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Austin Blab

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spooky austin

TheDoors: Name one trick you aren’t able to do.

RasaLibre4Life: What do you look for in a shoe? Which Emerica shoe is your favorite at the moment?
I like a good, thin shoe with a vulcanized outsole. Right now, I ride the Reynolds 3.

This Is Emerica: What injury did you get during the filming of Good & Evil? How did it happen?
I got three different injuries. I broke three bones in the arch of my right foot, I got my appendix taken out, and I sprained and tore ligaments in my left ankle—all within one year.

abec-1: Do you like to eat?
(Laughs) Yeah, I like to eat Thai, Indian and Mediterranean food—all vegetarian.

abec-1: Do you ever like to fall on soft surfaces on purpose?
(Laughs) Yeah, I do. It’s always fun to fall around on stuff like sand and grass.

abec-1: What’s your favorite part about demos and signings?
I like meeting all the kids at demos and autograph signings. That’s what it’s all about, just spreading the word of skateboarding.

CrackKilledMyGoat: When are you gonna settle down and start a family?
When I meet the right girl.

CrackKilledMyGoat: Did you ever have to work at a fast food place or something to keep your skate dream alive?
Yeah I worked several jobs. I bought my first skateboard with money I saved from working in a cornfield, then I worked in a warehouse shipping used medical equipment and computers to third world countries, then I worked in a movie theater, then at Active Ride Shop in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

zapEmerican: Who would win in a fight, a hippo or a shark?
(Laughs) I d say a shark, because they’re faster.

Chomponthis: I know you like Jack Kerouac and JD Salinger. What other authors or books do you like?
Walt Whitman, William Blake, Henry Miller and Mark Twain. I like this book called the Tao Te Ching. It means a lot to me, I read it ever day. I also read the Bible and the Dhammapada.

Bakerrr6856: What is the hardest trick for you?
I don’t know, they’re all hard.

Crazaalex: What do you look for in a girl? Are you currently dating?
I’m not currently dating, but I do have a girl interest at the moment. I look for someone who isn’t afraid to be individual and unique, someone who enjoys reading, watching movies and shares similar interests in music and art.

Spanky_Tom: What do you think of Leo Romero? Do you like to skate with him?
Yeah, I like to skate wirth him a lot. Leo’s a funny kid, and he’s really good and motivating to skate with.

all emerican: Do you have a MySpace page?

KOP: How long after surgery did it take you to get "back into your groove?" It seems you never left, cuz you still threw down a solid part for Toy Machine’s Good & Evil.

I went immediately from surgery onto the Good & Evil Summer tour, literally straight from the hospital to the airport. Two weeks into the tour, I sprained my ankle, which took me out for a while. I was out for a couple of months total.

Foundationskater: Hey, did you ever have one of those lil’ skate crews? If so, what was the name of it?
We had a group of friends who skated together. It never really had a name, but one of the older guys from town had a crew called the Disposable Heroes, and he kind of considered us part of that.

BoardBreaker: Do you find some of Ed’s photos disturbing?
(Laughs) No, not so much disturbing as intersesting.

s i x thunders: What’s your ethnicity?
Dutch, English and Native American Indian.

ThemightyF: Who is your favorite am that’s comin’ up?
Matt Bennett, Dylan Reider.

ThemightyF: What have you done down El Toro?

Sloppy Joe: Do you like sloppy joes?

emerican retard: Where do you get your sweet hats?
I buy them all over the place when I’m traveling. When I come across one I like, I buy it. There’s also a local hat shop in Long Beach called the Village Hat Shop where I buy hats sometimes.

HermanFan3: In the Good & Evil bonus features, who’s that guy that broke his ankle in your sponsor me tape? Does he still skate?
That’s my friend Ryan Smith (not the one who rides for Mystery). Yes, he still skates.

ThemightyF: How many umbrellas do you own?
(Laughs) I don’t have any at the moment.

SkateKreme: What’s your favorite way to break your board when you get mad?
I’ve never broken one out of anger,.

bryan_herman_kicks_ass: What’s the biggest plus about being on the Emerica team? Do you enjoy meeting us "Emerica Kids?"
Yeah, I love getting to travel with the whole Emerica team, cuz they’re the guys that I grew up looking up to. I really like all the Emerica Kids, how there’s sort of a cult following. I feel like I relate to those kids, because I was one growing up.

stereosound: Austin, I got to meet you yesterday, October 23, at NJ Skateshop, but I was a little star struck with you and the whole Toy Machine team being there. What I want to know is, how did you do in school? Did you like it? Did you go to college? If so, where? Personally, it’s really hard on me—especially because I’m forced to do my best.
I finished high school with passing (but not excellent) grades. Then I went to one year of community college. I was planning on getting into photojournalism, but I started traveling so much for skateboarding that I couldn’t keep up, so I never went back. But, I probably will, eventually.

