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In 25 words or less, write a caption for this photo. It can be something funny you make up, or a few words describing what you think the object in the photo is. Either way, whoever makes me laugh the most, wins. Bust a move soon, though, cuz this contest ends on July 31, 2006.

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(106) responses to: Write a Caption, Win the Trans-Em!

  1. wat the fuck kinda pic is thatht ahaahahahahahah

    zVgoSkaTeVz's Emeritar zVgoSkaTeVz Posted:
  2. Fucking emerican beef cake...

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  3. those cookies just made my titties get real hard.

    tailslide24's Emeritar tailslide24 Posted:
  4. trans-ems are the shit i got those in the pic right now.

    jornizzads's Emeritar jornizzads Posted:


  8. ¡Qué demonios?!
    What the hell?!
    Whoever thought of that must of had a lot of time on their hands. Same goes for the person who made it too.

    Taylor's Emeritar Taylor Posted:
  9. Oh i know what that cookie reminds me of......

    Taylor's Emeritar Taylor Posted:
  10. cheese and spam

    maddog8600's Emeritar maddog8600 Posted:
  11. id lick those bad boys any day!!!!!

    conk's Emeritar conk Posted:
    or Cake and Penises.
    or just plain cheesecake...

    MANOLO's Emeritar MANOLO Posted:
  13. close the door i have to shit

    borninemerica's Emeritar borninemerica Posted:
  14. Happy birthday big boy!! I want YOUR candy!!

    skatetortuga's Emeritar skatetortuga Posted:
  15. Hey retarded ferret with a big tail and a left hair ball on life support.

  16. since i live in canada i cant submit a caption. shitty beats. eh?

    crapaskate's Emeritar crapaskate Posted:
  17. since i DON'T live in canada i CAN submit a caption. shitty beats. eh?

    chrisk8's Emeritar chrisk8 Posted:
  18. friggen "SWEET" heck yess

    dddddanny's Emeritar dddddanny Posted:
  19. friggen "SWEET" heck yess

    dddddanny's Emeritar dddddanny Posted:
  20. The Emerica Easter Package of Fun and Whatknot

    S-Tyler's Emeritar S-Tyler Posted:
  21. if you dont give those shoes im gonna be eating my cereal out of the bottom of your skull, thanks cause i need some shoes

    larkinstardust's Emeritar larkinstardust Posted:
  22. i want dat hairless hand 2 maztab8 muh cawk completely awf muh body rofligat0z

    spacepirate's Emeritar spacepirate Posted:
  23. aww snapps them sapatos is on the fried mode cuz they hot my nigg!!

    love's Emeritar love Posted:
  24. Eat some Emerica cookies and STAY GOLD!

    iLuVEmerica's Emeritar iLuVEmerica Posted:
  25. a couple of dicks with the emerica logo on them and some other shit alover the balls

    baker2727's Emeritar baker2727 Posted:
  26. i didn't know emerica made skateboards?....

    sk82live's Emeritar sk82live Posted:
  27. WTF!!!

    scarysk8kid's Emeritar scarysk8kid Posted:
  28. This icing is hard as tits!

    CrazyFlow's Emeritar CrazyFlow Posted:
  29. i would skate them.they look like they would last me a lil while

    emericafuturesk8r's Emeritar emericafuturesk8r Posted:
  30. connNor's Emeritar connNor Posted:
  31. PLEASE give me the gum off the bottom of yur trans-Em or give me the shoe so i can go skate!!!

    connNor's Emeritar connNor Posted:
  32. Please gi me tha shoe Ill trade u my old Reynolds2 comes wit a missin heel,toe and 3 popped laces

    connNor's Emeritar connNor Posted:
  33. Trans-em__badest muscle shoe ever

    connNor's Emeritar connNor Posted:
  34. I need these shoes they complete me

    connNor's Emeritar connNor Posted:
  35. Well I have this probablem, I don't read things all the way so I thought it said Win a trans-am like the car, but now I just feel dumb...oh well you might think thats funny or something

    PistolWhipSkaters's Emeritar PistolWhipSkaters Posted:
  36. flipskater876's Emeritar flipskater876 Posted:
  37. these shoes are so tough, they ate a bowl of cereal this morning!


    flipskater876's Emeritar flipskater876 Posted:
  38. those shoezez looka like some asian kid named brandon pooted on em and then ate them and spit em out

    the asian
    and the pa pa pa pa pa pa pooooooooooooooooooots

    reynold3kiddd's Emeritar reynold3kiddd Posted:
  39. ugh
    piece o' pooots

    shhhhh i want them

    reynold3kiddd's Emeritar reynold3kiddd Posted:
  40. merly wants the shozez even though there crappoots
    reynolds 3 r better
    na na na na na na
    ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    reynold3kiddd's Emeritar reynold3kiddd Posted:
  41. Quit laboring my poor old grandma to make your emerica cookies.

