Jorge Farah Cervera

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Jorge Farah "Pekas" Cervera
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Age: 18

Wow! Check out his video that Jorge Cervera sent in to Emerica. He is such a ripper! Jorge’s got some bangin’ footage. This is what I like to see in a sponsor me video. He's got tech skills on rails, he leaps down big gaps and he has a solid style. The kickflip back tail on the flat bar, the switch heel down the downhill set of stairs and the back tail to fakie on the handrail all stand out in this video--and that’s just to name a few. I’ve got nothing bad to say about this clip at all. Nice job, Jorge, you have definitely earned a pair of free shoes from Emerica. Everyone should keep an eye out for this ripper, he’s coming up.–Jeff Henderson


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  1. he's pretty damn good

    alivekennedys's Emeritar alivekennedys Posted:
  2. pretty snazy

    mikethedyke23's Emeritar mikethedyke23 Posted:
  3. ok, first of all let me say that this video is as boring as playing calculator with your dick, especially in the begining. Second, this dude did the same tricks time and time again. Third off this guy aint emerica material, alls he can do is handrails and gaps, which can get reeeeeeeeaaaalyyyy dull after about 100 lipslides, and the only flip tricks he does i learned in my first year of akating. Now im not hatin on this guy, and im not racist against mexicans(which,i beleive most of you are)Im just sayin that this was a boring and repetative video. But this guy does have some talent, and hes definitely good enough for a local sponsor, which he probabaly alresdy has.

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  4. and whats funny is, you guys entered while i was still typing!

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  5. heh, Jorge....hehehehehehe....

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  6. o, by the way, he does have 2 sweet handrailtricks in the begining, though

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  7. wowwwwww so fucking nice jorge and u are mexican esoo es un orgullo!!!!!!!!!!woowwwww!!!!!!!!!!1

    genaro's Emeritar genaro Posted:
  8. and by the way soy mexicano

    genaro's Emeritar genaro Posted:
  9. man that dude was fricken good i dont no what the other guy on here was saying

    killjoy's Emeritar killjoy Posted:
  10. first of all almostbetterthannoone you need to chill out and i bet hes way better than u anyways so shut the fuck up

    hybridzombie's Emeritar hybridzombie Posted:
  11. o yeah that was a sick part

    hybridzombie's Emeritar hybridzombie Posted:
  12. and by the way soy mexicano

    genaro's Emeritar genaro Posted:
  13. true dat hybridzombie.

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  14. get a life you losers

    Scamper's Emeritar Scamper Posted:
  15. Nice,,, i personally thought this guy was superb

    zVgoSkaTeVz's Emeritar zVgoSkaTeVz Posted:
  16. wow he was good,but the video would of been better if he was skating fast on lines and add up little more lines

    iLuVEmerica's Emeritar iLuVEmerica Posted:
  17. Saw him on youtube pretty much a year ago. He rides for project hardware is all I can remember.. pretty cool dude, haha I talkd to him on myspace.

    NJskate's Emeritar NJskate Posted:
  18. like a little ernie torres, this kid is sick as hell. little mexican people always rip hard. good job jorge, that was super impressive.

    brainspiller's Emeritar brainspiller Posted:
  19. Now that I look closely, hahaha, he kind of looks like Ben Stiller. The mexican kid he had in "Meet the Fockers". ..he really does.

    NJskate's Emeritar NJskate Posted:

    sk8rpunk's Emeritar sk8rpunk Posted:
  21. WOW! this video is awesome and the amazing thing is he has pretty decent filming and a good bag of tricks let alone this is the best kid from mexico i have yet seen a sponsor me tape from. Keep Ripping!!!!

    - Mark

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  22. dudes i personally thought that he was hella good but the filmer sucks, everytime the person filmed long lens, he zooms in on whatever after he lands, everytime

    FoxyRabbit's Emeritar FoxyRabbit Posted:
  23. almostbetterthanbaker you really are a faggot.
    that guy is probably 20 times better than u and because u cant get ure sponser me video on the emerica website ure hating on him.
    id just like to say that i thought that the video was good and that guy has a good chance in getting somewhere in skateboarding.

