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Now’s the time for number five in our ongoing series of Emerica Blab interviews in which you, the ever-loyal Kids in Emerica, get to ask your favorite Emerica team rider that burning question you’ve always wanted to know.

This month’s subject is Emerica pro Ed Templeton—skater, artist and human extraordinaire. Without further ado, here are Ed’s answers to some of your questions.

ed lookin all serious

PissDrunxSD: Do you ever think about how many people in the world know who you are, but you don’t know them?
Sometimes! I get kids coming up to me on the street saying they saw me in this or that video, or saw an art show I did. I feel honored that people even care.

3M3RIKAN: What inspired you to start making artwork? Did any other artists influence you?
I was always into drawing. I like to look at art books, too. I wondered, "What separates me from the people in these books?" I realized that it was nothing! The people in the books just did what they did, and got noticed along the way. So, I decided to just start doing what I loved. Around 1990, after my first skate trip to Europe, I really got inspired enough to start painting. I was inspired by a couple of artists when I was younger, like Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. I was really into those guys. I was also very stoked that Mark Gonzales did his own graphics, and decided to do the same when I got the chance to go pro.

Punk_clown: Helping to run a ’zine myself, I know that’s a lot of fun and rewarding. What’s your favorite part about making and producing a ’zine?
I love the fact that you are taking it into your own hands when you make a ’zine. You are exerting creative energy toward a project that possibly only a few friends will see! Plus, there are no rules...anything goes. You are the Editor, the Art Department, and the artist or photographer!

Edashcash: Do you feel that Good & Evil has lived up to the standards of all the other Toy Machine videos?
I feel that it does. Welcome to Hell is a hard video to live up to, because of the team at that time, and that period in skating. People were not taking rails to the point that our team did at that time, so when the video hit, it was perfectly timed to make a big splash. I feel that Good & Evil is way better than Jump Off a Building, Heavy Metal, and Live. And I feel that for the time we’re living in right now, that Good & Evil is as good as Welcome to Hell, but things are different. I guess time will tell where it stands in history, but I feel like this video has the same feeling.

Edashcash: Did you really spray-paint all the gold Templeton shoes? I read that you just sat there and watched other people spray-paint them. Ha-ha.
Emerica wanted me to come and shoot the "photo-op" for the magazines. So, I went there, but only after demanding to get paid extra for my trouble. Then I held the spray can and posed for a few photos before getting whisked over to a grassy area, where they had set up a nice umbrella for me to sit under, with a table and some cold drinks—fresh Orange Juice, to be exact. I had a personal slave there, too, to fan me and keep me cool in the harsh Southern California heat. From there, I directed the worker drones from behind my newspaper, while talking on my cell phone. Actually, I don’t have a cell phone. Really, I spray-painted a hell of a lot of them. But the people at Emerica set up a big sheet with all of the shoes on it, and had an industrial strength jet-sprayer that could do, like, 10 pairs at a time. They had a bunch of the people who work there helping. I think Tosh even painted a few pairs!

Kirk: Do you still skate Huntington skatepark? If so, how often? You really can’t get tired of it.
I skated it yesterday! I have been skating it with our filmer, Kevin, and Austin Stephens. I don’t go there as much as I used to. When I am around, I go there about once a week. RVCA has a ramp in their warehouse, and Volcom has a skatepark in theirs, and they are right next to each other, so I skate those places a lot instead of the HB park.

Edashcash: Who has inspired you the most in skateboarding, and why?
When I was just starting out, I was super-amped on this vert skater named Chris Miller. He went super fast and did all of his tricks really long and with awesome style. He was the one person who I really wanted to skate like, but on street. The Gonz was very inspiring, too. He lived in Huntington Beach, so I would see him skating here and there. Every time I saw him, he did something that I didn’t even know was possible on a skateboard. I remember my friend coming to school and telling me a story about seeing the Gonz at a spot the night before, doing a nose blunt slide on a curb, but there was no name for it yet. My friend couldn’t even explain it! He was saying, "Gonz ollied up and did a nose slide on the INSIDE of the curb, The VERT side! Then just rode away!" We couldn’t even imagine it. But of course, we all tried it that night!

Somethingrathercool: Which trick do you like to do better: nose blunt, blunt, or impossible? Or do you have a different favorite trick? Those seem to be the ones you do most.
I need to get some new tricks! I would have to say nose blunts. I love doing them! They feel so rad when you are cooking across a ledge! I have been doing lots of backside tail slides. That trick feels great, too. I need to get my nose grinds back on point, and do more flip tricks. I have been working on bringing my backside 180 heel flips up to par. I used to heel flip front board rails back in the day, but totally lost it!

emerica11: What are you going to be doing after you retire from skateboarding? Will you still work in the skateboard business?
I never want to be a pro that is milking it. I feel like as long as I am contributing something, then I am okay to keep at it. So, if I ever "retire", I will just retire my pro model from being sold. Aside from that, I will still be doing Toy Machine, and working with RVCA and Emerica and skating the demos and everything! I will have even more time to paint and print photos. Basically, my job will be doing art shows and Toy Machine forever, hopefully.

emerica11: Do you actually like the Templeton 3s?
Yes! I tried something a little different, and I guess it didn’t sell. The Templeton 4 will be sort of a cross between the 1 and the 2, so people will like it better, hopefully. I want Emerica to re-release the Templeton 1, but they wont do it! The worst part about making shoes is how long they take to come out. You design the shoe a whole year before it hits the stores. If styles change in that time, you are screwed!

xEmericaxBakerx: Any new tricks that you are trying?
I have been trying heel flip to front side nose blunt slides, but only on curbs. And every time I get into one good, I’m not sliding! Daewon, watch out! Mainly, I am trying to re-learn tricks that I haven’t done in a while, like regular backside flips. I never do those! They are fun. And trying really long backside tail slides, instead of short ones.

Solid Sessions: You seem to be a really good role model for skateboarding, with the art, running your own company and even the veggie deal. What is the most rewarding part of that?
Thanks! I’m just trying to survive without fucking people and animals over! Everything is rewarding in its own way. Through Toy Machine, I get the reward of helping the kids on my team become radical professionals, and upstanding people. Making the ads each month is hard work, but then I get the reward of hearing kids laugh at them. Through art, I get the reward of visual and mental engagement with tons of other human beings. I get to make images that people look at and think about. As far as being a animal-friendly goes, it is rewarding for the lives of the animals I am not eating, and for my personal health! If I can influence any kids into making art, eating veggie, or going skateboarding, then in my opinion, I have helped make their lives better, and that thought is the most rewarding of all.

rye: Is there anything better than a bank and a sunny day?
Yes, a bank with a hip—and possibly a ledge on top of it—on a sunny day!

rye: Which is your favorite skate park?
It is still the HB park! There are some parks around here that are pretty good, though. The Santa Ana and Chino parks are fun when there are no pad Nazi’s hanging out.

