Golden Egg Quest!

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June 21 is Go Skateboarding Day, and once again Emerica and Cowtown Skateboards will celebrate with the Golden Egg Quest. Since it is nearly 110 degrees in Arizona, Cowtown will start the day with a 21% off storewide sale at all three locations from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., then close early to prepare for the night's festivities. Yep, we're talking Go Skateboarding Night, pal!

Cowtown will premiere two videos, Black Label's Back in Black, and TransWorld’s A Time to Shine, at their Central location in Phoenix only. Immediately following the videos, Cowtown will hand out maps to an undisclosed area of Phoenix containing tons of hidden golden eggs filled with vouchers for all kinds of free skateboard product! Be there for a chance to bag some goods!

June 21, 2006
Cowtown Skateboards
5024 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85012
(602) 212-9687

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(10) responses to: Golden Egg Quest!

  1. cant wait for go for a skate day, its gonna go off 1st

    One Man Demo's Emeritar One Man Demo Posted:
  2. 2nd ... where i live none knows about a skateday , that´s sucks, all the skater have to go to school! it´s a day like a normal day , i wanna live in usa man

    staygoldguy's Emeritar staygoldguy Posted:
  3. poop

    cal24d4life's Emeritar cal24d4life Posted:
  4. damn, I live in PA, nothing goes down here.

    PopwarPanda's Emeritar PopwarPanda Posted:
  5. wow, that's really cool.

    im going to chicago though.

    miles's Emeritar miles Posted:
  6. KoolKid's Emeritar KoolKid Posted:
  7. I live in AZ so I'll probably be there, its gonna be sick

    KoolKid's Emeritar KoolKid Posted:
  8. TN is the worst

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  9. yeah not alot happens here [TN]
    but thers alot of shreddin

    SHRED's Emeritar SHRED Posted:
  10. Erik ellington has one of the best emerica shoes. But that that bastard just had to leave left for supra they f^&%@#$ suck.

    Derk's Emeritar Derk Posted:

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