Annual Baker Skatelab Demo!

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All you San Fernando Valley, California kids better mosey on over to the annual Baker demo this coming Friday, July 21 at 3:00 p.m at Skatelab 4226 Valley Fair Street, Simi Valley, California. Call (805) 578-0040 for more info.

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(15) responses to: Annual Baker Skatelab Demo!

  1. cool!

    sydennek's Emeritar sydennek Posted:
  2. sweet-a-reeno

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  3. sweet

    emericakrew's Emeritar emericakrew Posted:
  4. awesome

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  5. rad

    EmericaSkate1213's Emeritar EmericaSkate1213 Posted:
  6. yes i live 20 min away from that place and im gonna go emerica demo at 29th

    iLuVEmerica's Emeritar iLuVEmerica Posted:
  7. yay yayayayay im going I live like 30 min away from skateaaaalbavbdds

    carmaWontHelp's Emeritar carmaWontHelp Posted:
  8. Damn that sucks I live in ATL

    futurebakerider13's Emeritar futurebakerider13 Posted:
  9. I wish i could go But i live in Chi- town

    KSL1RIDER's Emeritar KSL1RIDER Posted:
  10. me too dog

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  11. sweet

    bakerboy1889's Emeritar bakerboy1889 Posted:
  12. KOoooooooooooool

    Jermaine760's Emeritar Jermaine760 Posted:
  13. nice!i might be able to go but im not sure

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:
  14. dont feel bad i live on the other side of the country

    THEBOSS001's Emeritar THEBOSS001 Posted:
  15. sick

    skaterkid21's Emeritar skaterkid21 Posted:

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