Nollie Flip: If Toy Machine went out of business, which other company would you go to?
Pretty much at this point, if Toy went under, I would retire or just be a pro without a board sponsor! I’m sure Lance Mountain or Geoff Rowley would flow me some boards from the Firm or Flip! Or maybe I would just start buying Anti-Hero boards from the local shop!

<3v!n: What means skateboarding to you?
It is the starting point of everything in my life, so it means almost everything to me. Freedom man! Freeeeedom!

Lildogwu: Hey Ed, first off, I just want to let you know how much of an influence you’ve been to me as a skateboarder and an artist. Oh, and Toy Machine kicks arse! With such a long (great) career and being on such amazing teams, which one of your own video parts do you like the best?
It would have to be either Welcome to Hell or This is Skateboarding. No one has ever seen my part in the Sheep video! I think my old parts from the New Deal videos are my favorite from my early skate life, and then Welcome to Hell for the middle part. For the later part, I will say that my Good & Evil part is my favorite. If I had to name just one, I’ll say Welcome to Hell. That was a really fun time to live through.

Meaton: Ed, you are an influence to everyone. Just knowing that it is possible to skate street for as long as you have without ending up in a wheelchair is great. In order to help everyone’s skateboarding longevity, can you tell us one factor that helped keep you on a skateboard this long?
Chance! Really, I just feel fortunate to have not encountered any real damaging injuries to my knees or ankles yet. Those two really hurt your chances of skating for a long time. My hips are screwed and my shins look completely fucked. My wrists are constantly in pain. I think I always knew what my limits were. When I did something scary, I knew I could do it and how to fall out of it, if I needed to. It’s weird, because I never stretch like I should. It’s just unexplainable. I was gonna say it’s the food I eat, but I really don’t think that eating right is gonna stop you from breaking your arm. I think it boils down to genes, knowing how to fall, and knowing when or when not to go for something. Some people break easier than others. I’m not saying I’m super-tough, but my family is solid. My grandparents are both in their mid-80s and still have hair and travel around the world. They exercise every morning.

Meaton: What’s more rewarding for you, completing a painting just as you wanted it to look, or landing a trick bolts on film?
Well, it depends on which trick that is. Usually, the trick is better, because it is physical and you work hard for it with sweat. At night, when you are necking with your girlfriend, you know that you deserve it because you clocked some footy.

mcalmes86: How come you never do anything switch?
Because I am still perfecting regular! Really, I was never that into it. I remember when Salman Agah started doing a lot of switch back in the day, and everyone was trying things switch. I always thought, "Why?" I do understand that it makes things much harder. I just never had any fun doing things switch. And I don’t skate to keep up with everyone else. I do an occasional switch heel, or switch big spin, but not a lot. So, basically, I never learned anything switch.

BrianHerman3Flip: Which piece of art that you have done are you most proud of?
The last painting I made of Deanna is so far my favorite painting ever. Maybe they will post it with the interview, although it shows her buns!

Misfits in Ellington’s: What are the chances that you would adopt me?
How old are you? I’m looking for a kid to start doing all the computer work for Toy Machine, because I am sick of doing it. I also need a kid who can skate with me every day and teach me how to skate switch.

Double-E: Do you miss riding for Sheep?
Not at all. I’m surprised any kids even know about it! Emerica is WAY better.

BeautifulSkateboarding: Do you feel like you’ve accomplished everything you wanted to in life?
Hell no! If this was all there is, I would be pissed! There is still so much to do and see! I am very happy to have had a fun and long skate life. There is a new life waiting for me in the art world, and there are plenty of accomplishments and failures to come. I’m only 32! I’ve got a good 60 years left to complete my world domination.

Spenser: Do you ever just start drawing without ideas, and then it just kind of "happens"? Whenever I do that, I always end up with weird things doing weird stuff in weird places.
That is the key to drawing. When you have no idea, then you can’t be disappointed with the results. I do that all the time.

BeautifulSkateboarding: What have been the best and worst things that have happened to you so far in life?
Finding a life partner has been the best, and breaking my neck and getting six concussions has to be the worst. Finding Deanna when I was 14 years old helped me get through all the high school years. And now I have someone who is there to clean my barf when I am sick. That is priceless. The neck and head injuries are proving to be long-lasting. I get a lot of epic headaches now.

ToshSK8: Ed, I’ve seen your ass in a couple different magazines and in videos like This is Skateboarding, and usually it’s a beat-up, black and blue mess. What’s up with that, man?
Well, I don’t go out of my way to hide my ass. Like, if we are changing into our swim trunks to go swimming on tour, there is no use freaking out about hiding myself. I’ve got nothing to hide. I don’t just let my wiener hang out, but my ass? Who cares? My ass if fucking thrashed from the years of slamming on it. I always get these monumental bruises on that beast. So, of course I have to show off my battle wounds. Inevitably, someone snaps a picture, and the next thing you know, my ass is in a magazine. It’s just for fun.

popwarbm: I noticed you don’t do many flip tricks down gaps or stairs. I was wondering if there is a reason, or if that’s just not your terrain?
I hate jumping down steps. That is the most un-fun thing I can think of, just hucking myself down some steps. I love to watch people who are talented in that department, but it’s not me. I would rather find something a little more different than your average set of stairs. That is why rails are fun, because they kind of glide you right down the steps all smooth.

suIly: If you could take one skateboarder’s skills and make them yours, whose would it be?

Geoff Rowley. He is hands down the most stylish and talented dude out there.

foreverskating: Ed, you’ve been on the Toy team practically forever, and you’ve seen guys like Bam Margera, Brian Anderson, and Ethan Fowler come and go. Of all the guys that you have seen leave the team, are there any that you wish had never left?

I’ve been with Toy Machine forever because I started it! All the people who were ever on Toy are still my friends, and yes, it’s sad when they decide to move on, but that means there are new people coming in. Let’s break it down: Chad Muska: At the time, he was super hard to deal with. He was bumming everyone out, so I kicked him off. Within a year, he became the hugest dude out there, getting every cover, all over the mags and videos. On the business side, that was a very bad choice. Toy could have capitalized on how big Chad got. But in real life, Chad needed that. He needed to get kicked off to get his life figured out. He got to start Shorty’s and be successful for himself. That is good. We found another rad kid, Jamie Thomas, and gave him his start. He had too much ambition to stay on a team where I was calling the shots, so it was inevitable that he would go off to start his own empire. I would never want to stand in his way. We are still friends because of that. He is more successful than I could ever have imagined! Bam Margera: Bam left over a fight with Tod Swank, the owner of Tum-Yeto. I had no control. Of course, right after Bam left, he got on Jackass and blew up. Now, this one is hard. I would never want Toy to be as corporate and mainstream as Element, but can you imagine how much money they make off of him? I’m glad that money is not the reason I do Toy Machine, or I would be killing myself over that one. Brian Anderson: He is probably the one that I am most sad about. We are still homies, but I think Toy would still be great for him.

distorted3191: How did you ever come up with the name Toy Machine?
I was talking with Ethan Fowler, who rode for us at the beginning. I wanted to call it Toy Skateboards or Machine Skateboards and he just said, "Why don’t you call it Toy Machine?" and I said, "You’re right!" And that was it.

matt martin: Are you ever gonna make that book that everyone wants you to make about animal-friendly restaurants around the world?
I didn’t know anyone wanted me to make it! I might do something like that! But really, the Web has already taken care of that. You can go to HappyCow and get info about veggie restaurants in every country! Whenever I am going to a new country, I look it up and print out all the places I’m gonna eat before I even get there.

