Leo Pro Shoe In Stores This June!

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Emerica proudly presents Leo Romero's long-demanded and first-ever pro model shoe, the Leo, available in skate shops in June 2006.


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(115) responses to: Leo Pro Shoe In Stores This June!

  1. 1st

    skatesd's Emeritar skatesd Posted:
  2. Nice i gotta get me a pair of those

    LeroyHermzy's Emeritar LeroyHermzy Posted:
  3. lol@emerica fan...enjoy it while it lasts. Anyways, those shoes look like shit so sorry I won't be buying them. :\

    ggk's Emeritar ggk Posted:
  4. wear are the shoes?
    they made a huge deal about the hermans but they make it seem like the leos are nothing!

    derek's Emeritar derek Posted:

    baked91's Emeritar baked91 Posted:
  6. hey derek look for the shoes on the fall 2006 product line in the features

    baked91's Emeritar baked91 Posted:
  7. hahaha fuckers u guys suck i got them a week ago i got hook ups they have to strips i got the mexican color. i even got them for cheaper.

    xgames198's Emeritar xgames198 Posted:
  8. I got them three weeks ago though for free. So maybe you should re-think those hook-ups xGAY198

    effin3's Emeritar effin3 Posted:
  9. Haha both of you are extremely homosexual.

    Stumt's Emeritar Stumt Posted:
  10. i gotta get me a pair of leo shoes, well as soon as arrive to mexico

    genaro's Emeritar genaro Posted:
  11. check em :

    i think they look good. imma pick me up a pair of the black ones

    lambchopper's Emeritar lambchopper Posted:
  12. dude, right on the LEO!! new shoes yeah!!!

    emericanchadwick's Emeritar emericanchadwick Posted:
  13. Yeah they do look pretty sweet. I like thin shoes vs. bulky so its all good. Like the reynolds 3 fit.

    Broseph's Emeritar Broseph Posted:
  14. YEAH MAN! i want it yet!!!

    emericana's Emeritar emericana Posted:
  15. YEAH MAN! i want it yet!!!

    emericana's Emeritar emericana Posted:
  16. YEAH MAN! i want it yet!!!

    emericana's Emeritar emericana Posted:
  17. this shoe looks pretty sick, ill prolly cop a pair, i wonder how much thyre gunna b, i still hafta get the HERMS, im gunna get the hermans and then the leos, FUCK YEA

    AsquadHoe's Emeritar AsquadHoe Posted:
  18. leo rulleezz biatch
    the shoe is great
    the guy is great
    what do you want?

    staygoldguy's Emeritar staygoldguy Posted:

    PhilCollinstwice's Emeritar PhilCollinstwice Posted:
  20. Might have to try a pair on.

    gabebauman's Emeritar gabebauman Posted:
  21. i might have to try those out there pretty sick but right now im sticken with the Hermans....

    JaGeRs4LifE's Emeritar JaGeRs4LifE Posted:
  22. yo those leos look pretty ugly but it not about the style iz about how dem shoes skates.

    iwanttompennystyle's Emeritar iwanttompennystyle Posted:
  23. They look like they rip in like 2 secs, probably because they do. Plus they're ugly, sorry Leo. ...When are the Bosses coming out? They look nice, skateable, and durable. They'll probably be the next pair of Emericas i'll buy unless I buy Rey2s.
    Does anyone know when the
    Vans Fairlanes come out?!

    NJskate's Emeritar NJskate Posted:
  24. i'm gettin the black ones!! they're pretty sick

    youngemerican's Emeritar youngemerican Posted:
  25. class!

    englishjosh's Emeritar englishjosh Posted:
  26. i slightly agree with ggk......but i bet they are a really good price

    emerica303's Emeritar emerica303 Posted:
  27. these shoes are sexy.........ERECTION

    fonziethemagicalboner's Emeritar fonziethemagicalboner Posted:
  28. these shoes are sexy.........ERECTION

    fonziethemagicalboner's Emeritar fonziethemagicalboner Posted:
  29. these shoes are sexy.........ERECTION

    fonziethemagicalboner's Emeritar fonziethemagicalboner Posted:
  30. the hell do you know that theyll rip unless you skate em...wat an idiot

    fonziethemagicalboner's Emeritar fonziethemagicalboner Posted:
  31. the hell do you know that theyll rip unless you skate em...wat an idiot

    fonziethemagicalboner's Emeritar fonziethemagicalboner Posted:
  32. That's pretty sweet, but they're so thin, he should've made em' padded, then I would've bought them. Now I wait for the Reynolds 4. I'll definately buy those even if they suck, they just need good colorways

    cooldrew's Emeritar cooldrew Posted:
  33. But Emerica's making them, so how can they suck?