Braydon Blab

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run braydon run

flip_92: When will I see a Braydon Baker board?
I have no clue. It’s all up to Andrew, Erik and all my bosses at Baker. They like to surprise the rider. They don’t say anything, then one day you’ll show up and they’ll give you a pro board.

ToshPunkSk8r: How long until you go pro?
Once again, I have no clue. It’s all up to the Boss.

camden_emerica99: What’s your favorite sandwich?
Damn, I got a lot! I love sandwiches. My favorite would be turkey and roast beef mixed together.

emericaaaa55: Pop Tarts or cereal?
Cereal, all the way. Fruity Pebbles, dude, or Count Chocula.

hassle posse: What’s your favorite movie?
This moment, probably Team America and the Doors.

lahcimm_oj: Are you gonna turn you hair into dreads so you look like Tosh?
Never in my life. I don’t like white dudes with dreads too much. It looks weird.

twig: Describe what you think about cops in three words.
Is shitbag one word? And dicks. Those dudes are not cool.

b&eskater7: What’s your favorite Emerica shoe?
Right now, I’d have to go with the Ellington.

twig: Who is a hottie? (Actress, singer, etc.)
Misha Barton from The OC. She is so fine.

b&eskater7: Are you vegan?
Fuck, no! I’m obsessed with meat! I’ll eat as much of it as I can. Duck is weird, though.

abec-1: Have you ever choked on jello, water or air?
Wow, that’s a weird question. I’ve probably choked on all three at some point in my life, but I don’t remember jello.

abec-1: Do you like your chicken crunchy or original recipe?
Whoever asked this, that’s a good question. I really don’t know. I eat chicken at least once a day. I love both, but I probably like original a little more.

abec-1: You always have a smile on. Is that the real you, or do you have a dark side?
I don’t know. I’m definitely a really happy person, but people say I talk too much. I spit out random stuff that pisses people off. But, I just try to live my life and have a good time, carefree.

abec-1: How many iPods have you gone through?
I’m on my sixth one. Something weird always happens, like, they break or they always come out with new, killer ones, so I’m like, "I better try out that one!"

BakerSkater5697: Have you ever nutted so hard you thought about quitting?
No. Honestly, I’ve never sacked a rail. One time, I landed on a rail on my ass and caught my tailbone, but I’ve never hit my nuts on a rail yet. Nothing in the world could make me want to quit skating. If my leg got chopped off, I’d get a fake one and keep skating.

TheDoors: Ever since that horrid slam down the Hollywood 12 (the kickflip front board attempt), have you ever went back and tried it again?

Hell, no! I’ve only hit my head twice in my whole life, at the Hollywood 16 and the Hollywood 12. I don’t fuck with those sets anymore. I’m over both of ’em.

Sven: Is Leo Romero on Baker? Why does he have two black eyes now?
Leo is on Baker, and he has two black eyes because one night he decided that wine was the coolest thing he’s ever experienced, and also that pounding his fist into his own face was another cool thing to experience. Basically, he beat himself up.

Sven: Is your last name Polish?
Yes, it is.

Sven: Do you have a Harley like Heath and the others?
No. I ain’t that rich.

Sven: Do you have any special techniques when setting up a new board?
I’m honestly the most carefree person when it comes to setting up a board. I don’t really pay attention to which side of the board is the front or the back, or which bolt goes where. I can break one in two minutes anyway and not even care.

Sven: If you’re about to film a difficult trick and someone jacks your board, can you just pick up a friend’s board and skate it?
It all depends. If I’m already in the mode and I’m getting close and everything works out, yes. If not, no.

SkateNDestroy: If you were a pirate, would you have yellow or black teeth?
Black always, of course. Actually, I’d have all black teeth and one gold tooth in front.

Neubauer: Are you a good speller?
Hell, no! As soon as I try to spell anything, the dyslexia kicks in and I don’t know what I’m spelling anymore.

Pig Pen: Are there any extra body parts you wish you had?
It would be cool to have little devil horns on your head under your hair. No one would know they were there. Also, I wish I had two tongues so I could lick women twice as fast.

KOP: Does your mom ever tell you to cut your hair?
No, she thinks I look better with long hair rather than short.