Foreverskating: In your Welcome to Hell video part, when you front feeble down a handrail with a little kink at the bottom, I noticed you had some fucked-up Vanilla Ice haircut. Ha-ha! What was going on with that? I know it was the early ’90s and all, but still.
I have no idea what you’re talking about! I never had a Vanilla Ice haircut. You need to get your haircuts straight. There is a big difference between a Morrissey hairdo and a Vanilla Ice hairdo. Which side do you think I’m on?

DR.GONZO: What do you think of Raymond Pettibon and Thurston Moore?
I love what both of them do. I met Raymond recently, and he is totally out there. I shot some photos of him for a magazine. He was telling me stories about being the stunt double for Tony Alva in the upcoming Lords of Dogtown movie, and I knew he was totally lying. Raymond is 100% into warping people. He and Thurston actually worked together before! Pettibon did the cover for Sonic Youth’s Goo album.

-(emerica)-: If you were given one wish, what would you wish for? P.S. I love your style.
Thanks! I never feel "stylish." I would wish that nobody could ever tell a lie, that it would be physically impossible to do it. Think of how the president’s speeches would be! Your relationships with everybody would drastically change, advertising would change, everything would be super different.

Emericahatteam: I don’t see Ed clones. How come?
There used to be Ed clones, but that was a few years ago! Now all you see is Reynolds or Rowley clones. I’m too crusty to have clones now. What 14-year-old kid wants to be me? When Arto Saari first came over to the U.S., he was an Ed clone (although way better at skating!) He showed up dressed all Euro, then the next week, he was rocking Templeton 2s, Dickies, and a shaved head. Now he has his own clones, too. What is it with this clone thing? Why can’t kids just be themselves? I would love to be as good as Geoff Rowley, but I don’t need to dress like him.

Jake: How come you only eat vegetables? I read that you agree that "Everything does taste better with bacon."
I was probably joking about how every fast food restaurant has to slip bacon into their stuff. Every ad says, "NOW WITH BACON!" as if Americans are just dying to eat more products with bacon in them! I don’t eat only vegetables. I eat fruits, beans, rice, pasta, and nuts, too. Basically, I refuse to eat anything made with or from an animal. I don’t want to kill things so that I can eat. All I did was start reading up on it. One of my friends told me about vegetarianism. So, I looked into it and read some things that changed my mind about the entire meat and dairy industry. In my opinion, they are fucked. Information is readily available for you, if you are interested. Go to the links page on the Toy Machine Web site. It is healthier, too. Why not live longer?

bakerism_reynolds: Dear Mr. Ed, why do your pants always seem to be at least one inch too short?
Lately, my pants have been fitting pretty normal. I just liked high pants. It sucks when your pants go under your heel, so I just rocked high waters. I just remembered two numbers, 32W and 30L, 32 waist and 30 long. I used to only buy 32-30 Dickies. Now I ride for RVCA, and their pants are super good, so I am pretty normal again.

bakerism_reynolds: I like your hairdo. Soprano-style slick backs never go out of fashion. Name a fashion of your earlier days that you would like to see come back.
I would like to see nothing come back! I used to have super-long bangs, like a reverse mullet. Short in back and long in front, like Danzig. Before that, I had hair down to my shoulders. But fuck that hippie crap. If my head is not shaved, it is slicked-back, greaser-style. I’m down for a Morrissey pompadour, too. I used to wear fluorescent orange shorts, and an acid washed jean jacket!

bakerism_reynolds: Was the design for your Sheep shoe used as the basis for any of your Emerica models? They look a lot like the Templeton 1.
We did not use my Sheep shoe as a model for the Emerica one. It is probably just a coincidence that they look alike, or it’s because I designed both of them!

bakerism_reynolds: What happened to TV skateboards, and for that matter, Sheep? Are there any other companies you were involved with that didn’t continue?
Is New Deal still around? Sheep, TV, Television, 0-2 Shoes, Schmitt Stix—those are all companies I rode for that are no longer around. TV was a company that I did with Mike V. back in the day. It was at the worst time in skating, early ’90s, and there was no money at all. It was hard to keep a small company going. It inevitably fell apart. Sheep was a Sole Technology brand. They decided to pull the plug on it and put me on Emerica, where I’ve been ever since. My first and only truck sponsor was Thunder. I have been riding for them for over 15 years!

zapEmerican: What’s your favorite brand of animal-friendly cookies?
Uncle Eddie’s are probably the best. Deanna makes a mean one, too.

TheDoors: Do you and Deanna plan on having children some day?
I can’t say it’s a plan. But we have thought heavily about it. I think I need to practice more. We practice almost every night, but we still have not quite perfected this "having a baby" thing. I think both of us want to do that in the future.

skateordie: Who’s a better dancer; Spanky, Herman, or you?
Because those guys get drunk, they are down to dance away. Spanky gets really mellow when he is drunk, so I would have to say Herman. He is younger and more energetic and prone to spazz-out. I don’t drink, but I am down for a spazz-out. But even during my craziest spazz, I still rarely dance.

Johnson2Owned: Ed, what ethnic background is your name?
100% white trash. I think it’s Scottish. Although I was born Ed Hering, we changed our name back to my mom’s maiden name after my dad took off with a 16-year-old babysitter. I am part German, part Scottish, but 100% trailer trash.

barenstank: What tricks have you never been able to do?
So many! Hardflips, almost every trick switch, frontside noseslides, I am really not very good.

Duffel clone: Have you ever met any Sonic Youth band members? P.S Sonic Youth kicks ass.
Yes, they do! And yes, I have! I’ve met Thurston, Kim, and Lee, but I have never met their drummer, Steve. I don’t know them super-good, but I can say, "What’s up?" and they will know who I am. Whenever I see them, I talk to them for a bit. I know one of their good friends, Chris Habib. He does their Web site and makes videos and documentaries with them.

Stamp: Have you ever thought of opening an art gallery of your own?
I have thought about it, but not in a serious way. I don’t think I will be doing that anytime soon. I’m too busy with Toy Machine and being a pro skater!

