Self Educated #5

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Title: Self Educated
Publisher: Steven Ayers
Issue Number: #5, January 2005
Page Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 14
Printing method: Black and white photocopy
Price: Email the publisher
Email: (Use the @ symbol instead of the word "at".)

I like old things. Well, maybe not all old things, like your grumpy old grandpa, but some old things. Extinct ice age mammals immediately spring to mind, as do far-away galaxies, antique furniture and issue number five of Steven Ayers' Self Educated 'zine, comin' straight at ya just a stone's throw from the middle of the Sunshine State. This is the One Year Anniversary issue from January 2005, way back in the good old days before Steven discovered the double-sided copy feature on the Xerox machine.

This first annual celebration includes a lion's share of eye / mind goodness, like a short discussion of entropy, a Photo Showcase, a profile of Ziggy Herman Bryan Stardust that charts the similarities between the trajectories of David Bowie's album and Herman's life, a most excellent profile and photo gallery entitled Inside the Mind of Tobin Yelland, an essay called Why Skateboarding's Different, and a closing article explaining the local Tampa phenomenon of Shaqueefa Clothing.

If any of this sounds even slightly intriguin' to you, fire off an email to Steven right now, and for a nominal fee, he'll probably load you down with some thoughtful literary goods, both old and new.

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