Emerica KCDC Signing August 20!

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Attention all you Nor' Easter Emerifans! Emerica team riders Heath Kirchart, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Matt Allen, Brandon Westgate and Marquis Preston will be skating the mini-ramp and signing autographs this coming Sunday, August 20 at KCDC, 90 North 11th Street, Brooklyn, New York, phone (718) 387-9006. This is the day after Back to the Banks, so we better see you there!

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(21) responses to: Emerica KCDC Signing August 20!

  1. kool.

    stereotype's Emeritar stereotype Posted:
  2. hey stereotype, why dont u go an bragg about getting first like all the other people who have gotten first

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  3. like

    RVCA's Emeritar RVCA Posted:
  4. too bad im only 14, have no car, and live in philly. tough shit.

    EmericaSkate1213's Emeritar EmericaSkate1213 Posted:
  5. but anyway, the signing sounds rad.

    EmericaSkate1213's Emeritar EmericaSkate1213 Posted:
  6. cool sounds fun

    newsongskater12's Emeritar newsongskater12 Posted:
  7. awesome

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  8. spiff

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  9. sick i can actually go to this one!!!

    EmericaRulez912's Emeritar EmericaRulez912 Posted:
  10. what about cali.. man

    Goldmember's Emeritar Goldmember Posted:
  11. dude everythings in cali so shut up

    arbmsk8er's Emeritar arbmsk8er Posted:
  12. where is this ganna be at?

    kittyROMERO's Emeritar kittyROMERO Posted:
  13. kittyROMERO's Emeritar kittyROMERO Posted:
  14. where is this ganna be at?

    kittyROMERO's Emeritar kittyROMERO Posted:
  15. in newyorrkk!


    kittyROMERO's Emeritar kittyROMERO Posted:
  16. i would probably shit my pants if anything happened in utah! hahaha

    Scamper's Emeritar Scamper Posted:
  17. im just wonderin will a video of Herman, Leo and Reynolds from the x games be posted because i missed that on tv, thx

    emerican-brandon's Emeritar emerican-brandon Posted:
  18. dude will you guys ever come through oklahoma ???????

    bryarrrrrrrrrr's Emeritar bryarrrrrrrrrr Posted:
  19. i was at kcdc last week and i herman and braydon were there and i got to talk to herman and shit.

    Television's Emeritar Television Posted:
  20. too bad i live in cali

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  21. damn i wish i couldve gone!i went to kcdc for the DVS demo but i missed this damn!

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:

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