Robotskate: What kind of camera do you use for your photos?
See the question below! I use a Canon AE-1, a Leica M6, an Olympus XA, and a Contax point-and-shoot. I mostly use the first three.

Jackedcactus: What was your first camera set-up and what have you used since? Do you ever process your own prints at home? I’m stoked that you’re still doing the pro skateboarding thing and I hope you don’t stop any time soon. Your skating and art continues to be inspirational and solid.
I think my first camera was a Canon AE-1. It’s a common old student camera that you can get at used camera stores for around 200 bucks. I still use that same camera! I also have a Leica M6 that I use a lot. The Leica is kinda pricey, but it is super-quiet and smaller than the Canon. It’s a rangefinder camera, so there is no mirror flip when you shoot. It’s great for long exposures at night. I rarely use a flash, so this works out pretty good for me. I have a darkroom in my garage, and I make most of my black-and-white prints in there. There is also a rental darkroom nearby where I can do color.

Elementskateboards: Is the leopard skin colorway of your shoe supposed to be ironic because you’re a vegan? That’s funny, I think you are somewhat of a genius—very creative. Keep up the good work.
Yeah, it’s a little ironic. It is more ironic that leopard skin is so "punk," and I never dress punk, so it is kinda funny that we made those. They are fake leopard skin, of course. They were very popular! I want to make them again, but this time with fake endangered white rhinoceros leather, or fake dolphin skin.

jackedcactus: What’s with the no deodorant thing? I’ve always gone natural, too, but that’s because I’m lazy and don’t like fixing myself up to please other people. Is there some other magic remedy, or do you just stink?
Everybody has their natural smell. I just don’t want to stick some chemicals up my armpits and get cancer to stop body odor. I would rather smell. People are led by TV commercials that use fear to make them buy those products. The fear of being rejected by girls if you don’t smell perfect, have perfect skin, perfect abs, etc. I’m not saying let yourself go or anything, but I am saying that people need to stop putting chemicals on their body, or in their body. Oh! I have a headache! I better take a Tylenol! Why not figure out WHY you are getting a headache and change the cause of it, instead of just covering over the symptoms? Basically, I am a smelly hippie, except I hate hippies.

gunther_: I look at your artwork and think, "Either he has some complex meaning behind it and no one gets it, or he just thinks up the most random shit ever and laughs that everyone loves it." All the stuff that I do is random like that. Which of the two is yours?
Everything has some kind of meaning, but the meaning can be something different for each person who looks at it. I have reasons for doing it, which may be random, such as making something just for the beauty of it. My photographs mostly document something. So, they are exactly what the photo shows you. I may shoot something just because I think it looks cool, but it may not look cool to you. I may shoot something ugly, like a kid with a black eye, or something. But I also see that as beautiful. For paintings, it is not that immediate. I guess I would go with your first one just for fun, the secret meaning. But some people get it. Each piece of art I make is part of a big story. The story ends when I die.

Andrew Blab

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You asked for it, you got it! This is the fourth in a series of "Member’s Only" interviews. After poring over the hundreds of questions you Kids asked him, Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds spent a good amount of time coming up with some short yet insightful answers. Thanks to all you Kids who participated. Stay tuned, future installments of "Member’s Only" interviews are in the works. Enjoy!

say ooh

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: How’s marriage life?
It’s great.

nut_sak_himself: Who stole your DNA? Because all I see is clones of you.
The aliens from The Simpsons.

Double-E: What is your favorite song by Biggie?
I can’t say. They’re all too good.

rye: Is the Hollywood life "all that", like portrayed in magazines?
I didn’t know that the magazines said it was cool here.

RasaLibre4Life: Will retirement after Baker 3 take you out of skateboarding? If not, will you still skate street? Take it easy kind of thing?

Retirement? I’m just getting started!

BrianHerman3Flip: Have you kickflipped / frontside flipped El Toro?

xSkateEmerica89x: How’s it been being clean—no alcohol, etc.?
It’s like being a kid again.

1fallenskateboarder: What makes you love skateboarding so much?
I don’t know. It’s the only thing I know.

1fallenskateboarder: What was it like growing up as a kid? Were you popular, or were you just one of the kids that a lot of people didn’t notice?
I had my skater friends, but for the most part, I was not too popular with the school kids.

-(emerica)-: I remember reading somewhere that you were going to name your child after Tom Penny, if it’s a boy. Is this true? If not, what are you going to name him / her?
I was joking. We don’t have a name picked out yet.

Yfguitarist: Describe a bad skate day for you.
Not skating.

Spenser: How was snowboarding?
Fun for about 30 minutes.

Yfguitarist: What trick are you struggling with right now?
Switch frontside flips.

Spenser: I know you used to have to wear leg braces or something as a kid, but I don’t know exactly when. Did you want to try skating while you had them, or was that after? Was that a big motivating factor to get them off?
I was just a baby, I don’t really remember.

EmericanKid200: Describe an average day of your life

EmericanKid200: What’s a flatground trick that stresses you?
Switch frontside flips.

emericask8ter3: Who are your top five favorite ams and pros?
Ams: Theotis Beasley, Rammy Issa, Braydon Szafranski, Jimmy Shingler, Antwuan Dixon. Pros: Erik Ellington, Spanky, Bryan Herman, Dustin Dollin, Jeff Lenoce.

Emericaskateforever: Which are your top 10 favorite bands around today? P.S. How does the toe hold up on your new shoe? It doesn’t look very strong.
White Stripes, Ima Robot, Coldplay, King Straggler, The Situationists. That’s all I can think of. The toe on my new shoe is fine.

foreverskating: What stuff gets you hyped to go out and skate? (Music, videos, etc.)
Knowing I can get a new trick to put into my part.

ToshSK8: What was the most difficult decision you’ve ever had to make in your life?
Getting sober.

EmericaAndVine: Which moment in the og Piss Drunx days on Warner in HB makes you smile the most when you look back?
Getting into trouble with Erik.

ToshSK8: How does it feel to have everything? A wife, your own company, infinite skate supplies, an inhuman talent for skateboarding, and people who idolize you.
I don’t really think about it, but thanks for the compliment.

emerica11: Do you edit your own parts in the videos you’ve been in, or do other people do it? Is it fun using your creativity while you’re editing your parts (if you do edit them)?
I edit all my parts, and it’s a lot of fun.

stonedoubt: What do the in-laws think of you?
My wife says they love me.

emerica11: If you were to skate any spot in the world with any five people you wanted, where would it be and with who?
Belmont Pier ledges with the Baker team.

emericafan: Is it really true you’re retiring after the Baker video?
I might just sleep more.

emericafan: Groupies suck. Yes or no?
Pro skaters don’t have groupies.

reynolds_11: When you were younger, did you start to push yourself to do bigger stuff because you wanted to get sponsored or go pro? Or did you just skate for the fun of it and let everything fall into place? Congrats on getting married!
I just did it because I loved it.