    Bluntpop's Emeritar Bluntpop Posted:

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  25. He's got a nice flick to his flippers.

    gabebauman's Emeritar gabebauman Posted:
  26. almostbetterthanbkaer, you are a d bag.

    stereotype's Emeritar stereotype Posted:
  27. almostbetterthanbaker your a dumb ass fuck this guy is sweet so don't talk trash and give negative thoughts on this guy until we see your video on here.

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  28. I fuckin said i wasnt fuckin hatin and i fuck in hate emerica you fuckin fuck!

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  29. Dis guy is way better than me i kno, i just thought the video was boring

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  30. o and hybrid zombie, almost kicks anyones ass
    even baker's and i dont care what you say, almost is the best
    besides plan b

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  31. arrite, skroo eveything i said earlier, my computer was skrood up aint the picture was choppy,so, as my new opinion, dis guy is pretty good and dont giveme anyshit justcuzi sed "preety good"

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  32. and if im a douche bag, at least i get more pussy than you!

    just kiddin you koo-i was bein a jackass

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  33. that kids pretty good. id sponsor him.

    EmericaSkate1213's Emeritar EmericaSkate1213 Posted:
  34. Badass!
    He's Pretty good..

    JaGeRs4LifE's Emeritar JaGeRs4LifE Posted:
  35. this guyz good. he's awesome all around.

    xXmm4lXx's Emeritar xXmm4lXx Posted:
  36. haha i saw this on youtube

    theDane's Emeritar theDane Posted:
  37. but damn is he good

    theDane's Emeritar theDane Posted:
  38. YEEEEAH!!! Eso es todo PEKAS!! RIFATE!! y demuestra que el mexicano también puede!!!

    Mexico needs help of the american skate company's!!

    msilva's Emeritar msilva Posted:
  39. amazing i like the varial flip down the stair it is sick

    treflipfool's Emeritar treflipfool Posted:
  40. good job that was pretty good man

    bakerkr3wemericaskater13's Emeritar bakerkr3wemericaskater13 Posted:
  41. almostbetterthanbaker you are a complete butt fuck man for real quit acting like you got a stick up your ass and relax. and almost sucks you little sheckler lover zero and baker are the best teams plan b's does got some skaters but half of them are vert pussies

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  42. this guy rips that kickflip backtail was awesome.. and so was the whole video

    aZEROinEMERICA's Emeritar aZEROinEMERICA Posted:
  43. eso es todo, para que vean que hay buenos spots en Mejico. como dice en una reva " los spots no van a ti , tu debes de buscarlos " y como dicen algunos por ahi, " duerma mientras usted esta muerto "
    felicidades Pekas
    es parte del orgullo del skate Mejicano

    burpe's Emeritar burpe Posted:
  44. yeah!! te la jalaste.. jaja ma la neta eres bueno.. y pues ya para el proximo año te vere en los video de alguna marca de prestigio me imagino jaja!

    suerte pekoso!

    poyi's Emeritar poyi Posted:
  45. Glad that most of you can appreciate Pekas' skill. We have been fortunate enough to have Pekas on our squad for a while now! Taking into consideration how far out he is in me the kid kills! You can check out some more of his footie on his team bio @
    Also be aware we have had a few imposters using his footie tryin to get some hype..I noticed someone left a comment that they spoke with Pekas on myspace..honestly Pekas doesnt really even speak much english let alone live in the United States (specifically in Spring the myspace imposter would have you believe.)
    Thanks again for the positive feedback!

    Owner, Deadwood Skateboards

    deadwood's Emeritar deadwood Posted:
  46. hes preety gu'd riGht

    redd's Emeritar redd Posted:
  47. i meant hes preety good alright

    redd's Emeritar redd Posted:
  48. ive seen this fellow on youtube hahaha sad not him on there ya know.....arg im confused