Kites&Keys: Are you a Viking, or Viking-related in any way?
I have no clue. They were beasts, though. They went around and did some pretty pirate-y shit. They were, like, 12 feet tall and carried swords, and I’m just a regular kid carrying a skateboard.

abec-1: At this Baker demo and signing, you were probably the nicest and happiest guy there. What makes the demos and signing all worthwhile for you?
Uh, I’m just happy all the time. It just feels rad when kids know who you are. It makes your self-esteem go up. It feels good to show kids how much fun skateboarding is. That’s awesome.

Hammer Time: People are saying that you Baker team riders get special boards, and us consumers get ones that are lower quality. Is this true?
Hell, no! Fuck, no. If anything, Baker gives team riders the boards that are warped, cuz they know we’ll skate the shit out of ’em anyway. We don’t sell kids anything that’s bad. The only difference is we team riders have our own special sizes that we don’t sell to kids. Most kids wouldn’t ride a big 8.25" deck anyway. If you don’t wear a size 10 shoe or bigger, you don’t need it.

SkateKreme: How the hell do you pronounce your last name?
Sa-fran-ski. The z is silent.

Senn Blab

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abec-1: What’s it like skating with Aaron Suski?
Suski is one of my favorites. He skates everything and always seems to enjoy it.

abec-1: You seem like a relaxed guy. Are you like that most of the time?
Not all the time, but I try as hard as I can.

abec-1: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done with a skateboard?
I think it would have to be breaking it. Focusing your board is so dumb.

AlienWorkshop77: What is it about the whole bowl / pool skating scene that separates those types of skaters from the rest?
We actually know how to skate.

CrackKilledMyGoat: Do you skate with the rest of the Emerica team often?
Yes I do, mostly Aaron and Tosh.

emerica: Name some tricks that you have never been able to do.
The 900, eggplants, backside fastplants and frontside crooks.

Imtheemericanidol: Is it cool to skate with a helmet?
On vert, I would recommend it.

Sven: Why did you leave Adrenaline? Are you still friends with Greg Chapman?
Adrenalin was not working, money-wise, and yes, I’m still friends with Greg.

distorted3191: How was the Dew Action Sports Tour?
That was the worst contest I’ve ever been a part of.

smskater805: What size deck do you ride? Do you like loose or tight trucks?
I ride an eight-inch deck. My trucks change with the terrain I’m riding.

SKATEtheRoZes 4D: Would you ever consider doing an art show with Ed Templeton?
Hell, yeah! If I could get off my lazy ass and do some good paintings.

esxelo: Have you ever just got brand new kicks and stepped into dog shit but didn’t realize it, then skated and finally noticed it on your board?

TigerArmy13: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever got from skating?
The worst injury would have to be a broken shoulder from the air loop I did in Germany. My bones crunched.

i_love_to_skate: What was your worst slam ever?
The Germany loop.

marcusn56: I seriously admire your attitude toward skateboarding much more than any other pro, past or present. Do you ever feel the pressure of having to pull the biggest and best tricks in competition, when instead you just want to cruise around and enjoy yourself without killing yourself?
I love to skate no matter what, and I love to kill myself. It’s never for anyone but myself.

CrackKilledMyGoat: What music gets you pumped?
Rasta music, jazz, old punk rock. Everything, I think.

CrackKilledMyGoat: Got any mentors or heroes?
The Gonz, Van Gogh, John Cardiel, Toad.

CrackKilledMyGoat: Are you happy with the way skateboarding, in general, is going?
Skating is about you, your friends and fun. So, I’ll always be happy with it, until I can’t do it. Then I’ll hate it.

CrackKilledMyGoat: How much do you enjoy keg parties?
Way tooooooooooo much.

harry: Why don’t you wear any flair?
Function before fashion.

EnjoiSk8er287: Man, it must be awesome to live at your house in Hawaii! How is the skate scene there?
Good scene, a lot of good surf, some cool parks and a lot of street spots that no one knows about. Aloha! Stay off my waves, brah!

emericaaaa55: You’ve got great style, so in your opinion, which trick is the most stylish?
Crail slides, Smith grinds, big airs, nose wheelies, Boneless Ones. Everything is good.

emericatillidie: Do you feel pressured to step it up when you are around the young crowd, like Spanky, Leo and Herman?
Not at all. I just skate how I feel like skating.

Rottenrose: Why did you leave Toy Machine? Were you and Ed Templeton homies?
Ed kicked me off. Jerk. Yeah, we’re still bros forever.

Mineral Ice: What is the techest flatground trick you can do?
I did it all before you had a skateboard.

emerican123: How many mag front covers have you had?
Three: One Slap and two Hecklers.

abec-1: Do you read a lot?
Yes, I do, but not enough—mostly when I’m flying.

