoman Posted:
  23. talk about a reynolds rip off
    one word sketchy

    kr3w31's Emeritar kr3w31 Posted:
  24. i would say he is very good and has a nice solid style.
    ...that switch frontside flip, nasty..

    Steeve's Emeritar Steeve Posted:
  25. good job, matt

    tedsaninja's Emeritar tedsaninja Posted:
  26. That wasnt amazing but he has a bunch of nice flip tricks

    Proud2beanEmerican's Emeritar Proud2beanEmerican Posted:
  27. I wish i could got to long island NJ has nothing 2 skate.

    Proud2beanEmerican's Emeritar Proud2beanEmerican Posted:
  28. Man, let me tell you something. This kid is fucking RIPPAGE! His tricks were solid like cheese biscuits. The only thing I would of liked to see was more speed. Speed makes any trick look, at least, fifty times better. Oh yeah, he also has a stupid last name that I can't pronounce. But besides all that he is great.

    PhilCollinstwice's Emeritar PhilCollinstwice Posted:
  29. This kid sucks, I need a new pair of shoes, maybe I should send in a sponsor me video

    PopwarPanda's Emeritar PopwarPanda Posted:
  30. This kid sucks, I need a new pair of shoes, maybe I should send in a sponsor me video

    PopwarPanda's Emeritar PopwarPanda Posted:
  31. skate more rails!skate more rails! enough of that shit, sorry some of us know how to skate manuels.

    youngdylan06's Emeritar youngdylan06 Posted:
  32. yo this is a sick video and i live on long island too, where on LI r u at?

    chaziod's Emeritar chaziod Posted:
  33. hey josiah did you get to choose the shoes you won?

    guille's Emeritar guille Posted:
  34. im jewish

    kosher's Emeritar kosher Posted:
  35. guille: yeah, i picked the bryan hermans, unfortunately... i should have got the Kirchart 4's.

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  36. Hey Matt, dude all you have to do is go faster. GO FAST! if you apply that to the sick variations you have down stuff, that would be sick. but go faster in your lines.

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  37. And work on those tre flips, they look sorta wierd.

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  38. that video was really short he has some clean hard flips but i agree with josiah his tre flips aren't very nice!!

    123ABC's Emeritar 123ABC Posted:
  39. this is the second person from new york to win they must be pretty good up the there.

    123ABC's Emeritar 123ABC Posted:
  40. had some real good runs in there nice switch fs flip at the end but wheres the rails man

    emerica303's Emeritar emerica303 Posted:
  41. that was good but you need more ledge and rails but still nice vid. the reason it sucks though is you're probably not old enough to drive to or get to good spots like me and some others. nice video

    epgior's Emeritar epgior Posted:
  42. Do nollie bs flips, they would fit your style.

    NJskate's Emeritar NJskate Posted:
  43. He needs 2 do a fucking handrail!!

    Proud2beanEmerican's Emeritar Proud2beanEmerican Posted:
  44. Shut the fuck up bitches. Stop complaning about how he didnt do any rails. If you think its important to do rails then send in your own fuckin video with you doin some rails. Stop bitching....

    BBBling's Emeritar BBBling Posted:
  45. it was pretty good

    ezerica's Emeritar ezerica Posted:
  46. who cares if he dont skate rails , hes still madd good and has the sickest style

    T0ny's Emeritar T0ny Posted:
  47. Kids like that give me hope! I better start cutting my footy and send that bitch in!

    Scamper's Emeritar Scamper Posted:
  48. And you dumbasses out there stop repeating what the manager said.

    Scamper's Emeritar Scamper Posted:
  49. that was prety sick but could of been better

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  50. that was prety sick but could of been better

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  51. The kid is realy sick but he have no rails and ledge in is video...

    Borduas's Emeritar Borduas Posted:
  52. Sick!!!!

    muggysk8's Emeritar muggysk8 Posted:
  53. dudes dont hate i have seen this kid around he rips also it dosnt matter if her dosnt skate hand rails also he won the es game of skate for new york last summer

    emerica89's Emeritar emerica89 Posted:
  54. he didn't do anything too amazing but his style is pretty badass.

    thatonekid's Emeritar thatonekid Posted:
  55. sometimes when you're lacking key elements to a good part you make up for it. he just needs to skate faster aand explore bigger things. other than that his part was almost decent.

    thatonekid's Emeritar thatonekid Posted:
  56. his tre's looked realy low and he was slow. he needed way more footage to.

    baker2727's Emeritar baker2727 Posted:
  57. his style reminds me of bryan herman only with out the grinding of any sorts of objects you use to put your hands on when you walk down stairs, like a handrail or hubba.

    baker2727's Emeritar baker2727 Posted:
  58. the tricks are ok.

    technika's Emeritar technika Posted:
  59. yes good job Matt represent strong island

    SquidwardMcDickfingas's Emeritar SquidwardMcDickfingas Posted:
  60. how do you send a whipser? lol

    johnolin's Emeritar johnolin Posted:
  61. I have no clue how to whisper and the site is acting gay for me right now so..