    skateaus's Emeritar skateaus Posted:
  49. Wow, first time on a side like this, it's allways some kind of blabla shitshit I rather do not give my coment to. Just in this case it's differnt and I will give you a thing to think about. Who cares about the tricks if you see a flick from Merida Yucatan. I don't, i do think about going back there an enjoy some nice food and some skatespots under the warm sun, going chilling at the carabian at the weekend with heartfull people. Damn you US homeboys, get out in the world, it's just under your nose and see some new scenes away from Hummies and dummies. Maybe you meet Pekas or Nino or any other one of them and then you get your feed on the ground and forget about the poor guys that landscape your garden and risk their asses for the sacret US in some war.... stopp talking shit about people you don't know, respect to all you Niggas. And if you fucking want to see hell of a flick with hart and soul, try to get and hand on "strongest of the strange" by Alv. Later in Hell or heaven

    hellhippie's Emeritar hellhippie Posted:
  50. Pekas, you should try globe cuz they maklin some serious changes over there.

    bsemexan's Emeritar bsemexan Posted:
  51. that was like much better than some random pro skaterborders video part. dude that was just amazing.

    gio411's Emeritar gio411 Posted:
  52. hellhippie their be somethin wrong with you acting like every american is lazy and has mexicans working in their yard. Not everybody is rich like and thinks that people have to do stuff for the man and they are not the only ones in that war I know freakin five friends that are caucassain(i like this word better than white) is in that war getting shot at beacause they are all infantryman.

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  53. Oh and not everybody can go visit those places, I mean not everyone can pay all this money to fly around to different countries and everthing cuz that costs a lot of money

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  54. omg pwned!!!!, he got skills... that stuff is great. 360 flip over those 10. ownt.
    proudly Mexican

    duendeskt's Emeritar duendeskt Posted:
  55. his part sucked in the beginging but then it got good and then it sucked again at the end and you guys have to stop doing bs feebles and fs lipslides on handrails cause there not impresive anymore

    ipathsarebetterthanemericas1's Emeritar ipathsarebetterthanemericas1 Posted:
  56. his part sucked in the beginging but then it got good and then it sucked again at the end and you guys have to stop doing bs feebles and fs lipslides on handrails cause there not impresive anymore

    ipathsarebetterthanemericas1's Emeritar ipathsarebetterthanemericas1 Posted:
  57. I've seen this guy on youtube before.
    He has a good bag of tricks but it was too long and really boring...

    EmericaSoulSkater's Emeritar EmericaSoulSkater Posted:
  58. But it was probably the best sponsor me vid.. But still it was boring...

    EmericaSoulSkater's Emeritar EmericaSoulSkater Posted:
  59. WooW You are very good!!You have a lot of future,i hope you get the sponsorship soon, you deserve it. Tas Cabron pinche farita

    rigelesquivel's Emeritar rigelesquivel Posted:
  60. this guy is amazing...he is definately emerica material......all that stuff was pretty bad ass....he really deserves this sponsorship

    emericax01x's Emeritar emericax01x Posted:
  61. Alamostbetterthanbaker your pretty fuckin gay and well yah i would laugh at your dam skate vid. I say shit like this video suck besides it will anyways....

    TriFlip's Emeritar TriFlip Posted:
  62. omg pwned!!!!, he got skills... that stuff is great. 360 flip over those 10. ownt.
    proudly Mexican

    duendeskt's Emeritar duendeskt Posted:

    vovovolcom's Emeritar vovovolcom Posted:
  64. omg pwned!!!!, he got skills... that stuff is great. 360 flip over those 10. ownt.
    proudly Mexican

    duendeskt's Emeritar duendeskt Posted:
  65. that video was muy bueno. you guys better sponsor this guy and fly him to the US ASAP.

    EmericaSkate1213's Emeritar EmericaSkate1213 Posted:
  66. Right with you, mr.ipath guy!
    And i would take a vote to prove that almost kicks baker's ass, but since this is an emerica website, i wont win, but on a dvs,globe, or circa website, i would
    but baker is srill really good, and almost doesnt KICK their ass, but they are somewhat better, and you know it. so stop arguin with me, and il stop arguin with you,livefreeordie im not a hata', we should all just shut up and skate

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  67. allrite, fuck eveyone, i have my own opinion and i thought this vid was boring, there,i said it, and dont give me anymore shit, this isnt myspace for god's sake

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  68. he kicks ass at stairs, though

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  69. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnn, im such a fuck, ill promise to shut up if you dont give me any shit, my computer played the video right, so i got to see the whole thiong and it wwas alot better than i thought it was

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  70. i paths are possibly the gayest shoes ever made besides element shoes. and almost doesnt have any where near as good of a team as baker and zero, even black label is better than almost so just shut up and learn your skate teams.