SkateKreme: Which Emerica shoes do you wear the most?
I like the Reynolds 3 and the Ridgemont.

gunther_: What triggered you to want to skateboard? Was it the OBS (Older Brother Syndrome)? Ha-ha.
I’ve always had a skateboard ever since I can remember. My uncle skated, and in sixth grade, we saw the Bones Brigade Video Show. Steve Steadham boardslid around the whole Del Mar keyhole, and that was that. I was hooked. Thank you, Steve.

Spanky Blab

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Spanky loves Emerica

TheDoors: What’s it like having your own shoe?
It’s totally tubular. It’s a dream come true, a goal that I always wanted to reach, and I did it. Getting a pro shoe is one of the most exciting things in skating.

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: What made you come up with the design of your KSL 1 shoe?
I was inspired by a retro, old school basketball shoe, but I also wanted it to be very skate-oriented. I added stripes, too, because I like how the color pops on stripes.

TheDoors: What’s the worst slam you’ve ever taken?
When I was a little kid, I sacked a kinked rail, and sacking rails is a scary feeling. I put it in my first sponsor me video in slow motion.

TheDoors: In your opinion, who has the best style?
That’s easy. I like watching Mark Gonzales skate more than anyone, cuz everything he does looks cool.

CRAIG: What are some bands that you have been liking a lot lately?
Lately, Morrrisey and the Smiths, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, a lot of Can. I saw the Residents in Australia. It was awesome,

i love bryan herman: What the hell were you thinking when you grew that ’stache?
I was thinking that people getting offend by facial hair is an awesome thing. I like mustaches just cuz they’re tweaked and people are bothered by them. I think I’m going to grow another one just because of that question.

i love bryan herman: When and how did you get the nickname "Spanky"? I’ve always wondered that.
My older brother’s friends started calling me that when I was a little kid, just to give me a nickname. It’s from the Little Rascals.

Emerican664: How was life on Heath’s Harley Tour? What kind of Harley were you riding?
It was amazing, the best tour I can remember. It was rad riding motorcycles and skating and camping. I want to do it more often. It’s a whole other lifestyle that I’m glad I got turned onto. I rode a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom. It’s a smaller one, but it’s fast, light and powerful.

Emerican664: What is the weirdest thing you have seen or done on tour?
Most recently, sharing a room with Leo Romero, because he’s such a creep in an awesome way. He loves getting into sketchy situations and taking photos of it. He encourages any sort of debauchery that might make a good photo. I won’t go into detail, because it’s completely not rated PG.

ilovespanky: Do you ever receive gifts from fans? If yes, which one was the coolest?
Yeah, I’ve got flowers and stuff. At the last demo, a girl gave me an Aqua Teen Hunger Force toy and a patch.

ilovespanky: Do the obsessed girls at demos annoy you?
No, not really. A fan is a fan, and that’s always good. It’s better than people hating you.

ilovespanky: What was the most exciting thing that happened on Heath’s Harley Tour?
Probably finding camping spots. We camped in the grass at a veterinarian, renegade-style. An alarm went off and the cops came, but they were cool and let us stay. They liked the big American flag on the back of Heath’s bike.

emerica_machine: What’s your favorite colorway of your KSL 1 shoe?
Black / Green.

-(emerica)-: Have you ever chewed gum to the point where it loses its structure and breaks down into a nasty liquid?
That’s a cool question. No, but I do enjoy chewing it with ice cold water so it gets all hard and hurts your jaw. Each bite is cool and refreshing, but painful.

FAT EMERICAN: What’s your favorite episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and who is your favorite character?
Master Shake, hands down. My favorite episode is Revenge of the Mooninites, because Ignignokt and Err are awesome and completely torturous.

frotastic717: Do you have a page on MySpace?
No. At almost every demo I go to, a lot of kids say that they talked to me online last night and that I yelled at them. It’s not me, ever. I don’t Blab on the Emerica site, either.

Edashcash: Do you still couch surf?
No. Well, maybe technically. I’m staying at Justin Regan’s, but not on a couch. I have a room.

iskateemerica: Say you’re at a friend’s place really early in the morning and everybody’s passed out and you have to shit. Is it better to flush and wake everyone up, or just leave it fuming?
Just leave it fuming.

chomponthis: I notice you have a tendency to wear your hats crooked. Do you have a third eye on the side of your face that you need to keep the sun off of?
(Laughs) No. It’s mostly because I hate my left eye and I don’t want it to have shade, so the sun’s rays can ruin it as soon as possible. Left eye damage is key.