    Attn: c00ler

    name: john olin
    age: 17
    vid link:

    johnolin's Emeritar johnolin Posted:
  62. lil matt won the es game of skate in the city last year, so u kno he ripps!!

    BlackLiNYSkate's Emeritar BlackLiNYSkate Posted:
  63. o whoops i didnt read that the one due posted this info already my bad, but its tru, im reinforcin that stuff

    BlackLiNYSkate's Emeritar BlackLiNYSkate Posted:
  64. good vid. but its wicked short it's like a minute long. whatever. i guess i'll just make mine 2 minutes. anyway if u add more stuff like rails or a halfpipe or some park footy then you'll have a good chance of gettin sponsored. whoa this is a long comment.

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  65. Good Stuff

    gabebauman's Emeritar gabebauman Posted:
  66. find ur own was pretty good rails

    kinnonwha's Emeritar kinnonwha Posted:
  67. u should hav put rails in there

    kinnonwha's Emeritar kinnonwha Posted:
  68. try danvers skate park (if u live in MA) it has a moderatly easy learning handrail i can do it nd im only 12 u look lik ur 16 or 17

    kinnonwha's Emeritar kinnonwha Posted:
  69. i hav a nice pair of the tilts but after all this rain in MA, i had 2 let them dry so im using sum slippers. still gettin those handstands though

    kinnonwha's Emeritar kinnonwha Posted:
  70. dat was some sweet footy matt nicely done...lots and lots of flip trix yo

    TheBoss37's Emeritar TheBoss37 Posted:
  71. nice grass gap.

    not that good thought, i should get thouse shoes, but i broke my camera.

    no bigspins??? no 360s? wtf

    flippinit360's Emeritar flippinit360 Posted:
  72. no rails and its mad short

    flippinit360's Emeritar flippinit360 Posted:
  73. This kid is pretty good but he does have nice tricks.Except the kickflip many and nollie popshuv many suck and he should have defintly skated some rails or hubbas

    planb's Emeritar planb Posted:
  74. faster,
    higher tre flips,
    and rails tricks.
    his part would have been better with these elements.

    hellrose138's Emeritar hellrose138 Posted:
  75. O WOW

    ConnorB's Emeritar ConnorB Posted:
  76. you're all a bunch of haters. He's got mad diversity in his shit. Matt's my boy, and he can do anything he wants, sorry if he's not a handrail jock like you all want him to be ,get over it. start submitting your shit and see if they post it. he's a fuckin ripper and you'll be hearing lots about him real soon. Fuck the haters. Long Island Represent

    JFK's Emeritar JFK Posted:
  77. How can a kid get on the emerica website and you say he is "ok"? In order to get big you have to have coverage. And judging from matt winning game of skate and being on here just tells you he will be big one day.

    josiah's Emeritar josiah Posted:
  78. is that all u can do if it is u suck cock

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  79. LONG ISLAND IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  81. you had some great skating but you need some more lines and you could go a little faster.all though that switch frontside flip was sick

    hermansk8ter93's Emeritar hermansk8ter93 Posted:
  82. U have fantastic syle, and are insanely clean. Your one of the few that need to be sponsored.

    sk8now's Emeritar sk8now Posted:
  83. Nice vid man, great front flips, hard flips

    grecs0's Emeritar grecs0 Posted:
  84. Dude if u live in MA check out MSC skatepark in shrewsbury. it's huge. just search MSC skatepark on google images.

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  85. Dude if u live in MA check out MSC skatepark in shrewsbury. it's huge. just search MSC skatepark on google images.

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  86. almost everyone on here is all talk, but got nothing else. Its pretty gay when skaters go hating on other skaters...very gay. There's no what skating its just what skating "is".