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  71. yall need to watch dyson ramones video because he had the best one so far

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  72. Why do you guys base your opinions of how good a company is on the people who ride on the teams? Every team has good people each with their own style. If anything you should base it off the way there boards are. Almost has semi pointy ends and tiny little tails. Baker used to be amazing but something happened and they changed their shape, now they have pointy ass noses and tails. Some people like that though, i guess the pointy tail could help scoop your 360 flips a little better. But instead of looking at a company by their team go skate one of their boards and decide which ones you like better. I would suggest anything from deluxe. They have big round noses and tails which are fantastic. Also this kid is amazing and almostbetterbaker kid your a fuckin twat.

    tailslide24's Emeritar tailslide24 Posted:
  73. well i wear ipaths because i think they fit my style and they dont suck they actually last a long time and i can keep my weed in them and if you guys want a board that has long lasting pop then get a zoo york or listen

    ipathsarebetterthanemericas1's Emeritar ipathsarebetterthanemericas1 Posted:
  74. boards that last a long time are black labels the zoo york i had lasted
    a month or 2, but if you like i paths better than why are you on this website

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  75. and i dont base my pinion on the team i base it on whichever board is the lightest and strongest board and has a wide tail with a lot of pop on it

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  76. (ALMOSBETTERTHANBAKER): That a real good excuse and well yah go fuck your self we all know he's badass so yah.... your probly just some computer nerd who doesn't even skate or a bigass poser who thinks he can...

    TriFlip's Emeritar TriFlip Posted:
  77. because ipath doesnt post videos every month from kids who at my level

    ipathsarebetterthanemericas1's Emeritar ipathsarebetterthanemericas1 Posted:
  78. because ipath doesnt post videos every month from kids who at my level

    ipathsarebetterthanemericas1's Emeritar ipathsarebetterthanemericas1 Posted:
  79. this guy is pretty damn good and whenever i see videos like this i think i suck because all i can do is heelflip, 50-50, 5-0, bank drop, and ollie a 5 stair!!!

    slaytheemos's Emeritar slaytheemos Posted:
  80. because there is no ipath blogger! DUr! and ipaths are pretty good shoes, they're light,very comfy and last a while with good grip

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  81. and the best deck i ever skated was an almost, second was zero, then a generic deck, then abaker and 2 enjois but baker decks have more concave

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  82. oyeah, and an element helium which i snapped in a month and a half

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  83. almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  84. so that one pretty much sucked since im like 12 and 5'7"

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  85. but zero decks are the overal best that ive skated, they last awhile

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  86. o, and the only good, long-lasting emerica shoo out there is the KSL, so if you're considering it, dont get the renolds 3 because there are only 2layers of shit on the side which for me ripped in 2 months(the first pair of shoes i had)

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  87. anjd the only time someone should base their opinion on a team is when they're buyin a video, and almost round3 kicked ass

    almostbetterthanbaker's Emeritar almostbetterthanbaker Posted:
  88. nice video but i confused does emerica ever is gonna sponsor someone all they give its a free pair of shoes but no sponsorship haha and the best sponser video ive seen in emerica its the mike sawyer one fucking awsome and creative

    fsbluntsarenotacrime's Emeritar fsbluntsarenotacrime Posted:
  89. and by the way almost is gay besides lutzka and haslam

    fsbluntsarenotacrime's Emeritar fsbluntsarenotacrime Posted:
  90. this guy is pretty good. and almostbetterthannobody your pretty whack you shouldnt talk shit unless YOU sent in a better vid haha. and almost is pretty gay

    sk8rofemerica's Emeritar sk8rofemerica Posted:
  91. aight "almostbetterthanbaker" has some shit to learn about skateboarding..and hes a pussy

    jman0836's Emeritar jman0836 Posted:
  92. cuz he talked shit about the vid and then made up some dumbass excuse that his computer didnt show it so people would stop telling him he was wrong..dont hate man..just go skate for yourself and respect other people and what they do

    jman0836's Emeritar jman0836 Posted:
  93. renegadeskater2's Emeritar renegadeskater2 Posted:
  94. why are you guys always talking shit to eachother or talking shit about this kids video you guys should really grow up and act mature. i think this guys video was awesome

    renegadeskater2's Emeritar renegadeskater2 Posted:
  95. austin777 where the heck do u live?