    EmericaStar's Emeritar EmericaStar Posted:
  42. Who won thoes leo shoes and the baker complete? Im still tryin to win a pair of shoes anyway i can off this site! Im a poor sk8er indead-Some shoes I need. ;-)

    ultimask8er's Emeritar ultimask8er Posted:
  43. what gay sktrs do in spare time

    saturdayskater12's Emeritar saturdayskater12 Posted:
  44. poooooooooooooooootsi's

    reynold3kiddd's Emeritar reynold3kiddd Posted:
  45. these cookies are so dry ,Spanky pass the hair brew and wipe off that silly crustache!

    martelpaw's Emeritar martelpaw Posted:
  46. I got you these because im hoping ur surgery to drop your balls went well.

    TheRandomDude's Emeritar TheRandomDude Posted:
  47. Bring them to Portugal ! Just you and I !

    MrBentoh's Emeritar MrBentoh Posted:
  48. We discovered America , let them discover Portugal.

    MrBentoh's Emeritar MrBentoh Posted:
  49. eeeh it think its a trophy because andrew reynolds can learn you the fs flip

    EM-PATH's Emeritar EM-PATH Posted:
  50. who the hell came up with that one

    EmericaSkate1213's Emeritar EmericaSkate1213 Posted:
  51. Is that the winner of the emerica design-a-cake competition?

    terminature's Emeritar terminature Posted:
  52. emerica is a hero to many kids in malaysia. all these child labor laws are silly and outdated. they wont let these children work from sunrise to sunset like they use to do in the good times. "It'll be cold day in hell when the children of malaysia can't put their blood and sweat into making my shoes and putting money into my wallet" - Justin Regan Emerica Brand Marketing Manager. But thanks to Emerica, the children of malaysia can enjoyingly work all day and night with as low as 5 cents an hour and make Emericas shoes for spoiled american kids only to be destroyed and tossed aside into a dark closet when their short-attention span has been captured by yet another reynolds model. Thankyou Emerica for putting joy into the hearts of many malaysian children!

    skatedoctor's Emeritar skatedoctor Posted:
  53. this shoes are p.i.m.p fo sho

    Chubby007's Emeritar Chubby007 Posted:
  54. There are only two things fresher then newley baked Emerica cookies: The cook's pussy and the Emerica Trans Ams

    readyxaimxfirexx's Emeritar readyxaimxfirexx Posted:
  55. dduuuddeee like id eet dat exept it am like im in the mood for waffles no wut im sayin

    jonkapez's Emeritar jonkapez Posted:
  56. dduuuddeee like id eet dat exept it am like im in the mood for waffles no wut im sayin

    jonkapez's Emeritar jonkapez Posted:
  57. yaba dinga

    jonkapez's Emeritar jonkapez Posted:
  58. muthafuckas

    jonkapez's Emeritar jonkapez Posted:
  59. muthafuckas

    jonkapez's Emeritar jonkapez Posted:
  60. does spanky like read the comments for the contest if he does hey spanky u fucking rock

    jonkapez's Emeritar jonkapez Posted:
  61. Haha I hope I win that parents always bitch at me "We can't afford $70.00 shoes every 3 months!"

    SpaceOdddiity's Emeritar SpaceOdddiity Posted:
  62. when are you gonna give me those damn shoes? i wear a 10 1/2 make it snappy

    larkinstardust's Emeritar larkinstardust Posted:
  63. to be honest, this delicious dish looks like cat in the hats house if he skated for emerica.nice baked goods guys.peace

    rastapath's Emeritar rastapath Posted:
  64. r u guys selling that my b day is july 30 and i want that cake

    rob1's Emeritar rob1 Posted:
  65. i have a 79 trans am all i need is those shoes!!

    kaotik9's Emeritar kaotik9 Posted:
  66. The result of an alzheimac nana confusing her grandson, his love of skating, her rabbit, and the queen of England, during the grandson’s wake preparations.

    jlion's Emeritar jlion Posted:
  67. i want to bang those shoes up the sole all night long <333

    DGKallday's Emeritar DGKallday Posted:
  68. tacobeef beef taco beef b beef taco beef beef taco beef b beef taco thursday beef beef george beef b beef george beef beef george beef b beef george george i need some shoes s shoes ss shoes

    emerica1122334455's Emeritar emerica1122334455 Posted:
  69. ok well theres nothing tosay but i love you cuz i love you emerica will you marry?i love this shoe to ive never owned an emerica shoe but you sholk giv eme the chance to have one i love

    yourmomhere's Emeritar yourmomhere Posted:
  70. Emerica. Keepin it real.

    jstnpowell's Emeritar jstnpowell Posted:
  71. yeah umm.. yeah i was kinda aspecting those shoes to come in by now, but im not rushing you im just putting that out there

    larkinstardust's Emeritar larkinstardust Posted:
  72. I love these shoes like my mad mother-in-law,u know why? Because they are so insufferable a yet unforgettable!

    popkorn's Emeritar popkorn Posted:
  73. who in the hell created that thing
    oprah should give that to the audience LOL

    Jermaine760's Emeritar Jermaine760 Posted:
  74. who in the hell created that thing
    oprah should give that to the audience LOL

    Jermaine760's Emeritar Jermaine760 Posted:
  75. we submit the caption in the responses?