Nash: Do you find it harder to skate because of your size? I am about 6’2 myself, and wear a size 14 shoe. Do you think skating is easier for people who are smaller than it is for us taller people?
If you’re tall, you’ve got more pop...maybe.

AlienWorkshop77: Hey Andrew, aside from all the amazement you’ve created in the past years with skateboarding, what are some future plans / ideas you have tucked away that you’ve always thought of doing for fun and enjoyment, now that you’re married and all? (Congrats, by the way.)
Play music, have a family, that’s it.

wrecklez: Do you like or dislike demos? Why?
I like demos.

Matt Martin: Which video part has been the most fun to film so far?
The new Baker part.

Matt Martin: Was it hard frontside flipping Wallenberg in front of all those people, or did it hype you up?
I think the people made me more hyped to do it.

J Hopkins [diggity]: What do you think of screamo?
I don’t know what that is.

BoozeHomie: Is there anything you regret from the past?
No, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

UK_Emerica: When you see all the little clones wearing your stuff, do you try to move on and get into something new?
I don’t try to do it because of the kids, I just try to not get stuck in one thing.

I AM THE GUN: How does it feel to be an idol for so many kids? Do you try to be a good influence all the time?
I try to do the best that I can.

ramones_were_punk: What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
10:00 in the morning. Basically, when the dogs start barking.

rye: Do you think retirement will make you want to skate tranny?
I already want to skate tranny.

gunther_: I’m so ready to see someone do something OTHER than a grind down El Toro. Wanna step it up? A frontside flip down that mother would be amazing.
Yes, it would be amazing.

Reynolds_fully_rad: Do you have a page on MySpace? There are two people on my friends list that claim to be you
No, they are imposters.

fletch: I once read that Geoff Rowley thinks of the worst-case scenario when trying something big, like a rail or whatever. What’s your method of getting yourself to commit to a frontside flip down a 20, or whatever you’re doing? Do you put it out of your mind, or what?
I just try to do it.

distorted3191: What’s your favorite part about demos?
Meeting kids.

Pdboss: What inspires you to wear the clothes you do?
One week, rastas; next week, Indians; next week, hippies; next week, gangsters. Everything.

ILOVELIFE: Looking back on your career, what are you most proud of?
Never selling out.

TIS: I know you’re married now. Is that going to affect your skating at all? I hope not.
Hell, no!

TIS: At the Wallenberg event, that frontside flip was the sickest thing I’ve ever seen in real life. Every time I watch it, I get goose bumps. Oh, and what made you choose Baker as the name for your company? Is it your nickname or something? Well, keep up the good work, and thanks for inspiring me to go out and skate everyday.
When you get a bunch of people together that are baked, then that’s the type of name you come up with.

Johnson2Owned: Out of all of Jimi Hendrix’s songs, why did you pick "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" for your part in This is Skateboarding?
I just felt it, man.

Carter: When it comes to making a new shoe, do you have to draw it by yourself, or does someone else do it while you are supervising them? How long does it usually take?
I usually draw it myself, then the guys at Emerica do all the technical stuff. It takes about a month to six months to get the shoe right.

rory: Do you think you’ll be able to walk up 17 stairs in 10 years time, or will your knee caps be completely destroyed? What has been the worst injury you have had?
Hopefully, I’ll be ollieing down them.

aidenduffel: Have you ever got into a huge fight and got smashed up (or smashed someone up)?
Yeah, I’ve been beat up quite a few times, but I don’t remember, so it doesn’t matter.

heathdisciple: What worries you more as a professional skateboarder: Making sure your skills are still up to par, or making sure you have a marketable image that will sell your stuff?
I don’t worry about any of that stuff.

helterskelter: How is marriage gonna affect your skate career, if it will at all?
It doesn’t affect it at all.

pickelz: You know when you land a trick and there is that special feeling you get? Well, what has been the best feeling you have ever got from skating?

There is no one time. It’s always the best.

drunkenJFK: What do you like most about yourself, and why?
Well, I don’t really like myself much at all, so I don’t know how to answer that question.

iskateemerica: You being sober inspires me, as does everything else you do. Your tricks rule, your style rules, your clothes rule, your shoes rule, your boards rule, your mind rules, your name is Andrew Reynolds and YOU rule. You’re an inspiration in everything you do. Do you feel really weird when you wear slightly baggy pants after wearing tight ones for ages? I know I do
No, I love change.

Hammertime.: Did you meet and / or see Burt Reynolds naked when you filmed the 1993 box office smash, Cop and a Half? Are you related to Burt Reynolds? If so, is he currently homeless?
I’ve never seen him naked, but he is my uncle.

jimmmylester: How hard is it to run Baker while skating pro at the same time? Did you ever do that gap in Florida that you never ended up doing?
It’s easy. No, I didn’t do the gap.

Erik Blab

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Disclaimer: The kids’ questions have been edited for punctuation, grammar, etc.

dont look down

RBFemericaskaskater: There have been some rumors floating around that these are the Ellington 2 shoes. Are they? Or are they just custom Double-E’s?
Yeah, those were early samples of my second shoe. It’s a little different from that, but not too much. It has a rubber toe and it’s super light. It’ll be in shops in February 2005.

templeton4emerica: I’m 10. I really look up to your skating and I think you have come a long way. What do you like and dislike about your old home, Alaska? Thank you for being a really good influence.
You’re welcome, little dude. Alaska was good during the Summers, because it stayed light for so many hours and the weather was good. The bad part was the exact opposite during the Winters, cold and dark. We had to skate underground garages with two jackets, two pairs of pants, gloves and beanies. But I wouldn’t have changed anything. I’m glad I grew up there.

HEATHFAN: Are you currently working on any other skate videos?
Yep, I’ve been filming for the new Baker video that we haven’t named yet. It should be out in Spring 2005. I’m really psyched on the way it’s coming along. So far, I think it’s my favorite part I’ve put together.

BladerHater101: Have you ever been scared to do a trick and pussed out of it, then gone back and landed it easily and be like, "Shit, that was nothing!"?
Actually, it just happened the other day. I went to Reno, Nevada to try these two big ollies in a row. The first time I went there, I couldn’t do it at all, then I went back a week later and did it pretty easy.

jim-e merica: Erik, what do you do in your downtime when you’re not skating?
Lately, I’ve been building things at my house. Me and a couple friends just finished this outdoor roof/gazebo. Under that, we built a wood deck with a concrete table for a barbeque. We’re getting pretty good at it. I’m surprised.

xSkateEmerica89x: Why did you decide to leave Zero?
It was a pretty tough decision. Jamie had helped me out so much over the years. I don’t think I’d be where I am now if it wasn’t for him. But in the end, it was right for me to leave and be a part of starting something new (Baker) with my friends.

mongoisforfags: Mr. Ellington, I just want to tell you that the first couple of times I saw This is Skateboarding, I never got past your part to see Senn or Bossy. This is because I was out skating. Your style is incredible, your trick book must be 1,000,000 pages, and you are the gnarliest mother****er around. I am so inspired by your skating. My question is: Who influences and inspires you? Keep doing your thing.
Thanks a lot, man. I wish it was 1,ooo,ooo pages. I get most inspired by my friends, and I think my skating was influenced by the people I looked up to when I was younger.