SKATEtheRoZes 4D: Spanky, what does it take to be a situationeer like you?
I’m not sure I understand that question. A lack of sleep and an unclear mind?

ilovespanky: On tour, who annoys you to the point that you are ready to beat the shit out of them?
Usually, myself.

konfuzionisbad: Do you have a girlfriend, or do you have ho’s in different area codes?
Laughs, No I don’t have a girlfriend. But ho-wise, I like to stick to a certain few area codes.

Mineral Ice: Which spots are you sick of seeing in skate videos?
I like ’em all. I’m sick of ’em all. I don’t know what I’m sick of.

ilovespanky: What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?
That is a deep question. I can’t think of an answer right now.

BowiecommaDavid: Why were you modeling in Elle Girl?
I got swayed into that because Alex Parker really needed the money, and I didn’t care because I didn’t think anyone would see it.

RVCA: Do you like to be called Spanky or Kevin?
I don’t care, ever. I never realize which name people are calling me, except for my parents or a girlfriend. I like my parents or a girlfriend to call me Kevin. It’s weird if they call me Spanky.

ilovespanky: Growing up, what was the hardest part about life?
I was a pretty carefree child. I had a good childhood.

Bryan Blab

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scary dude

tumyetoskater: Who are your favorite bands?
My favorite upcoming band is Craze, my favorite of all time is Led Zeppelin.

Mineral Ice: Which trick can you never do, no matter how hard you try?
The 900. That’s the one I always have trouble with.

emericahatteam: When is your Emerica pro model shoe coming out?
Sometime in the middle of 2006, possibly. It’s gonna be really sick and good to skate in.

Perry: What is your favorite Emerica shoe? And don’t give me the "They’re all good in their own way," thing. One has to be your favorite.
The Reynolds 3.

Mineral Ice: Your style is amazing, Bryan. You have the best tré flips and hardflips. Anyway, my question is how long do you normally skate on a daily basis?
It ranges from an hour to all day long. Sometimes, I won’t skate at all, and other times I’ll skate all day and night.

RoozKevinToshEmerica: Soda or water?

Reynolds12: How did you feel when you first saw your Baker board?
I was shocked and stoked at the same time. It was so unexpected.

lil Reynolds: What’s the scariest trick you have ever done?
I usually try not to scare myself. If I’m scared, I won’t skate.

frotastic717: Do you have a MySpace page?

Pig Pen: Who’s your favorite actor?
I try not to have favorites.

t hamilton townend: Hey Bryan, have you ever skated with Mark Appleyard? If so, what are your feelings toward him?
Yes, I have skated with him, and it’s pretty fun, cuz he hypes up the spot with his killer skating.

acdc rocks: Wide board or skinny board, loose trucks or tight trucks?
Eight-inch, loose.

Bakerrr6856: Do you ever go through those times when you completely lost a trick and it just makes you so mad you wanna throw everything and break your board? If so, how do you handle it?
I stop skating and have a smoke. I used to get mad, freak out and break my board, but I haven’t done that lately. I just laugh at myself.

kidziniowacanskatetoo!: Do your parents support you as a professional skateboarder? My parents don’t like skating at all, and they make me buy all my own shit. Did they support you when you were up and coming?
Yeah, for sure. They backed me up and let me skate whenever I wanted. They let me out of school and drove me to contests.

BoardBreaker: Where will Bryan Herman be in 40 years?
I’ll own a house with 10 acres in East Palmdale.

Mineral Ice: Would you ever try tré flipping El Toro?
(Laughs) No, that’s too high for my legs. I’d crack ’em in half.

Mineral Ice: Do you do any rituals before you skate, like stretching?
No. I just kind of get out there, look at everything and roll around to warm-up. I’m not like Leo, who just starts doing gnarly tricks right away.

Bakerrr: Why did you shave your eyebrows?
It was spur of the moment. Andrew was wondering how would it look.

i love bryan herman: Do you ever read the stuff about you written in the Team section of the Blabs?
I can’t say I have.

Emericacutie04: Is there anything that you hate about being a pro skater?
The fact that I can’t be pro for the rest of my life. I wish I could, cuz it’s awesome.

acdc rocks: There was a Baker ad that showed you turning pro, and everyone on the Baker team had those tight Hermanator boards. Is that when you found out you were turning pro, or was that made up? A friend and I have been fighting about this for a while.
Yeah, I found out right then. I had no idea at all.

Sparky: What do you think of prostitutes?
Rock on and get your pay on.

RoozKevinToshEmerica: What’s your favorite food?
At the moment, I’d like some nice Chinese chicken teriaki.

BoardBreaker: What’s a thing you really, really, really dislike?
When you pour a bowl of cereal and there’s not enough milk.

Mineral Ice: If you could have any sponsor other than a skate-related company, who would it be?
Suzuki motorcycles.