    Good video anyways...everythings smooth...some tough tricks down some sweet gaps too. I think that 360 flip was personally pretty sweet also, concidering i've never seen one look like it gives you style points for looking different then everyone else's 360 flip..

    skaterwithfaith's Emeritar skaterwithfaith Posted:
  87. Soy todos unos gilipollas y unos putos payasos, que coño os creeis, criticando a todos lo que salen en los videos estos, como si vosotros fuerais los mejores patinadores del mundo. Putos gilipollas, que os jodan a todos. Maricones.

    varo's Emeritar varo Posted:
  88. Si os creeis tan buenos mandar un puto video. Es que me dais pena, putos yankies de mierda.

    varo's Emeritar varo Posted:
  89. The video wont load on my computer but it sounds like it was awesome.......... hey eddie boy Long Island does not suck!

    EmericaOstrich16's Emeritar EmericaOstrich16 Posted:
  90. i dunno...i'm seriosly,like,just as good as him,but,still that switch frontside flipperoonydoony was sick.

    mouchie's Emeritar mouchie Posted:
  91. Needs music...

    Eemerica2s's Emeritar Eemerica2s Posted:
  92. putos creidos!

    varo's Emeritar varo Posted:
  93. was there a single rail trick in the whole part. Your good at what you do but emerica pros kill everything and anything. so step it up

    kiff's Emeritar kiff Posted:
  94. xgames198 you are a fag, die immediately, who talks about themselves like that?

    SquidwardMcDickfingas's Emeritar SquidwardMcDickfingas Posted:
  95. damn, that was clean fo real tho. What i liked the most tho was that semi-flip or hardflip, i think it was a semi flip because it didn't go up it went like a backwards varial. I really like that switch bs 180, it was all late thats why i liked it.

    I dont think you guys really know what you need more speed on. When you do your lines you need tons of speed, not so much when you go off of stairs. When you got fast lines it shows you can control your board and that you are consistent.

    Really the only thing i can say to this guy is grind, thats all you need, you got lines, you got stairs and drops, only thing really is grinds. all in all, this is a tight ass video.

    RandomHero's Emeritar RandomHero Posted:
  96. wow people why are u all hatin and tellin this kid what he needs? i bet none of u could sk8 half as good as him so shut your mouths!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  97. if a kid's good enough to get on here than leave him alone.

    dude sick vid!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  98. does anybody know where i can get a look at the boss

    hermansk8ter93's Emeritar hermansk8ter93 Posted:
  99. good skatin i liked it so did everyone who wasnt hatin but they were right you need to do more hand rails great job skating the stairs.

    hermansk8ter93's Emeritar hermansk8ter93 Posted:
  100. He skate pretty good he needs to hit some rails.

    futurebakerider13's Emeritar futurebakerider13 Posted:
  101. vato es on puto pendeo vato cieyate la voca

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  102. look more like an e's skater

    kiff's Emeritar kiff Posted:
  103. I thought it was sick.
    You're frontside flips are nice.

    Bluntpop's Emeritar Bluntpop Posted:
  104. oh and dont hit rails.
    they suck.

    Bluntpop's Emeritar Bluntpop Posted:
  105. the hardflips and frontside flips were excellent
    the fact that there were no rails made me sad cause I'm sure he could do some

    EmericaLad's Emeritar EmericaLad Posted:
  106. this kid rips! oh and by the way anyone who left a bad comment Emerica can't make mistakes so if they say this kid is good, he's good!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  107. this kid rips! oh and by the way anyone who left a bad comment Emerica can't make mistakes so if they say this kid is good, he's good!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  108. his opener was lame his lines have all been done before and he cant even boardslide a rail so i think this kids video sucks

    ipathsarebetterthanemericas1's Emeritar ipathsarebetterthanemericas1 Posted:
  109. that wuz ok i could do better fo sho

    chrisgrobert's Emeritar chrisgrobert Posted:
  110. but it wuz tight he sude win the comb

    chrisgrobert's Emeritar chrisgrobert Posted:
  111. hey josiah, i thinks its really cool that u do the whole skate for christ thing and i like that alot

    blanksrock's Emeritar blanksrock Posted:
  112. blocky style, doesnt look good but he had big tricks

    asacswan's Emeritar asacswan Posted:
  113. I think the kid is alright. He is only 16. he just needs some rails!