    cooldrew's Emeritar cooldrew Posted:
  34. those shoes are gonna suck, i guess they look tight, and emerica is cool and all but those are some floppers

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  35. i cant see leo kickflipping a 30 set with those

    skateboardingisfun's Emeritar skateboardingisfun Posted:
  36. You guys are all duche bags with no friends.....get a life bitches

    BBBling's Emeritar BBBling Posted:

    BBBling's Emeritar BBBling Posted:
  38. BB whatever settle down

    ConnorB's Emeritar ConnorB Posted:
  39. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew a guy named Wang!ha he was a dick head,haha that is pretty funny,, a guy named wang who is a dickhead

    zVgoSkaTeVz's Emeritar zVgoSkaTeVz Posted:
  40. ya cant wate

    LeoFan25's Emeritar LeoFan25 Posted:
  41. damn those are tight!
    thanks baked91.

    derek's Emeritar derek Posted:
  42. what is the difference between the Vulcanized natural gum rubber outsole and the sole on the bhermans???
    is one better for skating?

    derek's Emeritar derek Posted:
  43. oh leo no :( ugly ugly ugly

    Television's Emeritar Television Posted:
  44. Derek
    , Vulcanized rubber is the stuff they used on the rey3s. It sucks. Its the same kind of shit rubber they use to make with those ugly converse shoes. NBS gum rubber is the kind of rubber used on shoes like Reynolds2 and like you said B hermans. It used in most skate shoes and was in almost all until this stupid thin shoe fad came out. In my opinion NBS flicks way better and lasts longer, so I dont buy shoes with vulcanized rubber. If youre used to a traditional skate shoe, IE one that uses NBS, I recommend you keep buying them. Its not worth wasting your money only to find out that it sucks.

    NJskate's Emeritar NJskate Posted:
  45. those are awesome i gots to gets me a pair of thoses

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:

    cooldrew's Emeritar cooldrew Posted:
  47. Oh Shit! I ruined the page. I feel like a Douche. I didn't even enter it my dumbass brother did. SORRY!

    cooldrew's Emeritar cooldrew Posted:
  48. hey i know that this dont have anything to do with Leo but this was the only place i could find to post a comment. but when does the new Reynolds 4s come out? or "The Boss". not sure what they're really called. but i know its something along that line. and if you would just send me the message back to my email. if you do send it back. thnks

    fishbone12202's Emeritar fishbone12202 Posted:
  49. gay shoes not getting them

    ezerica's Emeritar ezerica Posted:
  50. cooldrew is fucking gay

    taylor's Emeritar taylor Posted:
  51. ezerica....FUCK YOU

    taylor's Emeritar taylor Posted:
  52. hell ya i got to get a pair of them

    TAPS50's Emeritar TAPS50 Posted:
  53. NJskate is retarded vulcanized has the most amazing board feel and grip. there not gonna take the impact of jumping a 12 or anything, but his your not a pussy your fine

    NIDGESKATE's Emeritar NIDGESKATE Posted:
  54. NJskate shut the fuck up u retarted peice of shit.......ur a disgrace to the sport of skateboarding.......FUCK YOU

    fonziethemagicalboner's Emeritar fonziethemagicalboner Posted:
  55. All you pussys need to shut the fuck up....Leo Romero is a bad ass ripper and worked fucking hard to nail his pro shoe and all you bad ass thinking kids dis'em, so you know what go get a fucking life

    Malachi's Emeritar Malachi Posted:
  56. Thank you Malachi, at least someone knows what they are talking about!

    skatebaker's Emeritar skatebaker Posted:
  57. Thank you Skatebaker,and oh yea Leo awesome shoes man there gonna rip, and another sequel to that guy who was talking about the vulcanized rubber ya know what it's not the shoe who make the skater it's the skater's ability who makes a name for him-slef

    Malachi's Emeritar Malachi Posted:
  58. whoa....