Xrevenant: What has been the weirdest thing you’ve experienced while in other countries?
That’s been pretty normal. It’s weird when you get back home.

Quaroon: You shared a video part with Joey Poirez. Who is this guy, and why isn’t he sponsored? Or is he a flow rider?

He’s my buddy that I just hang out with all the time. I have no idea why he’s not sponsored. He should be.

Dokken: Yo, daw. What’s your middle name?

i love bryan herman: Round rails or square? Or does it depend on the trick?
I like both kinds. It doesn’t matter which trick.

J3553: Have you ever stuck your head inside a plastic bag to see if you would choke?
No, I haven’t.

Emericatillidie: You seem to go along with the rail dogs and hammer throwers. Do you really like skating that stuff, or do you just do it to satisfy your fans and sponsors?
Yeah, I just do it to satisfy my fans and sponsors. I’d really just like to skate mini-ramps. No, I’m just kidding. I enjoy all kinds of skating

Garymcinchak: Do you ever miss the Emerica mansion?
Yeah, it was fun. We paid our dues in there. Now it’s just gone.

i have emericas: What’s the craziest thing a kid has done to get your board or shoes at a demo?
Usually, they just ask me and I give it to them. I don’t make people do crazy things for free equipment.

all Emerican girl: Do you have a girlfriend?

Iskateseattle: Off the top of your head, how many times have you hit your head? Were any of them really serious?
Once too many. Ten too many. No, they weren’t too serious. I usually just walk it off.

jah bless: What is the greatest feeling you’ve ever experienced while skating?
Every single bit of it.

TheDoors: What was your favorite school subject?
Auto Body.

sk8boardr50: How do you get around?
Pharmacy bought me a 2001 Toyota Corolla.

sk8boardr50: What do you think of the Kids in Emerica? Do they ever piss you off at demos?
No, not really. They’re always pretty cool. I like hanging out with kids at demos.

Spanky37: What do you think about Spanky’s mustache?
(Laughs) It’s pretty cool. It’s the best scumstache around.

Leo Blab

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leo tiger

Garymcinchak: What is your favorite Emerica shoe?
They’re all good in their own way.

i love bryan herman: What is your favorite drink?
Bottled water. It just goes down nice and smooth.

Ziggack: How did you get your name on a candy bar? Where can I order one?
There’s a candy bar in Germany called the Leo. I have no idea where you can get it.

garymcinchak: Who’s been really killing it lately?
Brandon Westgate.

garymcinchak: What was your worst fall ever in skateboarding?
Recently, I got my leg caught up in a rail and it tripped me. I went straight to my ribs and got the wind knocked out of me. My shins were also swollen. I didn’t skate for a week.

Emerica24: When is your pro model shoe coming out?
I have no idea. Two years?

TheDoors: You are definitely one of my favorite skaters, and I’ve seen the way you skate rails. Would you ever try anything down the infamous El Toro 20 rail?
I don’t know, maybe. I went there one day to try to nose grind it. But, my feet were fucked, so I was over it.

TheDoors: Which tricks were you never able to do?
360 flips and inward heel flips.

TheDoors: Do you have an account registered on the Blabs named LeoRomero, or is it an imposter?
No, I don’t.

TheDoors: Which are some of your favorite bands of all time?
T-Rex, Velvet Underground, Neil Diamond, Can, Bowie.

the man who sold the world: Leo, what’s it like having bitches and hos all up on your dick?
It’s great, as long as you have a camera around.

emerican alien: Favorite video part of all time?
Heath Kirchart, Sight Unseen.

TheDoors: Do you enjoy skating demos?
It’s not that bad, not as bad as it seems.

TheDoors: Who has the best style?
Heath Kirchart.

xSkateEmerica89x: Are you currently designing a shoe?
Somewhat. I just gave ’em some ideas, but I haven’t seen any samples yet.

ReynoldsTwo: Do your remember Little Alex from Wild in the Streets in NYC? He was the one you gave those extreme hi-fives to.
I think so. I think I played him a Game of SKATE and he beat me. Extreme high-fives started when Ed Templeton, Jon Miner, Jimmy Arrighi and I started giving them to each other in France on an Emerica tour. We went out one night and got drunk, and didn’t feel how bad it hurt until the next day, when our hands were swollen.

ilovespanky: If you had to turn gay for anyone on the Emerica team, would it be for Spanky, Herman or Tosh?
There’s already some suspect photos of me and Spanky, but we were just kidding around.

ilovespanky: What do kids at demos do that annoys you the most?
When they constantly ask you for free product or your board.

ilovespanky: If you could have sex with any singer or actress, who would it be?
Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy.

ilovespanky: If you weren’t skating, what would you be doing in life?
I have no idea. I’d be wasting it.

emerica_machine: Do you like table tennis?
I’m not very good at it. I like air hockey better, cuz it’s easier.

dazzle: Is it true you started crying once because you couldn’t backside Smith a rail in front of Reynolds?
No. Whoever said that is a liar.

reynoldsrider1: Have you ever been arrested for skating?
No, but I can’t wait.