    Emerica1010's Emeritar Emerica1010 Posted:
  114. he's alright but his manual tricks need to have somthin out of them like a 180 or somthin

    skateretro's Emeritar skateretro Posted:
  115. i think thats how you spell manual

    skateretro's Emeritar skateretro Posted:
  116. pants!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  117. man he obviously like dick because he skate so gay

    damn bitch i could 3 flip all over him and shit

    kids would get mad heeted for me

    id go pro in like 3 days

    put my vid up there

    hatetour94's Emeritar hatetour94 Posted:
  118. wow, good job dude, more rails and that would've been amazing,
    keep skating

    thejacob's Emeritar thejacob Posted:
  119. hey hatetour94 u suck balls. don't hate on him, bitch.

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  120. hey hatetour94 u suck balls. don't hate on him, bitch.

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  121. nigga come ova here an massage muh dick

    afta you see me ollie a semi you aint gonna hafat be told

    lil hookar

    hatetour94's Emeritar hatetour94 Posted:
  122. ok whatever u say... not like i care i just hate it when people dis people that were good enough to get on Emerica's website.

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  123. ok whatever u say... not like i care i just hate it when people dis people that were good enough to get on Emerica's website.

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  124. ok whatever u say... not like i care i just hate it when people dis people that were good enough to get on Emerica's website.

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  125. ughh it posted mine 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  126. nigga i tiped this whole thing wit my dick

    i 3 flipped to crooks 4 minutes ago

    down a 40

    shits tite

    get on my level

    hatetour94's Emeritar hatetour94 Posted:
  127. i am on your level!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  128. i am on your level!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  129. oh god! it posted mine twice wtf!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  130. oh god! it posted mine twice wtf!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  131. and if your as good as u say u are then send in your video!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  132. Hey Matt, nice video!

    mikemerica95's Emeritar mikemerica95 Posted:
  133. matt dotn listen to that boosty he a boosty

    i sented my video i bet they dont want no more heads to see

    im prolly gon be dey secret weapon dawg

    new vid

    whos the kid?

    jamal mo fuckin curtis challs

    just like baker and dixon.

    hatetour94's Emeritar hatetour94 Posted:
  134. BBBling's Emeritar BBBling Posted:
  135. xgames198 u r a fag, stop saying u can do this and u can do that. Ur prolly one of those kids who can't even ollie, and eddie, u r the bitch. Matt is good, the only thing i wish he had was a longer vid so we could see some more tricks. Damn, xgames u need to go slit ur throat or drink some antifreeze or something. PS if that ipathsarebetterthanemericas1 guy has a problem with this site and emerica in general, get off! Go over to the ipath website and be a fag over there

    undividedattention's Emeritar undividedattention Posted:
  136. OWNED......

    BBBling's Emeritar BBBling Posted:


    hatetour94's Emeritar hatetour94 Posted:

    BBBling's Emeritar BBBling Posted:
  139. KREWS ARE GAY!!!! BBBling u suc 2 much dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  140. KREWS ARE GAY!!!! BBBling u suc 2 much dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  141. eddie callate la puta voca porque no sabes ni escribir español, asi que cuando aprendas me hablas. Capullo, me das asco.

    varo's Emeritar varo Posted:

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  143. VATO

    &&&'s Emeritar &&& Posted:
  144. kaotik9's Emeritar kaotik9 Posted:
  145. eeeeehhhhh.....

    kaotik9's Emeritar kaotik9 Posted:
  146. for some reason i like the tre flip its kinda fancy, i noticed there were unkinked rails next to the gaps in this vid, man i would kill for those spots dude you should've kickflip noseslid one of those then you would've been flow for sure dude

    divisionstreet's Emeritar divisionstreet Posted:
  147. he skates the best spots, here in melbourne Australia i would dream to go to those spots
    ps where is the spot where he does that run with the nollie flip

    Mdog's Emeritar Mdog Posted:
  148. add

    Mdog's Emeritar Mdog Posted:
  149. ahh ok put him flow

    Proud2beanEmerican's Emeritar Proud2beanEmerican Posted:
  150. he can't even do a handrall hes ok never mind he can only do flips he sucks

    Proud2beanEmerican's Emeritar Proud2beanEmerican Posted:
  151. I think you should have gotten a little more footage, all in all you put some shit down that was pretty gnarly.

    umskate's Emeritar umskate Posted:
  152. yo, u need 2 sk8 more rails nd hubbaz dude. having said that i wish i was as good as you.
    p.s. u should try some bigger stairs with some of those tre's u got

    sk8boi's Emeritar sk8boi Posted:
  153. shoulda sponsored him emerica, b/c he ended up on zoo york flow and sole tech flow. doesnt even need the free pair of shoes.

    jackson's Emeritar jackson Posted:

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