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Leo Blab 2

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RVCA: When I met you, I asked why you had that camera, and you said to take pictures of hot girls. Is that true, or were you just playing around?
A little bit of both.

hassleposse: How long does it take you to learn a trick? Which trick are you currently working on?
It depends on the trick. Sometimes it's really easy, sometimes it's really hard.

reynold3s: When will we be seeing your pro model from Baker?
I already have one. It's out now, so go buy it.

FoxyRabbit: Do you like color photos or black and white?
I like 'em neon color. No, it doesn't really matter.

FoxyRabbit: Do you like strip clubs?
I'm actually parked at one right now. It's called Ecstacy, at Fairview and Warner in Costa Mesa, California.

FoxyRabbit: Have you ever hit your back really hard while you were skating?
Yeah, my lower back. I can't walk for three or four days.

FoxyRabbit: When are you gonna be on the Baker site?
I don’t know. It’s up to the Baker dudes.

FoxyRabbit: Your new shoe looks sick. How come you wanted to make it so thin and low?

I can't stand thick and bulky shoes, cuz I can’t feel my board.

abec-1: What's the best thing you get out of demos and signings?
A sweet sesh with my bros.

FoxyRabbit: Do you like drawing on other people's stuff? I do.
Yeah, when they don’t know I'm doing it.

abec-1: In videos, you seem like a cool guy. Are you always that energetic?
Uh, no.

TheOGBaker: Will you be able to use any footage you filmed for Foundation for the next Baker video, or do you have to re-film all of that?
We're dealing with some legal battles over that right now. Swank's a really nice guy.

abec-1: If Oprah invited you to be on her show, what would you wear?
I'd wear a clear tux.

Quaroon: Who are some of your favorite photographers?
Fuck, I don’t know. I don’t really have any.

deedeedee: Which trick do you break your board on the most?

tommyh: Do you ever wear a cap on top of a do-rag? You play that game?
Only when I sleep.

emericaskate30: Do you like Tech Decking? In an old video part, didn't you say you always have one with you?
Yes, cuz I'm possessed by Satan.

alipunkskater: Can you speak Spanish? What part of Mexico are you from?
Si. The dirty part.

iskateseattle: Is RVCA pronounced R-V-C-A or Ruca? What does it mean?
It's pronounced "Ruca." The "v" is really a "u." It's just a symbol.

bakerkrew3: What is your favorite picture you've ever taken?
I don’t really have one.

bakerkrew3: What is your favorite thing to order when you're at Denny's?
Moons Over My Hammy.

bakerkrew3: Have you ever got mad at a fan before? If so, what did that person do?
They ask for my board way too many times. I don’t really get mad, though, just frustrated.

abec-1: Have you ever eaten pudding without a spoon?
I've eaten pudding off a girl without a spoon.

ZachM: What do you do on those lonely nights at home when you are by yourself?

bakerkrew3: Has a fan ever offended you in any way about being Mexican? If so, what did they say?

bakerkrew3: What do you wear to bed?
Just my shoes.

bakerkrew3: Would you ever settle down in a serious relationship?

I hope not.

abec-1: You look like a really skinny guy. Do you just eat healthy, not eat a lot, or are you one of those metrosexual kind of guys who is worried about his appearance?
I don’t give a fuck. I eat what I want.

bakerkrew3: Have you ever been late to any events because of sex?
I wish.

Stay Gold Tour of Australia!

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Calling all you Aussie Emericans! It's time to join Emerica pros Andrew Reynolds, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero and ams Braydon Szafranski and Brandon Wetsgate during the Stay Gold Tour of Australia. So, bust out a Sharpie, get your face signed and watch all the carnage go down on:

March 15 at Riverside Skatepark, Melbourne, 2-4 pm
March 16 at City Skatepark, Adelaide, 3-5 pm
March 19 at George Burnett Recreation Centre, Karawara, Perth, 3-5 pm

G'day, mate! See you there. Update: Braydon and Brandon are ams!