    TheBoss37's Emeritar TheBoss37 Posted:
  59. Does any one know where you can find them cheap and like buy them now

    Malachi's Emeritar Malachi Posted:
  60. shut the fuck up malachi you them cheap and buy them now........just buy them like everybody else does u weird named fuck

    fonziethemagicalboner's Emeritar fonziethemagicalboner Posted:
  61. who cares what there made out of, there sick!!!

    skateretro's Emeritar skateretro Posted:
  62. doesn't matter how much they cost either you want them go get them

    skateretro's Emeritar skateretro Posted:
  63. Hey fonziethemgicalboner.........shut the fuck up you caling me A FAG your the one who gets erections from a pair of shoes and you kids all suck except a few,i'm gonna care how cheap they're because i'm not rich like all you fucking posers who get a new board every month

    Malachi's Emeritar Malachi Posted:
  64. FUCK YOU.......U CANT SKATE FOR SHIT NO ONE HERE GETS A NEW BOARD EVERY MONTH.....fuck you u preppy shitfaced jew

    fonziethemagicalboner's Emeritar fonziethemagicalboner Posted:
  65. I'm not a jew you know i came on here to talk about leo romero's new shoe not start a bitch fuss

    Malachi's Emeritar Malachi Posted:
  66. dude i don't suck i've got a local skate shop checking me out

    Malachi's Emeritar Malachi Posted:
  67. i love Emerica today, because their doing the worst and ugly shoes contest. I don't know wich one will win ? This Romero pro shoes or the hermans pro ?

    RIEN's Emeritar RIEN Posted:
  68. Wow the Leo sounds good I wanna get a pair of them ... Leo rocks

    fasterone's Emeritar fasterone Posted:
  69. the leos sound flippin awesome! Gonna get me a pair...vivalaleo!

    Emericas4life's Emeritar Emericas4life Posted:
  70. I used to rock Emericas only back when the Marc Johnson 2s came out, and when the Reynold 1s were out. Those shoes were fucking sick. Ever since the Templeton 2s, Emerica has gone down.

    But I still rock em'.

    BTK's Emeritar BTK Posted:
  71. Emeri-kid's Emeritar Emeri-kid Posted:
  72. Awesome!!! I gotta get those shoes.Bet they skate nice.

    Emeri-kid's Emeritar Emeri-kid Posted:
  73. dang it i just got the hermans so im outta $.

    KSL1owner's Emeritar KSL1owner Posted:
  74. Hey tonyxes what the hell are you doing on the emerica website if you hate emericas

    Joekickass's Emeritar Joekickass Posted:
  75. NJ skate you suck big time

    Joekickass's Emeritar Joekickass Posted:
  76. wow you posted first you must have a life thats fun sitting on your computer allday talking shit online gay nigger leo romeros shoes are for mater pickn spicks PEAace

    sawedoffinyoface's Emeritar sawedoffinyoface Posted:
  77. there ok too skinny to skate for me if you want to see them they are on

    hermansk8ter93's Emeritar hermansk8ter93 Posted:
  78. I think their nice.
    They look like those new lakai's.
    but still their nice.

    Bluntpop's Emeritar Bluntpop Posted:
  79. those are pretty sick i'll buy em

    EmericaRulez912's Emeritar EmericaRulez912 Posted:
  80. are the hermans any good cuz i am thinking about getting the reynolds 3 or the hermans?
    Has anyone seen the reynolds 4s?

    derek's Emeritar derek Posted:
  81. reynolds 4's look like the Reynolds 2s and 1s mixed into one giant brick. meaning theyre really bulky.

    lambchopper's Emeritar lambchopper Posted:
  82. the black and white ones are canvas! argh i knew it! fuckcew;kjewlkj

    mikey's Emeritar mikey Posted:
  83. fuck yeah leo romeros

    Emerica1991's Emeritar Emerica1991 Posted:
  84. leo could have put more thought into the making of those from the picture is saw they look like he ripped off the marc johnson 3 lakia's but yeah looks like a good ass shoe

    kiff's Emeritar kiff Posted:
  85. oh yeah fuck canvas i had the slims in canvas like a year ago and that shit was trash after like a day

    kiff's Emeritar kiff Posted:
  86. Hey joekickass, i love emerica, and i love good shoes too. i love the MJ1, the Kirchart4, and so many of Emerica's innovating shoes. But sorry, these one have nothing cool, no protect lace, bad desk tast, no style, poor colors, no research, another vulcanized shoes between so many... Mr Romero must get better...

