Team Report 10-17-06

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Andrew Reynolds has been skating the streets of Los Angeles and spending time with his daughter, Stella. Drew will be representing the Regular footers this weekend at the GvR contest at the Skatepark of Lake Forest. Check out his Pay Day article in the September issue of TransWorld Skateboarding.


Heath Kirchart is on a filming mission with Alien Workshop in the San Francisco bay area. He has been stacking up footage for their upcoming video, which is yet to be titled. Scope Heath's That's How I Roll article in the September issue of Skateboarder and his Home Page article in the December issue of TransWorld Skateboarding.

Ed Templeton is putting the finishing touches on his part for the upcoming Toy Machine Suffer The Joy video, which will be premiering in November. Check out the trailer. Also see Ed's Top Five article in the November issue of TransWorld Skateboarding.


Kevin “Spanky” Long, Leo Romero and Austin Stephens are on the RVCA East Coast tour this week. You can meet the guys on October 17 at Elite Skateshop in Fairfax, Virginia and on October 18 at Dominion Skateshop in Richmond, Virginia. Speaking of Leo, he just got a tailslide pop-out photo in the December issue of Skateboarder.


Bryan Herman did some home improvement over the weekend and installed hardwood floors in his house. He went out to Hollywood yesterday to skate with Beagle. Herman will also be representing Regular at GvR. Don't miss his two-page kickflip photo on the Contents page of The Skateboard Mag issue 31, and a Top Five article in the October issue of TransWorld Skateboarding.

Chris Senn is a little shaken up after an earthquake rocked his area early Sunday morning. He and his family are all okay and, luckily, there was no damage done to his house. Chris is going to fly out to Cali for the weekend to represent Regular with Drew and Herman at GvR. Check Senn's frontside Indy (ha-ha) transfer photo in the This Ain't No Marseille article in the September issue of Thrasher.


Aaron Suski is mourning the loss of his dog, Bella, who was put to sleep this week due to bone cancer. He wanted us to post this photo of Bella in loving memory. Suski is going to go on little road trip with his girlfriend to get away for a little while. We are sorry about your loss, Aaron.

Braydon Szafranski is resting up a heel bruise he got while skating a hefty set of stairs in Los Angeles while shooting photos with Atiba Jefferson. Braydon wants to go back to get his trick as soon as his heel feels better. He is also planning on skating the GvR contest this weekend with his Regular foot brothers. Until then, don't miss Braydon and Drew's Cohorts article in the September issue of Skateboarder.


Brandon Westgate scored himself a tall front tail photo in the October issue of TransWorld Skateboarding and a sweet eight-page interview in the November 2006 issue of Slap. He racked up some sick photos from both the East and West coasts. Nice job, Brandon!

Matt Allen
will be the only Emerica team rider representing Goofy this weekend at GvR. He will be heading out on the road with Foundation Skateboards directly after the contest, navigating their way up to the great Northwest. Matt also recently scored a front heel photo in the Adventures in Babysitting article in the October issue of Thrasher.

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  1. Cannot believe I'm first! Must be 'cause the kiddies are in school! My sympathy to Aaron...Bella looked like a fun dog.

    skatermum's Emeritar skatermum Posted:
  2. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Oh well... 2nd. Aww Drew's daughter is adorable.

    Taylor's Emeritar Taylor Posted:
  3. Markous es muy estupido.
    Tengo tres donkies.

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  4. yo that dog is pimp man, spanky look wierd now

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  5. cool in going to get thrasher

    DEFYkid's Emeritar DEFYkid Posted:
  6. YA GVR is goin to be like a bone to a hot chick

    zVgoSkaTeVz's Emeritar zVgoSkaTeVz Posted:
  7. The kickflip of Herm. in the skateboard mag. is killin. duh hes only one of the best skater in the world.

    emericaskatedude's Emeritar emericaskatedude Posted:
  8. Also im cheering the regular riders on at GvR. Dollin is still kool though

    emericaskatedude's Emeritar emericaskatedude Posted:
  9. matt allen rips.

    goofy fo lyfe.

    miles's Emeritar miles Posted:
  10. ya GvR will be awesome


    VEL's Emeritar VEL Posted:
  11. Yeah Spanky looks weird...

    EmericaSoulSkater's Emeritar EmericaSoulSkater Posted:
  12. O yeah GvR is gonna pimp this year.

    EmericaSoulSkater's Emeritar EmericaSoulSkater Posted:

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