2001: Emerica Mansion

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Emerica Mansion, Skateboarder, November 2002.
Emerica Mansion, Skateboarder, November 2002. Photo enlarges.

Team Manager Justin Regan gathers together most of the Emerica team--Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Erik Ellington, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman, Braydon Szafranski and filmer Jonathan Miner--to live in a nine-bedroom mansion in the Hollywood Hills for a year to brainstorm filming missions for their upcoming blockbuster video, This is Skateboarding.

A full eight-minute documentary on the Emerica Mansion is also prominently included in On Video magazine, as well as a 14-page feature article in Skateboarder--not to mention numerous bits in Big Brother, Strength, Thrasher, TransWorld Skateboarding and many Web sites.

Andrew Reynolds, TransWorld Skateboarding, August 2001.
Andrew Reynolds, TransWorld Skateboarding, August 2001. Photo enlarges.

The Emerica Mansion theme also ties in quite nicely with the Reynolds shoe bling-bling colorway, the Bling-Bling package, the gold ink prominently featured in the Emerica 2002 ad campaign--not to mention the opulent golden frame pictured in the 2002 Emerica team portrait poster. This attention to detail, applied with exquisite large scale planning, places the Emerica brand at the forefront of its niche, where it remains today.

Young Emericans, Skateboarder, November 2002.
Young Emericans, Skateboarder, November 2002.

Amateurs Kevin “Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski join the Emerica team.

Ed Templeton scores a 20-page “10 Years Of Templeton” retrospective article in Thrasher.

Heath Kirchart, TransWorld Skateboarding, February 2001.
Heath Kirchart, TransWorld Skateboarding, February 2001. Photo enlarges.

Heath Kirchart wins TransWorld Skateboarding's Best Video Part of the Year Award for his section in their Sight Unseen video.

Heath Kirchart, TransWorld Skateboarding, December 2001.
Heath Kirchart, TransWorld Skateboarding, December 2001. Photo enlarges.

Chris Senn wins the 1st place overall Street ranking for the year in World Cup Skateboarding.

Emerica Heritic Shoe, 2001.
Emerica Heritic Shoe, 2001.

New shoe models: Barley, Johnson 2, Kirchart, Templeton 2, Capture, Carbide, Heritic, Latch, Transmit. The Heritic quickly becomes a top seller in the Emerica line, as it easily meets rider demand for a very functional skate shoe with basic styling and great durability via a rubber toe cap--spawning many imitators in the process.

Tosh Townend, TransWorld Skateboarding, May 2001.
Tosh Townend, TransWorld Skateboarding, May 2001. Photo enlarges.

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