Solid Sessions: Hey, hey. Let’s see. Um...Marlboro or Camel? Coors or Bud?
Camel and Coors.

ZEROskater: So, what got you into skating, and are you glad you took that path?
I started skating because I saw my friend doing it and it looked fun. I’m definitely glad, cuz if it wasn’t for skating, I wouldn’t have met my wife or all my friends. I couldn’t have bought my house or traveled the world. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Keep skating.

ILOVELIFE: I live in Salem, Oregon and it rains so much. I heard you grew up in Alaska. Did you ever build ramps in your garage when it rained? Do you have good tips? I really enjoy watching you skate in the videos. I am sad I was sick when the Baker team came here. Your backside flip, frontside flip, big spins and your pro shoes are really, really good. Good luck with the new baby. Sincerely, Will Jones

Thanks, Will. I appreciate that. I built a couple of launch ramps, but they kind of sucked. I know that Thrasher always has ramp plans and stuff like that you can get. Or you can get a crew of your friends and maybe some parents and approach the city about an indoor skatepark. If you bug the city enough, they’ll listen.

Carter: I have been skatin’ for, like, two years and I’m getting nowhere. Any tips on landing tricks like kickflips or backside heelflips? Oh, and you’re one of the reasons I’m still skatin’, because of your style and kick-ass shoe. U rock. Carter of Hillsborough, New Jersey
Keep at it, man. I skated for about two years before I learned how to kickflip. It just takes practice. When I do kickflips, I put my front foot just under the front truck bolts and off to the side a little. When you pop, kick up and out. About the backside heels, I’m not very good at them, so you’ll have to ask someone else. Good luck.

zak: Hey, I’m just wondering since your first shoe was such a success, what are your favorite colors from the old and new colors? Zak, Buffalo, New York
I liked the chocolate/tan ones and the red/greys. Oh, and I’m remaking the red/greys for all of you who didn’t get them before.

ChaLk: Hey Erik, how’s it going? That’s not my question. My friend was telling me he read that you shoot heroin into your arm. Is that true? I don’t think it’s true, but if it is, that really sucks, man. P.S. You rock, too.
No, that’s not true. In the past, I’ve gone a bit overboard with drinking, and, unfortunately, drugs. I can’t think of a certain reason I got into those types of things. The older I get, the wiser I get, is all I can really say.

DR.GONZO: Erik, how old were you when you first got sponsored and when you went pro?
I think I was about 16 when I first got sponsored, we started a company called Balance in Arizona. I turned pro for Zero when I was 21.

bryan_herman_kicks_ass: Hello, Mr. Ellington. What do you love about skateboarding the most, and why? Sam T., Queensland, Australia
Overcoming something that you didn’t think was possible for you to do. I think that’s what makes me the happiest.

Marka: I love to BBQ. If we walked up on you when you’re q’in’, what would probably be on the grill?
Most likely, skirt steak marinated in butter, garlic and rock salt. It’s this Brazilian-style beef that Luciana taught me. Oh man, tomorrow I’m putting in this massive grill I bought. It’s tight! Happy birthday to me.

Jack: What are your favorite bands?
Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzy, Danzig, 2pac, Cool Breeze, Rolling Stones, Queen, Outkast.

*r@cheL*: Hey, Erik =) I just started skating a while ago, and I have seen your stuff. You are really, really good. Do you think you are going to want to have kids in the future? How many? Girls or boys? Ya know, that kind of stuff. You are the coolest ;) Luv, Rachel of Enid, Oklahoma.
I think I would like a little girl, then a boy. We’ll see what happens, though.

legendz: Hello, Erik. When will you be back to Niterói , Rio de Janeiro? We are waiting for you, man!
Very soon-I can’t wait. Tell everyone I say, "What’s up?"

jim-e merica: Erik, are you starting to stress out looking at all of these Blabs and trying to answer the best ones?

Ellington_rules86: Hey Erik, I was wondering who some of your favorite up-and-coming skaters are?
John Colbert (aka Lil’ Flip), Mike Reno, Shane Cross, Little Jimmy, Benny Fairfax. There’s more, but I can’t remember right now.

EmericaAndVine: When were the og Piss Drunx days? Who were you riding for at the time, and how did you come upon the people that are your (Piss Drunx) family today?
We met in Huntington Beach around 1999-00. We all lived within, like, 100 feet of each other’s apartments on Warner Avenue, so we’d just skate, drink and party. We started Baker there, and I got on Emerica around that time, too. It was definitely some of the funnest times ever.

evanmc: Erik, who brewed better booze, you or Lance (Dawes)?
Ha-ha. We never got around to it, but I’m sure I’d win.

templedown: What was the very first skate vid that you saw when you were growing up? Nick Colorado
H-Street Shackle Me Not.

Ali Boulala #3: What shoe company did you ride for before Emerica and Axion?
Emerica was the first shoe company I ever got shoes from. I was on flow, but the old Team Manager kicked me off for wearing some jacked old Nikes at the Tampa Am contest. I got shoes from Axion, then Justin Regan and Andrew asked me to ride for Emerica again.

Emeruca: Erik! Dude, I just got in from sk8in’ and was listening to some Guns n’ Roses tracks. I was listening to "Sympathy for the Devil" and then I thought of you and was like, "Damn! This shit would sound sick as f*** if Erik used it for Baker 3!" So, I came here to ask you about that. What do you think about that song?
It’s amazing. I actually tried using it in my Emerica part. It was a little slow, but it looked sick.

HEATHFAN: Whoa, this is the last day to Blab a question. Did you enjoy this interview?
Yep, all five hours of it. Thanks to everyone for the support. Keep shreddin’!-Erik Ellington

Tosh Blab

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You asked for it, you got it! This is the second in a series of "Member’s Only" interviews. After poring over the nearly five-hundred questions you guys asked him, Emerica pro Tosh Townend spent a good amount of time coming up with some killer answers. Thanks to all the Kids who participated. Stay tuned, future installments of "Member’s Only" interviews are in the works. Enjoy!

tosh has bad acne

public enemy #13: DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! When did ya start?Where did ya sk8 at?Who’s your biggest influence ever?
I always skate the HB Skatepark when I’m home. Andrew Reynolds is one of my biggest influences.

