Emerican History Test!

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This year, we've been celebrating 10 years of Emerica with the Emerican History timeline, and now we're extending it into a contest! In 25 words or less, tell us on the contest page (not in the blog) when and where you bought your first pair of Emerica shoes, which model they were, and why you still love Emerica today. When the contest is over, we'll choose one winner, who will receive a nice, big package of historical Emerica goodies. View the full list of prizes. This contest ends on December 13, 2006.

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(21) responses to: Emerican History Test!

  1. first! finally and oh yeah i hope i win

    aZEROinEMERICA's Emeritar aZEROinEMERICA Posted:
  2. Damn! I almost got first

    KoolKid's Emeritar KoolKid Posted:
  3. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    i dont have emericas but my next shoe is gonna be emericas

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  4. Thats a lot of stuff to win.

    baker2727's Emeritar baker2727 Posted:
  5. thats cool...i have never bought emericas b4 bc im too poor too...but i love them bc of there sweeeet team

    blanksrock's Emeritar blanksrock Posted:
  6. Emericas are the only thing to wear the are the mutha fukin best things to style

    zVgoSkaTeVz's Emeritar zVgoSkaTeVz Posted:
  7. why did ipledgetoemerica have to go screwin dis page up


    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:

    Taylor's Emeritar Taylor Posted:
  9. good luck to all my fellow brosephs

    and merry christmas

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  10. yes, i wrote the best story ever I am awesome super cool and eat good thanksgivng

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  11. i emerica it yes lackinine

    emericabakerskater123's Emeritar emericabakerskater123 Posted:
  12. wooo!! awesome prizes yo!

    Snakemerica's Emeritar Snakemerica Posted:
  13. don't forget that it's 25 words or less everybody. mine was 25 on the dot... if i win the shoes i will get:
    the boss in brown/red
    the heritic 2 in red/black
    the herman in brown/sand

    i already have the heritic2 and the herman but not in those colorways. i'm greedy.

    tomerica's Emeritar tomerica Posted:
  14. yo that toolshed is just like myspace

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  15. man I want to win. Emericas are beasts so I skate them, huh.

    green14's Emeritar green14 Posted:
  16. where do you ener your age?

    green14's Emeritar green14 Posted:
  17. enter

    green14's Emeritar green14 Posted:
  18. this is the best contest ive ever seen... so much stufff. whoever wins better skate... a lot! good luck 2 all!

    timeskater19's Emeritar timeskater19 Posted:
  19. they tear so easy when there skated. im not hatin on them but im just not skating them till they make a tougher shoe. like the boss. its a little expensive for me but my bro has them and they lasted so far about a month with a time little tear on the rubber in the front of his left foot. thats a good shoe and i hope they could make more like them.

    xEmericaBakerx's Emeritar xEmericaBakerx Posted:
  20. man they have hella kool prizes on here who ever wins better skate their shoes to be representin!

    m-v's Emeritar m-v Posted:
  21. I really hope i win

    stephan's Emeritar stephan Posted:

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