Tightpants: How do you so consistently and effortlessly grind down those thin-ass round rails, despite the difficulty involved? How come you barely ever mess up when skating rails?

I don’t really think about it that much. I just go blank. Sometimes, random stuff pops into my head.

RoozKevinToshEmerica: Do you like to draw?
It’s pretty fun. I just draw random stuff.

Ziggack: I hear that you do not do drugs or drink, is that true?

Carl_X: If you were trapped inside Home Depot with a Velociraptor chasing after you, and you only had time to pick one item in the store to fight it, what would you choose and why?
A "How to Build a Porch" manual. I’d roll it up and hit the Velociraptor.

guille: In the Kids in Emerica video, you said you hoped you’d get laid before the tour was over. So, did you?
Yes, various times.

hassle posse: I noticed you have done a couple of backside nose blunts on rails. When you first learned them, were you like, "Whatever. I’ll just do it down this 10." Or do you warm up with a back over-crooks then the backside nose blunt?
I usually warm up for that trick with a back lip.

yfguitarist: Describe the perfect date.
A whole lot of eatin’ food.

Meaton: As seen in the Foundation video, you can take a hit to the nuts and tough it out. What I am interested in is how easily you forget about it and go back to the rail with confidence. What do you do to get your head back in the game and skate the rail again?

I was pretty much really pissed and I didn’t care what happened to me.

TheDoors: Who’s your favorite comedian?
Right now, George Lopez.

moohaumed: Do you play any instruments at all, besides the cowbell?

Pig Pen: Who’s your favorite artist?
I don’t have one, really. I just like art.

LAMF7: You always look very relaxed when flying down huge handrails. Do you really feel that calm when nose-grinding some gnarly rail, or are you scared shitless?
Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes I’m scared.

Ziggack: I’ve always been baffled, which race are you? I will feel a lot better after knowing.

ghost deini: I don’t have morals. Do you?
No, I don’t. I try not to.

rye: What do you think of modular skateparks, and why?
I think they’re awesome. No, I hate those parks.

Analog911: Who would win in a fight? Winnie the Pooh or the Michelin Man?
Neither, cuz Spanky would jump in and win.

reject_yc: What’s up with all these fake Leo Romeros on MySpace? There are a million of them.
I don’t have a MySpace page. I fuckin’ hate that site.

rye: Do you stretch before you skate? Are there any routine procedures you do a lot for skating?
No, not really.

Matt Blab

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Now’s the time for number six in our ongoing series of Emerica Blab interviews in which you, the ever-loyal Kids in Emerica, got to ask your favorite Emerica team rider those burning questions you’ve always wanted to know.

This month’s subject is Emerica am Matt Allen—rail banger and mini-ramp fan extraordinaire. Without further ado, here are Matt’s answers to some of your questions.

matt dude

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: What’s your favorite thing to skate?
Mini-ramps. I started riding them after I got sponsored two years ago. They’re so fun! Mini-ramps are the best thing ever. I wish I would have known about ’em when I first started skating. I also like riding flatground.

EmericanKid200: Which is your favorite trick?
Backside tail slides and 360 flips.

ReynoldsTwo: Which is your favorite shoe?
Emerica Marc Johnson 1.

mmm babies: Worst slam ever?
Definitely the one in Canada when I tried to Smith grind a rail. I scorpioned and somehow also cut up my face and ended up messing up my back. I couldn’t skate for a week.

t hamilton townend: Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
Australia is the funnest place I’ve ever been. There is all kinds of stuff to skate—a lot of skateparks. Plus, everyone’s really nice. It’s a mellow country.

diego menendez: Who has the worst tour farts? Because, for some reason, farts just fuckin’ come out on tour.
It doesn’t matter if it’s at home or on tour, Bryan Herman has the worst farts ever.

ReynoldsRocks77: Do you plan to go pro soon? Or are you still havin’ fun being am?
Yeah, I plan on going pro sometime, but not until I’m ready.

Emerican664: Who, in your opinion, has the sickest style?
Right now, Van Wastell.

