Limited-Edition Ed Templeton Shoes Hit Japan!

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Emerica pro and globally admired artist and photographer Ed Templeton has launched two limited-edition Emerica shoe colorways in collaboration with Beams, Japan’s most well-known and pioneering youth culture shop. These limited models have been created in celebration of Beams’ 30th anniversary and will be available only in their streetwear shops throughout Japan.


Featured on the casual and classic Emerica Ridgemont slip-on, the two colorways created by Ed himself are aligned perfectly with the special fashion style Beams is so heavily recognized and appreciated for. Standing out on the Black lightweight canvas colorway is Ed’s widely known and ever-popular Transistor Sect monster, while the Green Apple colorway features a new Templeton twist: an inventive design inspired from a simple polka dot.


Established in 1976, Beams have spent the past 30 years as a pioneer in the fashion industry in Japan--evolving with, responding to and strongly influencing fashion and lifestyle trends in the country. Serving the youth of Japan has become the central thrust of the fashion industry in Japan today, and Beams is proud to have been the motivating force behind this.

Buy a pair of the Emerica Templeton Ridgemont in a Beams store in Japan today!

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(22) responses to: Limited-Edition Ed Templeton Shoes Hit Japan!

  1. People that say "first" are gay

    Moohaumed's Emeritar Moohaumed Posted:
  2. u are gay

    mikethedyke23's Emeritar mikethedyke23 Posted:
  3. What about "third"?

    Taylor's Emeritar Taylor Posted:
  4. those shoes are gizay fo shizay

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  5. I'd care if I liked the shoes and if i live in Japan.........

    alivekennedys's Emeritar alivekennedys Posted:

    emericabakerskater123's Emeritar emericabakerskater123 Posted:
  7. seventh becuase i am. also i like ed templeton. also i think its stupid that they said he is a "globally admired artist and photgrapher". what about street skater? he should definatley be one of the top most admired street skaters ever. too they left that out.

    zacharypoopman's Emeritar zacharypoopman Posted:
  8. stick a "bad" in between the "too" and the "they"

    zacharypoopman's Emeritar zacharypoopman Posted:
  9. oh yeah and i really like those shoes. they should sell them here, id buy em

    zacharypoopman's Emeritar zacharypoopman Posted:
  10. yeah the shoes look weird but since I'm wierd i'd wear em

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  11. i think it's stupid that emerica just keeps giving ed these special edition colorways, and not just another shoe.

    stereotype's Emeritar stereotype Posted:
  12. I live in Japan. I hate Beams, because it is really shit.I wonder why Emerica collaborate with shit.

    ryosei's Emeritar ryosei Posted:
  13. koooooooool

    emerican-brandon's Emeritar emerican-brandon Posted:
  14. yea, man. those shoes are shit. and so is beams. ill tell ya right now i would die before i bought a pair of those.

    EmericaSkate1213's Emeritar EmericaSkate1213 Posted:
  15. Steezy shit right there. I like it. Ed did a pretty nice job

    steezbutt's Emeritar steezbutt Posted:
  16. the ignorance of haters=everything I want in life

    steezbutt's Emeritar steezbutt Posted:
  17. They're actually pretty cool aleast I think i'm gonna get a pair.

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  18. in a weird way they're cool

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  19. There are not cool in a weard way...
    They're just awsome

    INIT-skateboarding's Emeritar INIT-skateboarding Posted:
  20. fucking japs

    mudvayne666's Emeritar mudvayne666 Posted:
  21. dude those are awseome shoes i have the other templeton slipons with only eyes

    emericabakerskaterricky's Emeritar emericabakerskaterricky Posted:
  22. no disrespect to ed templton.. but hes not as good of a skater as he used to be. the not green shoes are sick.

    ElectricShredder's Emeritar ElectricShredder Posted:

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