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Skate Nerd

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Based out of Philadelphia, Skate Nerd keeps it simple and artistic with a clean home page and just four sections:

Minnow is a page for their physical and online stores, where they sell unique, limited, hand-drawn T-shirts, stickers, buttons, etc. and hold rad art shows. There's a cool gallery in there, too. T-Shirts offers Skate Nerd shirts, of course, as well as a handkerchief and a pin pack. Skatepark features the Schuylkill River Skatepark Project, an insanely nice (and giant) skate plaza currently in the planning stages in Philly. Sk8links features a nifty pull-down menu linking to many different facets of skateboarding.

Then there's the Journal on the far left side of the home page that covers a wide range of local and general skateboarding concerns. Whether you're East Coast or not, Skate Nerd is a Web stop of choice for the thinking man's skateboarder.

Heath Blab 2

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cara: So, how's your new shop coming along?
Good, I guess. I'm kind of a absentee owner, because I live so far from Iowa. I talk to them daily, but I don't see what goes on.

f0undation00: Do you have a part coming up that will exceed your part in Sight Unseen?


Stay Gold Tour Video

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This clip was originally viewable only via password through the Emerica Disinformation Newsletter #15. Subscribe now for advance news about your favorite Emerica team riders, events, shoes and gear, and to see the latest monthly video clip before everyone else. By signing up, you also automatically get a chance to win a free pair of shoes. One random subscriber wins every month.

Matt Zicopula

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Matt Zicopula
Long Island, New York
Age: 16

This morning, I checked out Matt Zicopula's footy for this month's Sponsor Me Video Review, and what a great bunch of film it is! Matt's got some nice tricks stacked up in this sucker, including stellar hardflips and frontside flips, as well as a nice ender: a switch frontside flip down a grass gap.
Matt, the one thing I noticed after watching your footy is that you didn't have much in the way of rail and ledge shredding. While it's not essential, I think it will help diversify the segments that you've put together. Potential sponsors always like to see that you can skate a wide array of terrain, and tearing up the local rail and ledge is a definite plus. You may even want to drop some tranny in here and there to really light some fires.
I liked your run with the switch backside 180, 360 flip, nollie flip down the gap, and would have liked to have seen more connected lines incorporating your hammer arsenal. Don't forget, consistency and good lines are always where it's at...not to mention they are fun to watch and usually tend to be memorable. That being said, you may want to consider linking up some tricks in your next vid.
All in all, your footy is solid, and with some rail jammers and consistent lines, you could command some attention from the couch. Keep it comin' and enjoy your brand spankin' new Emerica kicks! Stay Gold.--Timothy Nickloff, Emerica Sales Manager

Heath's Harley Tour Photo Show!

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Want to check out some amazing photography in-person taken by Emerica pal Jason O'Dell? Jason rode with us on last year's Heath's Harley Tour and the photos he shot while riding his hog no-handed down the highway in excess of posted speed limits make up the basis of his solo exhibition, Our America.

Your presence is cordially requested as the Emerica team joins Jason to relive the memories and talk about fun times to come this coming Thursday, May 11 at Curio 69 Contemporary Art Gallery, 8764 Holloway Drive, West Hollywood, California 90069, phone (310) 659-1695. Ride free, fellow Emericans!

Cinco de Leo!

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Come help Emerica pros Leo Romero, Bryan Herman and am Matt Allen celebrate Cinco de Leo this Friday, May 5 at Pharmacy Boardshops in Fontana AND Victorville, California, where they will be signing autographs and busting up some raw pinatas.

Leo's first Emerica pro shoe is coming out at the beginning of June, and you just might be able to get a sneak peek of it up close and personal at Pharmacy. See you there!

Pharmacy Fontana
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
14405 Baseline Ave, Suite 400
Fontana, California 92336
Phone (909) 823-7861

Pharmacy Victorville
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
16979-G Bear Valley Road
Victorville, California 92395
Phone (760) 955-9505