The Heated Wheel

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Neil Blender is one of the most original and creative skateboarders and artists ever to sprout up from planet Earth. He started skating in the late '70s skatepark scene and was a top pro throughout the '80s, when he innovated many rad and humorous tricks (and trick names) on vert and street, and became the first pro to draw his own board graphics. His rough, scribbly and surreal style of art became highly influential throughout skateboarding.

He has a Web site called The Heated Wheel, where you can buy artwork from him, as well as browse a photo section called Cats, a Peter Hewitt interview, Moon Park (also known as a legendary skate spot called Sadlands), Photo Gallery (mostly vintage skating shots from the '70s and '80s), Shoes (featuring his new Vox pro model) and Skatetoons. You can also buy limited-edition items in the Skateboards and T-Shirts sections.

Take a little break and chill at The Heated Wheel.

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  9. ehwatsthis"?

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  10. where has he gone ?

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