Chubby_Cheeks: Hey Tosh...i think your totally hot, and your skating is awsome but if you could give any advice to someone who is just now starting to skate what would you tell them? you should come visit spring branch, texas
Just practice, skate as much as you can, and try to get comfortable on your board.

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: hey tosh, well im from huntington beach like you and i just wanted to know what was the first trick you did at the huntington skate park and how often do you skate there? thnx..!
I started skating the HB skatepark when it first opened, before any of the flat bars were in. I skate there as much as I can.

PiNk FlOyd is the best: what kind of deodorant do you use?
Jason’s Tea Tree deodorant...they sell it at Mother’s Market.

girlfromthegoldy: gday Tosh! I actually found out about you and got into your skating thru this chick surf mag over here in Oz and I got to see you skate at the Element demo at the grindhouse, it was awesome. Anyway, Seeing as tho your dad was originally from the Gold Coast does he ever bring you back over here to check out the area?If so, how often do you get to come here and do you like it? (its a bit off the topic, but have you got to surf the superbank?)by the way you should update your website or something its awesome looking at all your photos from around the globe!
My website is currently being updated. I’ve been meaning to work on it for a while, but traveling has just kept me too busy. Check back on soon. I usually go back to the Goldy about once a year and I love to surf the Superbank. I’m planning on being there this December with my whole family for Christmas and my grandfather’s 80th b-day.

BoardBreaker: dearest tosh.for a while ago i talked to a person on MSN Messenger, that claimed to be Tosh Townend. i asked him several questions about Peter Townend and stuff. When i talked to him, he said he was in Australia with the Element team, and he once walked away cause the team manager wanted to talk to him. His nicknames has also been names like "Arto UR a Nutter", and "Remember my birthday, spanky?".His Hotmail-adress is: tosh_townend_17@hotmail.comThis whole thing has frustrated me alot, and i hope you will answer my question; is this you, the real Tosh Townend, i’ve been talking to, or is it a crazy fan?I hope you will take the time to answer myt question. :DSincerely, BoardBreaker
I don’t have a Hotmail account...that wasn’t me.

switchblade_surgeon: What is the one place in the world you have never been to and plan on visiting sometime soon?

I’d like to visit Africa or Jamaica.

switchblade_surgeon: Do you ever prefer to surf rather than skate?
Yeah, when my ankles are hurting, I like to surf instead.

switchblade_surgeon: When you get old and don’t skate professionaly do you still think you will have a job in the skate industry?
That’s a definite possibility.

UK_Emerica: i, like you have ankle problems,how do you get through?
Ice, exercises to strengthen your ankle, and a really good doctor.

hellskater88: what are your other hobbies besides skating?
Surfing, creating art, hanging with friends, and recently my mom and sister have been trying to get me into yoga.

KWkrudco88: How fast do you go through a pair of shoes?
A least one pair a just depends how much I’m skating.

nut_sak_himself: blunts or j’s?
Rice paper.

nut_sak_himself: leather or suede?

BoardBreaker: hey tosh. In the slam in the beginning of your TIS part, where you fucks your ancle up, you’re wearing the awesomest t-shirt ever! The Christiania tshirt with the 3 yellow dots. I’m from denmark, and I have family in Christiania.I suppose you have been there, or have you?I really ppreciate that you’re wearing it, cause Christiania is threatened by the govournment
I heard Christiana got shut that true? Email me back at my site:

diego menendez: In all your years in the skateboarding industry what has been the highlight / highlights of it all. Why do you like riding for Emerica. Is it the team as people? The shoes? What is some advice for anyone who hurts there ankles as badly as you have in the past. how did you overcome the injury.In what ways was filming for your Sight Unseen part any different from filming for your This is Skateboarding part.How do you prepare for big tricks like your feeble down El Toro? Do you gradualy get comfortable to doing that trick down larger rails / gaps?How do you feel about skating contest?If you could describe each of your Emerica team mates with one word each what would they be?one more thing. could you tell jon miner i said whats up. im the dude that gave heath all those fire works. i hope you guys enjoyed em. sincerely diego menendez
I love riding for Emerica...they make great shoes and the team is awesome. Contest skating is all right, I just prefer to be out skating new spots and trying new things rather than competing all the time.

diego menendez: do you ever write back your fans that email you from your web site?
Yes, I try to answer as many as I can.

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: Who are you very close to in your family and why?
I’m very close to all of my family, but especially to my dad. He’s always been very supportive of my skateboarding.

emerica11: Do you ever just like to chill like at a curb or a parking lot and just skate for fun and mess around?
I like to go to the bank parking lot by my house and mess around on the curbs.

misslee-d: How is it having a dad who is a world champian surfer?And if you could do anything for the rest of your life would you rather: skate, surf, or be a loser stoner.
I’m very thankful for it, he’s always helping me out and giving me good advice. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my mom and dad. If I could only do one thing for the rest of my life, I’d probably surf, because I’ve been hurting myself too much skating...but I still love to skate.

MORECOREIN2004: HEY TOSH, what do you think about all these kid hating on you because you have a different style on skateboarding?

There’s tons of haters out there. All those haters need to stop talking shit and find something better to do with their time...maybe they should go skate.

MapleSkateboardGurl: Hey Tosh first u think switchblade_surgeon asked to many questions?j/kUh wat type of Music r u into? and wats u’re favorite band?
Reggae and hip-hop.

kay: dear tosh,what is your favorite food?
I love to eat at Jan’s Health Bar in HB.

Zeroistic Emerican: Hey Tosh, you rock. I have a problem, I get scared a lot when skating stuff. Like olleing down a set that I’ve done before, when I get up to it I just stop and either can’t do it or eventually I land it. I bugs me because I just can’t get over stupid things like that. I hope you have some advice on how to overcome stuff like that.Your fan,David P.
You’ve just got to overcome it. I just look at it once, feel my legs shake and go, "Okay I’m ready!"

YoungGun: Hey tosh, have you ever got any other shoe sponsorship offers? I just dont want a sick skater like you to sell out like paul and that nike deal
Yeah, there have been a few other offers, but I choose to be a part of Emerica because I believe in what they are all about.

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: Do you ever come on this mb and read the blabs about you?
I’m reading right now... aren’t I?

ToshPunkSk8r: whats ur middle name?

Szafranski04: Okat Tosh, I hear that you have hit some lady while driving in your car while you were high, is this true? If so, how long do you think you will be in jail because I heard the lady died?
No, I’m not going to jail and I was not high. I was completely sober. However, I was involved in a very unfortunate accident.

