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Paying in Pain No. 18

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Title: Paying in Pain
Publisher: Joey Young
Issue Number: 18
Page Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 40
Printing method: Black and white offset press on newsprint with a four-color glossy cover.
Price: $2.00.
Email: (Use @ instead of "at".)
Web site: Paying in Pain

The first actual printed-on-a-real-press 'zine we've ever reviewed here on the Emerica site, Paying in Pain is flyin' right at ya out of Visalia in the San Joaquin Valley of central California.

Starting out life on a color Xerox machine on the sly at Kinko's in San Francisco way back in 1999, the mag has survived and thrived over the years. Somewhere between issues 2 and 4, publisher Joey Young moved himself and the mag from SF to Visalia. Then around issue 7 or 9, he and his wife, Dannelle, had a daughter, prompting Joey to buy a business license and make Paying In Pain a legit venture. As it says on their site, "Since then it has been a crazy road," but "the future looks bright."

Issue 18 reminds me of early Thrasher back in late 1981 (before your grandpa was born) when they transformed from the big newspaper-style format into standard mag size with a glossy cover and newsprint innards. Features include Big Gun Underdog (Check Out-style) profiles on Alex Villasenor, Josh Baker, Drew Porter and Tim Ward; an Australia / New Zealand travelogue with lots of nice concrete park photos; an article called The Valley 2005 featuring lots of San Joaquin park and pool skating plus interviews with locals Lincoln Nass, Dave Metty and Patrick Bronowicki.

All in all, Paying in Pain feels like a good, raw antidote to the glossed-over mainstream side of skateboarding. Subscribe and help support the cause.

Go Skateboarding Day: June 21, 2006!

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June 21, 2006: No school. No work. Nothing but skateboarding. Today is our day. Join in the grind heard around the world!

There are plenty of Go Skateboarding Day events happening all over the place. Go to your local skate shop and see what’s going on, or visit Go Skateboarding Day. If nothing is happening in your area, get everyone together and start your own event!

Suggestions: Choose a place for everyone to meet. Skate across town, hitting all the spots along the way. Hold a best trick contest or play a game of SKATE. End up at your local skate shop or skatepark and have a barbeque! Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless!

Emerica will celebrate Go Skateboarding Day with Wild in the Streets!