Design-a-Tee 7

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Welcome to the seventh edition of Emerica's ongoing Design-A-Tee contests, in which we empower you, the ranks of Emerican youth, to create the best Emerica T-shirt graphic ever. You must enter Design-A-Tee 7 as soon as possible, though, as this contest officially closes on January 15, 2007. So, you better get crackin' and get creative!

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(32) responses to: Design-a-Tee 7

  1. i hope these contest could be more interesting than the last one...

    propaganda's Emeritar propaganda Posted:
  2. i cant send my designe!, what kind off fucking error?, i dont get it!...

    propaganda's Emeritar propaganda Posted:
  3. too bad you suck so much

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  4. hopefully they wont steal anyways design this time

    MobileRocks's Emeritar MobileRocks Posted:
  5. *anyones

    MobileRocks's Emeritar MobileRocks Posted:
  6. propaganda: Try again, it works now.

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  7. my shirt looks way cool. if it doesnt work out i'll just make my brother use it for his shop. good idea, eh?

    Taylor's Emeritar Taylor Posted:
  8. dood i make the raddest shirt designs so im gonna win a spot on the emerica team and have hal 3000's baby

    doyah's Emeritar doyah Posted:
  9. i already make my own shirts and im to lazy to figure out how to submit a desig so,,, al you guys/gals should buy sme

    zVgoSkaTeVz's Emeritar zVgoSkaTeVz Posted:
  10. MobileRocks, Emerica has never stolen anyone's t-shirt designs. Bite me.

    Poster's Emeritar Poster Posted:
  11. they stole RasaLibre4Life's design.

    Dennis's Emeritar Dennis Posted:
  12. they stole RasaLibre4Life's design.

    Dennis's Emeritar Dennis Posted:
  13. my hair looks really healthy, feels really soft, and smells really good. just so you all know.

    Taylor's Emeritar Taylor Posted:
  14. well, what about the "specials t-shirt" that emerica has out. that was deffinately taken from the band the specials, and they didn't give thme credit... so there is another stolen t-shirt design.

    Hom3s's Emeritar Hom3s Posted:
  15. how do u like make a design

    emericask8r618's Emeritar emericask8r618 Posted:
  16. damn. i hope i win.

    madd-kool's Emeritar madd-kool Posted:
  17. i am gonna win!

    tooKr3wforyou's Emeritar tooKr3wforyou Posted:
  18. im out there for 2 things: to win and to support Emerica so get your game on and send in your stuff... a contest is a contest and whoever wins... congrats but hopefully i made an impact in Emerican history by sending in my design... dont let any1 steal it from u... theres only one way to steal... if you let them them have it!

    timeskater19's Emeritar timeskater19 Posted:
  19. my design is pretty cool but i dont care if i win

    tooKr3wforyou's Emeritar tooKr3wforyou Posted:
  20. im entering it right now

    EmericaStar's Emeritar EmericaStar Posted:
  21. Re: "They stole his design, blah blah blah". Did you read the disclaimer?

    From the design a tee description: "Note: Upon entering the contest, your artwork becomes the property of Emerica (Sole Technology, Inc.)"

    First of all, I doubt Emerica would do such a thing without crediting the artist. Secondly, it's easy to claim a tee is your design and make fake evidence claiming it's yours. Obviously, nothing matters since it becomes Emerica's property anyways. If it really was 'stolen', I guess you'll always know in your mind that it's your design, which in itself is pretty sweet.

    loldongs's Emeritar loldongs Posted:
  22. Oppps!!! just realized that my design was kinda stollen from lakia? does it matter? FUCKING HOPE NOT!

    Blat Blat!

    spangle's Emeritar spangle Posted:
  23. DUDE, I sent my design in. but i wasn't sure if it had to be on the t-shirt template. Does it??? because i didn't put it on there, and I sent a badass design.

    EmbMoFo's Emeritar EmbMoFo Posted:
  24. I made 2 designs and im gonna see which one I like the best, I hope I win!! But Good luck to all of you!!

    biggietd's Emeritar biggietd Posted:
  25. I made 2 designs and im gonna see which one I like the best, I hope I win!! But Good luck to all of you!!

    biggietd's Emeritar biggietd Posted:
  26. im praying so bad to god. i hope i win. i need new shoes lol. plus my design is pretty sick. and if i do win, id buy my shirt haha. good luck to everyone else too. who knows when they select the winner?

    EmericaShayne's Emeritar EmericaShayne Posted:
  27. i love my design and i think its totally sick but u never no since i havent seen yalls... who wins... i think we should get to vote... who agrees????

    timeskater19's Emeritar timeskater19 Posted:
  28. seriously...if you win then you win just shut your mouth and hope your design was good enough to make it to the top

    V3NGE's Emeritar V3NGE Posted:
  29. Well it officialy ends today!!! Good Luck to all who entered!

    biggietd's Emeritar biggietd Posted:

    diviantego's Emeritar diviantego Posted:
  31. Hey well the contest is over i guess, best of luck to everyone!

    thefriendyouwishyouhad's Emeritar thefriendyouwishyouhad Posted:
  32. the end... good luck... i think im last unless sum1 comments after me! ... ever said : IM LAST!

    timeskater19's Emeritar timeskater19 Posted:

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