Team Report 09-19-06

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Andrew Reynolds has been shredding around Los Angeles lately. He will be flying out to New York later this week for an Altamont Apparel product launch party.

Heath Kirchart is roaming around the East Coast in a van with some of the Alien Workshop team. They are in search of epic skate spots to film for their upcoming video.


Ed Templeton and Austin Stephens are getting in their last licks for the upcoming Toy Machine Suffer The Joy video, which is due out sometime before the holidays. The filming deadline is looming, so you can bet that some carnage is going to find its way into the vid.


Kevin “Spanky” Long and Leo Romero are on their way to Italy this week on a RVCA tour. They will start in Milan and travel down to Rome. Leo just moved out of the Emerica Mansion II and has relocated to Costa Mesa into a pad of his own. Happy magazine just ran a big 10-page article in their September 2006 issue featuring a bunch of portrait photography Leo shot. First Ed and now Leo…jeez, Emerica sure does love to nurture the art fags. As for Spanky, he just returned home from a family trip to Alaska, where they were hangin’ out with some wildlife ’n’ shit.


Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski are flying out to Utrecht, Holland to attend a Wild in The Streets event at 12:00 noon this coming Sunday, September 24, 2006 at Griftpark Utrecht. Our European office is putting on the event to try to save a spot called The Yard, which has been a big part of the skate scene in Utrecht. Braydon was recently spotted at the ASR trade show hanging out with Sun Ra (see photo above). Just kidding, that's the Bishop.


Aaron Suski is chilling at home in Tucson, Arizona before heading out to New York to hook up with Brandon Westgate and the Zoo York crew. They will be going to Canada for the Am Getting Paid contest in Montreal. Zoo York released a promo DVD at the ASR trade show last week with some insane Suski and Westgate footage. If you get a chance, check it out.


As we reported last week, Chris Senn is on the cover of this month’s TransWorld Skateboarding, getting gnarly, as usual, by grinding over the top of a full pipe in China. He is in SoCal right now, finishing up filming for the Oakley Our Life video. Somehow, we managed to snap a photo of the elusive Senn-Dog recently. It's probably the first new photo of him to be posted here on the site in a good two or three years, so you better enjoy it.

Matt Allen just finished up shooting a “Heads” for Thrasher that should be out fairly soon. He has also been stacking up footage for the upcoming Foundation Cataclysmic Abyss video.

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  1. sick shit

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  2. cool cool

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  3. that's pretty gnarly charlie.

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  5. who the fuck is markus hunt? whered u hear that he got added to the team?

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  6. spanky is sweet gonna get the toy machine vid too cuz i like billy marks and josh harmony.

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  7. Spanky was in Alaska... I was born in alaska.You could probably notice, because my name is "AKsk8er".

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  8. koll

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  9. whats up with the cats in the background

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