    VEL's Emeritar VEL Posted:
  76. emerica is the icing on cake


    cookies's Emeritar cookies Posted:
  77. Daymm those shoes are stupid fly!! Hook me up so i can get rid of the Kleenex boxs that im currently using as shoes.

    COBHC's Emeritar COBHC Posted:
  78. Your mom said I can have those.

    unleashed132's Emeritar unleashed132 Posted:
  79. Your mom said I can have those.

    unleashed132's Emeritar unleashed132 Posted:
  80. any company besides emerica makes my penis soft!

    penny's Emeritar penny Posted:
  81. those shoes rock!!!!!!!!

    Jermaine760's Emeritar Jermaine760 Posted:
  82. - Fattening today's youth.

    ibanez's Emeritar ibanez Posted:
  83. - Fattening today's youth.

    ibanez's Emeritar ibanez Posted:
  84. HAHAHAHA I WISH I COULD HAVE THAT CAKE FOR MY BIRTHDAY I (maybe theres a bunch of strippers hiding in it) because thats the way emerica shoes roll YEA YEA YEA (it is also a statement of how emerica has sculpted skatedboarding for emericas youth) YEAH RIGHT! its just a gnarly skate cake!

    emericabakerskater123's Emeritar emericabakerskater123 Posted:
  85. Martha Stewart ain't got nothing on me...

    TylerDurden's Emeritar TylerDurden Posted:
  86. Mmmmmmm Emerica.......*drools*

    TheShizzle's Emeritar TheShizzle Posted:
  87. Craig McDermott: The only girls with good personalities who are smart or maybe funny or halfway intelligent or talented, though god knows what the fuck that means, are ugly chicks.
    David Van Patten: Absolutely.
    Craig McDermott: And this is because they have to make up for how fucking unnattractive they are.

    TylerDurden's Emeritar TylerDurden Posted:
  88. your mom digs me when i have those shoes on!!!

    macskate1's Emeritar macskate1 Posted:

    WOOGIES's Emeritar WOOGIES Posted:
  90. Emerica shoes inject love's tender touch back into the gangbang.

    dansotak's Emeritar dansotak Posted:
  91. Reminds me of my family at christmas

    Eix's Emeritar Eix Posted:
  92. trans-em are hansome

  93. Can i get one of those???

    KSL1RIDER's Emeritar KSL1RIDER Posted:
  94. Happy Birthday Ed!!!

    Minolta330's Emeritar Minolta330 Posted:
  95. ok i didnt understand the question before i just read write a caption and win so here it is now, the trans em the epitimy of the spark that drives the rebellion of skaterboarder kind through the treacheries of modern day life to conqour and rise above

    borninemerica's Emeritar borninemerica Posted:
  96. ooookkkk.....

    emerica--emerica's Emeritar emerica--emerica Posted:
  97. those shoes look bad ass if only they wer in emerica colors black & green

    emerica--emerica's Emeritar emerica--emerica Posted:
  98. it's 1986 im in the first grade im working really hard to get mario laid i gotta save the princess so he can get the pussy believe me mario will get that ass so fuck luigie mario really wants to get her in bed so bad that hes bustin up bricks with his head he just wants sex so forget the wedding bells jumpin on litte mushroom men and turtle shells jumpin threw green pipes and secret passage way makin his move to the final castle lays.... eat a magic mushroom grow a little higher eat a white flower and spit balls of fire all the creatures that attack wont cut mario slack.... oh shit hold on ill be right back...... im gonna beat the game if it takes me all summer its gotta be hard to get laid if your a plumber thats why im gonna work extra hard for my man and get him to the end so he can stop using his hand mario doesnt want to get hit hell shrink the princess wont fuck a little kid i think so get grown and attend to your own and eventually the princess will attend to your bone save the princess quick because she wants a dick and if you set her free you get the pussy

    emericabakerskater123's Emeritar emericabakerskater123 Posted:
  99. im not old enough for the contest... GOLDEN BIRTHDAY

    SoBe's Emeritar SoBe Posted:
  100. Man these shoes are so sweet they made my girlfriend orgasm, and my wife too!

    Sev7n's Emeritar Sev7n Posted:
  101. Not only do they make skateboards but goody bags too

    Etownerfolife's Emeritar Etownerfolife Posted:
  102. Watch your ass Martha Stewart

    Etownerfolife's Emeritar Etownerfolife Posted:
  103. you guys should sponsor that doug guy...

    yugs's Emeritar yugs Posted:
  104. It looks kinda like the accel but it's way better, TRUST me

    harshbarge26's Emeritar harshbarge26 Posted:
  105. I love this shoe its like eating ice cream in the winter but hotter! Yo hook me up. Hell Yes

    Hollabackson's Emeritar Hollabackson Posted:
  106. i'd love to have them bad apples

    emericaT-dogg's Emeritar emericaT-dogg Posted:

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