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Altamont Release Party!

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Calling all you SoCaltamont night owls! Get rung-up by Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman as they work the cash registers this coming Monday, October 30 from 11:59 p.m. midnight to 2:01 a.m. at the Altamont Release Party at Pharmacy Rideshop in the Lancaster Marketplace 44830 Valley Central Way, Unit 2-105, Lancaster, California. For more info, call (661) 945-1700.

Come on out and lurk with Drew and Herman at midnight and purchase some sick new Altamont clothes!

Marisa dal Santo Wins PUSH Jam!

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Congrats to Emerica flow rider Marisa dal Santo for ripping it up at the PUSH Jam contest that was held at GvR this past weekend in Lake Forest, California. Marisa skated her way into first place and took home a check for $3,500. She has been holding it down at all the recent girls’ contests, and it’s good to see her take home a nice chunk of change. Check out this sweet footage of Marisa throwing a couple o' trix down the 11-stair.

For Fun Zine No. 11

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Title: For Fun Zine
Publisher: Claudio "Kacky"
Issue Number: 11 (March 2006)
Page Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Page Count: 20
Printing method: Black and white photocopy.
Price: Free.
Email: (Replace "at" with the @ symbol.)
Web site: For Fun Zine

Did you know that zine years are roughly the same as dog years? Yep, that's right. In that case, For Fun Zine is now officially middle-aged, as it clocks in at a whopping 42 years old! Seven human years times six zine years equals 42 big ones. Wrap your atomic clock, stopwatch or sun dial around that one, Father Time.

Issue #11 kicks off the official “6 Years Cheers!” celebration with an Arizona Trip article, a Photo Gallery, a QIX World Contest article, a Spot Check on Johnstown and Milliken, Colorado skateparks, an Anatomy of Artimus Coltroid photo diagram, a Broken Foot Overview, a Trick Tip on the Ballerina Flip and a couple of zine and music reviews.

As always, the price of this zine is free, so what are you waiting for? Email Claudio today and order a copy to call your very own. The For Fun Zine Web site is also looking doper (and more dapper) than ever. Oh, look. Issue #13 is already out. I'm such a lagger, but at least I'm not a grocery bagger!

Emerica Team at GvR!

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Fellow Emericans, keep an eye out for Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Braydon Szafranski, Aaron Suski and Matt Allen* as they bring total skateboarding destruction to the GvR (Goofy vs. Regular) contest this coming Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22, 2006 at the Skatepark of Lake Forest, 20028 Lake Forest Drive, Lake Forest, California. Here's a map.

Emerica pool rippers and masters of disaster Chris Senn and Ben Krahn will also join in the havoc, as they enrapture tomorrow's bowl contest with 100% pure tranny skills.

Sanctifying it all, Emerica spiritual advisor and stone cold style icon The Bishop (Don "Magic" Juan) will also be on hand to cleanse you of all your sins while blessing you with the green and gold at the Emerica booth at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. Charge the camcorder and Stay Gold.

*Team riders subject to change. Your mileage may vary.