    RIEN's Emeritar RIEN Posted:
  87. i just saw the raynolds 4s it looks like he just wants to bring back his first shoe..... there the raynolds 1 with g2......come on emerica stop being lazy.

    kiff's Emeritar kiff Posted:
  88. im about to go skate you should all do the same

    kiff's Emeritar kiff Posted:
  89. yeah alright I understand what you are saying tonyxes

    Joekickass's Emeritar Joekickass Posted:
  90. fo sho

    chrisgrobert's Emeritar chrisgrobert Posted:
  91. the leos are all right. i dont like the canvis material.
    i cant wait to get the reynolds 4. they are tight cuz they are the reynolds 2 with some added support and they look long lasting.

    derek's Emeritar derek Posted:
  92. AHHH FUCK why did they have to make such a sick shoe fucking canvas and the reynolds 4 and bulky and i dont like them i like the reynolds 3s cuz there not bulky

    NIDGESKATE's Emeritar NIDGESKATE Posted:
  93. AHHH FUCK why did they have to make such a sick shoe fucking canvas and the reynolds 4 and bulky and i dont like them i like the reynolds 3s cuz there not bulky

    NIDGESKATE's Emeritar NIDGESKATE Posted:
  94. we need swade

    derek's Emeritar derek Posted:
  95. I wuz gonna get the herman shoes but screw dat I wanna get those now!!

    gunsmoke81's Emeritar gunsmoke81 Posted:
  96. DUDE active mailorder .com was selling the red rey 3 for 19$$$!!!! i bought 2 pairs size 9 and a pair of jeans, fucking sick, the kick ass red and white ones that are rare

    AsquadHoe's Emeritar AsquadHoe Posted:
  97. kick @$$ shoes i'm getting a pair

    freakofemerica's Emeritar freakofemerica Posted:
  98. I saw the Leo at the Pharmacy webpage they were all black and gum they were preety bad ass

    Kr3w4life's Emeritar Kr3w4life Posted:
  99. nice nice!! sometimes you guys come out with shitty shoes but this time im wrong good job ill be sure to buy em as soon as they hit stores! : )

    candace's Emeritar candace Posted:
  100. I CAN'T WAIT.
    I LOVE MY LEO!!!!!!!!!

    bakerkrew3's Emeritar bakerkrew3 Posted:
  101. AFFIN3 lol i get shoes before they even come out. and i got the hermans so many months before they came out i got them when herman was sendin out samples to some people oh and i personaly know herman leo spanky braydon lewis marnell and tnt. so beat that bitch!!!!

    xgames198's Emeritar xgames198 Posted:
  102. leo rocks

    LeoFan25's Emeritar LeoFan25 Posted:
  103. theese shoes are tight...

    Ruben's Emeritar Ruben Posted:
  104. Leo Romero is just a little chestnut

    Scamper's Emeritar Scamper Posted:
  105. ok design for the first design. I dont Know about durability

    kremerica90's Emeritar kremerica90 Posted:
  106. on second thought i used to skate etnies and they werent durable, and leos look pretty tigt. FUCK durability

    kremerica90's Emeritar kremerica90 Posted:
  107. Damn i gotta get a pair of these after i waste my Reynolds 3

    Monkeyz323's Emeritar Monkeyz323 Posted:
  108. THey ARe LIke whatever IM down To Skate On Them....

    Emericastar310's Emeritar Emericastar310 Posted:
  109. hey kremerica90 take your damn etnies and burn them down i think skate etnies is like skateing outside in rain and that sucks man EMERICA. rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz biatch

    staygoldguy's Emeritar staygoldguy Posted:
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    duskateteam's Emeritar duskateteam Posted:
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    duskateteam's Emeritar duskateteam Posted:
  115. too fuckin pricey gotta wait till they get cheap and my shoes r completely screwed over

    thewindcriesmax's Emeritar thewindcriesmax Posted:

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