Reel Big Fish: Which kind of tricks give you trouble?
Nollie to handrails. Flip tricks aren’t that hard, but nollies are hard for me.

nydkid: What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen on tour?
For 20 bucks, Flash stepped on Mike Ruszyk’s bunion (on his toe) for one minute.

huggo06: If you could meet anybody in the world, who would it be?
Jack Black, cuz he’s hilarious. He’d be funny to talk to. I like his voice—the way he says stuff is great

R\/C/\: I used to love filming, because I never thought it meant anything. It just seemed like I was out messing around while everyone else got footy for their sponsors. But now that I just got hooked up by a deck company, I feel like I have to step it up. Do you ever feel really stressed to get some footy? If so, how do you just get past the stress and get the tricks and footy you want?
I hardly ever get stressed. I just try to stay calm and skate how I did when I first started skating.

hassle posse: Where’s your favorite place to hang out when you’re not skating?
The Long Beach house, where Dave Hoang, Tony Silva, Raymond Molinar and Tuan Nguyen live.

barenstank: Which tricks have you never been able to do?
Varial flips and hurricanes.

dazzle: Does skateboarding look hopeful as a career? If not, what would be your second best profession?
Yes, it does look good as a career. If I couldn’t skate professionally, I’d want to do something where I get paid a lot. No, I’d probably just be a bum.

harry: After all the stair and rail coverage you’ve had, do you feel that you’ve boxed yourself into a corner?
Not really, because I have a lot of time to come out with different stuff.

TheDoors: You seem to be a gnarly rail dog. Do you ever skate tranny?
Every day I go skate a park, there’s tranny, so at least five times a week.

TheDoors: I know you’re a Doors fan like myself. What is your favorite song by them, and your favorite album?
"My Eyes Have Seen You" on Strange Days.

RBFemericaskaskater: Have you seen Video Days? What do you think of Jason Lee?
Absolutely. I think he’s a natural. He’s fun to watch on a skateboard, and on a movie screen.

CuriousGeorge: Do you enjoy interviews?
Not especially, but I have no problem with them.

Ramerica: I’m sixteen, not too far off from you. My question is, what goes through your mind when you roll up to a handrail? How do you process it in your head to commit?
I just think about how I would do it on any object. I don’t think about how big the rail is.

Pig Pen: I’ve always wondered if Emerica team riders fight. Is there anyone on the team you don’t like and have fought with? Who do you like the most on the team?
No, I’m friends with everyone on the team. I like hanging out with Tosh Townend, Bryan Herman and Leo Romero a lot.

alexfrigginhoward: What was the reason behind having the Mamas and the Papas song on your Chily part? Classic tune!
I just always wanted to use that song, especially since I’ve never heard it in a skate video before. I just like it.

iskatehandrails: Which is better, a big bag of tricks or an amazing style?
Id’ definitely rather have an amazing style. Anyone can do something crazy, but I think it matters more what you look like when you’re doing it.

Carl_X: If you were surrounded by ninjas, and you could only pick one member of the Brady Bunch to help you fight them, who would it be? (Yes, Alice counts, too.)
Who is this kid? None of the Brady Bunch look very tough, but if I had to choose one, I’d go with Alice. Plus, she could cook me food after.

HK4Life: How do the girls treat you when you go on tours?

reynoldsrider1: Out of the three little guys on Emerica (you, Herman, and Leo) you’re the last one to turn pro. Does that bother you? When do you think you’ll turn pro? (I thought you would be one of the first. I love you.)
It doesn’t bother me. I’m not jealous, I’m psyched for them. I’ll go pro when I’m ready.

reynoldsrider1: Do you really have a MySpace page? Is it called the myspace massacre, or is that an imposter?

I do now, as of six months ago.

Bryanherman1: Do you have anything against Rollerbladers?
No, but if they want to look stupid, that’s on them

BoardBreaker: Do you read books?
Not at the moment. I’m not that into books.

moohaumed: Which is your least favorite trick and why?
Nollie crooks, cuz they’re so blown out right now. It seems like any kid can get on a board and do one down a rail.

TheDoors: Which is your favorite skateboarding magazine?
Skateboarder. I like the articles in it, like the 15 Things, and all the features are funny. Plus, they always have good covers and photos.

TheDoors: Which is your favorite TV show?
Family Guy.

xSkateEmerica89x: What’s it like having to deal with Leo all the time?
It’s the worst! Just kidding. There’s nothing to deal with, cuz he’s my friend. We deal with each other.

Pig Pen: Which is your favorite cartoon show and who’s your favorite cartoon character?
Again, Family Guy. My favorite character is Stewie, the baby.

BoardBreaker: Who’s a better singer, you or Leo?
Definitely Leo. We don’t really try to sing, but he likes to imitate singing, and stuff.

moohaumed: What’s your family like?
Awesome, good, positive, I guess. Supportive.