Heath Blab

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You asked for it! You got it! This is the first in our series of "Member’s Only" interviews. After pouring over the nearly three-hundred questions you guys asked him, Emerica pro Heath Kirchart spent his Thanksgiving weekend coming up with answers to his Top 20 favorite questions. Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay tuned, future installments of "Member’s Only" interviews are in the works. Enjoy!

heath with mohawk

fortunekids69: What was the hardest trick you filmed for This Is Skateboarding?
Back tail kickflip. I tried doing it for Sight Unseen, but the deadline came too quick. It was the first trick I got for TIS. It was a total bitch for me. I haven’t done one since.

emerican alien: Has work started yet on the Kirchart 3? If so, what kind of shoe could it be compared to?
Yeah, the Kirchart 3 is coming out in April 2004. It’s a simple-looking shoe that has the System G2™ gel in the heel. The shoe lasts me a long long as I got Shoe-Goo handy. Out of the three shoes I’ve had on Emerica, I definetly like this one the most.

BoardBreaker: Hey Heath...! How many boards did you brake filming TIS?
I filmed for a year and a half. That’s eighteen months. At around ten boards a month, that’s 180 boards.

emericanhammers: What kinda music do you listen to?
Pink Floyd, Neil Young and Nick Cave. Off the top of my head, those are my favorites right now. In a week, it may be completely different. I’m not much of a music guy. In social circles, I don’t talk music.

emerican alien: What video part that you’ve filmed for are you most proud of?
Probably Sight Unseen, although when it first came out, I was really bummed on it. I came close to three tricks that would have made it my favorite by far, but missing those was a real dissapointment for me. Also, there was an early version of my part (later put up on the Emerica site) that was edited to Pink Floyd that I liked better than the Moody Blues version.

LegacySkater: What goes through your head and what gets you pumped when you try really big, crazy tricks?
When I try scary shit, my head is completely blank. Autopilot. Thats why if there are any distractions, I can’t do it. If a bird is singing, I won’t try it. People watching me is the most annoying.

ehmerica: Heath, is there one trick that you have never been able to do in your experience as a skateboarder? If so, what is it?—Andrew, Mission, Texas
I have a lot of tricks that I can’t do. Most of them are tricks I don’t like, others I just can’t do properly. I can do frontside flips, but they look terrible. I wish I could do them right, because there are a lot of tricks that begin with a frontside flip that I want to do.

ElementX: ASS KISSING: I just have to say that your skating is impeccable, and every time you step on your board, you create amazing works of art. QUESTION: When you were skating as a kid, was there ever a time when you hated yourself and / or were disappointed with your skating?
Of course, and it’s still a real disappointment now when I can’t make something I really want. Plus, the disappointment is compounded when I go back and try to get it again and fail. As far as "killing myself", I only feel that way toward the end of filming a video, and only for a few minutes after I don’t make something.

ElementX: Do you still hate interviews?
Yes, I think I’m almost done with this one.

Emerica.: Nice back tail kickflip out. Everyone sees you skating really really huge things, but do you ever skate curbs or little things like that on occasion?
Yeah, curbs or flatbars are the funnest things to skate. The big things are fun in an entirely different way. They’re more fun to watch on a camera after you’ve made them.

bak3rica: Fav trick?
Back lips and back tails. If I could do back Smiths better, they’d be in there, too.

getbusylivin: Hey Heath, that slam you took on that huge like twenty-stair hubba in the beginning of your part in the Emerica video is ridiculous. Did you break any bones or anything serious like that? How bad was it?
It looks really bad compared to what actually happened to me. It knocked the wind out of me and gave me a black eye. I hit my face pretty hard, I guess, because that side of my face was numb for three months. I was a little freaked out by that.

jacksonisrad: When you choose music for a video part, do you try to pick a song that means something to you at the time, or do you pick a song for different reasons? If so, what reasons?
I’ll pick whatever song goes best with the part. Usually, it’s something I like, but it’s hard to get the rights to music I like. For Sight Unseen, I wanted a Floyd song but couldn’t get the rights. For TIS, I used "Mellow" because it works well with the part. I don’t even own the CD.

john martin: What was your first handrail?
First rail was this four stair at my middle school. My friend and I both got on it and thought it was so amazing. It made our day, and we didn’t even make it, just trying it was enough.

john martin: Who’s better at bowling—you or Steve Berra?
Me by far—no contest. Not being arrogant, it’s just no contest. (Pat) Duffy killed me last week for $100. I’ll get it back, though. I was drunk and the lanes were shit.

switchblade_surgeon: Whats your favorite part in Habitat Mosaic?
Stefan Janoski’s part is awesome. I really like his lazy-ass style and the tricks he does. The whole video’s good, but I don’t like my footage in it.

kilgore: What’s your favorite Pink Floyd album?
The Wall. Typical, but what Floyd ablum wouldn’t be?

EMERICAN KID: What do you think of the ams these days, Heath? I can’t tell the difference between them or the pros. Also, they are getting younger and younger—any thoughts on this?
Trick wise, it’s hard to tell the difference, but pros have power. You can tell the difference when you see someone do a powerful trick. Young kids just haven’t developed enough.

Edashcash: What ever happened to your Caprice, and do you still have your Harley? Bring back the first Kircharts...those kicked ass!
I sold the Caprice (cop car) to Ragdoll a month ago and someone just stole it. I’ll always have the Harley. As far as the K1 goes, I’ll see what I can do.

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Google Reader

Google Reader

Q: What is this Google Reader thing?
A: It allows you to subscribe and read RSS feeds from all kinds of sites.

Q: What the hell is an RSS feed?
A: It’s a really nerdy Web format that keeps you updated about what’s going on with sites without having to visit them.

Q: So how do I get this Google Reader thing?
A: It’s FREE, and you don’t need to download anything. It runs in your browser. Just visit the page! All you need is a Gmail account (If you don’t have one, leave a comment in the Blabs, and I will hook ya up.)

Q: Okay, I signed up. Now what?
A: Subscribe to the Emerica RSS Feed! (This link opens in Google Reader, so make sure to sign in first!) Just click on "Subscribe" once it shows up!

Q: Then what?
A: Every time we update the Emerica site, the Google Reader will know and show you the news item! From here, you can click and go to the Emerica site and leave comments.

Q: Why should I do this Google Reader thing if I can just visit the site?
A: Well, the cool thing about the Reader is that you can subscribe to multiple Web sites, if they have an RSS feed. So, just by using the Google Reader, you can read all the latest news from other sites in one spot!

Q: Oh cool. What other skateboard sites have RSS feeds?
A: Here’s a few. The links open in Google Reader:

Q: Does Baker have an RSS feed?
A: No, their Web site is old-fashioned and needs a real web nerd, like me!

Solace Skateboarding

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Solace Skateboarding

Solace Skateboarding

The Good

This site is absolutely LOADED with features. Trick tips, photos (really awesome ones), videos, spot checks, and tons more stuff. Some of the articles are very to the point.

The Bad

So many features make this site a bit unorganized. It could use some help.

The Ugly

Useless Splash page (Get rid of it!), broken links, no comments, no perm links and no RSS feed for the blog.


Solace should get in contact with Joe. Let him re-design the site in exchange for a Solace pro model!