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  96. almostbetterthanbaker quit leaving so many comments and skate and if you want some shoes get the chiefs by fallen

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  97. I like this guy he is really good at all the tricks he does and he does stuff clean and well exicuted

    treflipfool's Emeritar treflipfool Posted:
  98. sskatripy's Emeritar sskatripy Posted:
  99. dude why don't they ever sponsor people? this kids crazy.
    steezy kickflip over the rail.

    sskatripy's Emeritar sskatripy Posted:
  100. the video is awesome and everything but it has no sound

    iskateswitch's Emeritar iskateswitch Posted:
  101. they have sponsored one guy from richmond, josh swyers he's on flow with them

    c-ro's Emeritar c-ro Posted:
  102. wow this guy is hella good, amlmostbetterthanbaker, first of all you just tried to make it sound like that guy sucks, so people would think you are good. and besides you can't make a biased opinion on decks when you've only skated 5 of them. I can already tell you're such a poser

    simmskate's Emeritar simmskate Posted:
  103. sicckkkk....

    big stiars big rails variety of tricks
    this guy is real good

    im better

    fsflipper's Emeritar fsflipper Posted:
  104. this dude is crazy, and ipaths and almost suck, baker and emerica are the best

    GabeDaSk8er's Emeritar GabeDaSk8er Posted:
  105. ha ha so many kid want to get on emerica but they cant because the new AM on chocolate is the new AM for emerica his fucking good too and his black top that ha ha

    cobulasion's Emeritar cobulasion Posted:
  106. i bet if u wooda added more manny pad shit and a lil vert and tech shit they wood sponsor u in a heart beat cuz u fukin shred on handrails and stairs and shit

    Cody Padilla's Emeritar Cody Padilla Posted:
  107. dude his mexican and we skate crazy look at him men look at leo romero all about rails and big chets dont hate we know how to skate

    david 's Emeritar david Posted:
  108. id have to say the best board is a girl or a chocalate then founations nd the best shoes r def the bherman 2s lasts pretty long nd is amazing while they last with god heel cushion nd good grippy bottoms tht dont get won down fast.1 shoeu need to have couldnt have designed a bettr shoe. but this kid is mad good nd he does get inda boring after he ripps tht 1 spot with the blue rail a new asshole bu other ten tht hes mad good.kid deffinetaky deserves these shoes cuz this kid is mad gnar

    leOromerOis killin it's Emeritar leOromerOis killin it Posted:
  109. man el pekas la arma un resto
    he is freakin goood he is one of my faorite skater
    by the way did he got sponsored?

    kevin's Emeritar kevin Posted:
  110. i would definitly sponsor this kid cuase when hes older hes gonna fuckin rip!!!!!

    Nellis's Emeritar Nellis Posted:
  111. just love skate! dont argue about who is better or which company is better or which video is better, just go and love skate, that's all, and if you get sponsors good work, if not keep on skating if you really love it, there are a lot of people who would like to skate and they can`t me, i got six times surgery on my knees because of doing the only thing i loved..skate, and i am very sad now because i will probably not been able to skate anymore, so if you love it just skate and fun!!

    pablo's Emeritar pablo Posted:
  112. Gotta love that double set he cleared!

    Braulio's Emeritar Braulio Posted:
  113. if jeff henderson says hes coming up and got style an is pretty good at skatin why doesnt he get sponsor by emerica this guy can be in this team and by a their level or above

    flip's Emeritar flip Posted:
  114. he is so fukin good!

    nicko's Emeritar nicko Posted:

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