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Cowtown Go Skateboarding Night Report

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On June 21, 2006, the skateboarders of Phoenix, Arizona celebrated Go Skateboarding Night with Cowtown’s Golden Egg Quest, presented by Emerica.

Scene 1: Cowtown on Central at 7:25 p.m.
Phoenix Police Department: “What’s going on here tonight?”
Trent (Cowtown): “Oh, we're having a video premiere, we do it all the time. It was just advertised a little more this time, so that's why there are so many people around.”
Phoenix Police Department: “What is this Golden Egg thing I've been hearing about?”
Trent: “Oh, that. Well, we just hid a couple of hundred gold eggs with vouchers for free skateboarding product all over downtown Phoenix. We're going to throw out maps for kids to find all of them as soon as the video is over.”


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Doug Des Autels

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Doug Des Autels
Age: 98
Arcadia, California

What up, homies! First off, let me say that Doug Des Autels friggin' rips! His style reminds me a lot of Josh Kalis, and there are tons of gems in this Sponsor Me video, including some really difficult flip-in / flip-out shenanigans on just about every object you could think of, plus some really crazy ledge hammers and a big assortment of technical wizardry. Nice work, Doug!
This is a really good vid filled with some incredible skateboarding, but I gotta admit there are a few things I'm not really into. The "speed-up" and "slow-mo" editing between tricks kinda changes the flow of some of the lines. I'm a fan of the "show it how it is" type of videography, so it's a bummer to see those kind of effects put on such great skating. Remember, less is more. My ex-girlfriend told me that once...ouch.
Also, the music selection. I know it's all personal preference, but the music is a bit too impersonal and repetitive for my liking. Combined with your own personal style and your skating, music can seriously bring a part to life, but it can just as easily take away from it. If you're feelin' the mellow jams, cram some classic De La Soul or A Tribe Called Quest up in that joint and I'll guarantee the whole feeling will change!
Regardless of my petty nit-picking, Doug is super talented, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will find a permanent home in the skateboarding bizz. Thanks for the vid, Doug, and the next noseslide double heel out that you do will be in some brand-new Emerica shoes. Big-ups to Doug! Stay Gold.--Timothy Nickloff, Emerica Sales Manager

Emerica Team Signing at Glendale Boarders!

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Calling all you SoCal Emeriheads! Bust out your Sharpies! The Emerica team--Andrew Reynolds, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero, Braydon Szafranski, Austin Stephens and Matt Allen--will be in full-on autograph mode on Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. at Boarders in the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, California. For more info, please dial (818) 550-1239.

Ed Blab 2

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This be Ed Blab 2, conducted by kids just like you...or maybe actually you.

One Man Demo: Which Emerica team rider would you most wanna do a nude painting of?
Leo Romero, cuz I like little Mexican boys. Just kidding.

peterpod: I'm 27 now, and after 15 years of skating, my knees click and clunk and feel like they are about to collapse into tiny little bits. Are your knees fucked? Does it affect your skating? What injury would make you stop skating?
I feel pretty fortunate that I've never had too many knee injuries. I did tear a ligament last year, which took me out for six months. But once I started skating again, it didn't bother me. I've never had any knee surgeries or anything, but I came from an era of not jumping down giant things. I went through that phase, but now I'm back to skating small things.

livetoskatetx: Have you ever tried to fart really hard around friends and a little surprise popped out?
No. I did in class in high school one time, but not around friends. By the way, that is called an Oops Poops.

TylerDurden: I noticed you have some pretty unique music in your video parts. How do you go about selecting a track to skate to?
I usually want something with a good, fast beat. It makes the part more exciting and fun to watch. I like stuff with more distortion, which is why I've used Sonic Youth a bunch of times.

Moohaumed: You said you don't wear deodorant because you don't believe in putting chemicals in your body to make you smell good. Does that mean you don't use soap, shampoo or toothpaste either?
No, I use soap and shampoo from the health food store. I would use deodorant if I cared enough to, I just don't want to put anything containing aluminum in my body.

deicide: Would you ever put Johnny Layton on a diet? I've seen him, and he's getting fat!
No, that's up to him.

scattermyribs: Something about you I've always found to be really gnar is no matter how many different phases you've lived through since you started skating, you've always stayed true to who you are, and what you believe in both skating and art (which I really love). My question is, what were--and are--your biggest influences in skateboarding and your unique style of art?
As far as skating goes, I always mention the Gonz. I saw him skating around Huntington Beach when I was a little kid, and he blew me away. When I was starting out, Chris Miller's style on vert is what I wanted to emulate on street. My art influence came from just looking at books at the mall, sadly. Later, I was fortunate enough to travel and see a lot of great art in-person.

emericatwinx: How hard was it to become an artist? What did it take? Classes, schooling or self-teaching? I am starting to consider becoming an artist myself and would like to know.
I'm just self-taught. I never went to school, and I advise the same to anyone. You don't have to take a course. Art is not about being good, it's just about doing it.

ILOVEMERICA: Have you ever imagined that there was no such thing as Earth? That there was nothing in the universe, nothing at all? Wouldn't that be weird?
No, I have not imagined that. I've thought about t a lot of stuff, but not that there was no Earth. This planet isn't a mistake, but what grew on it is just a chance occurrence.

ILOVEMERICA: Have you ever smelled your towel after a shower and it smelled weird?

Andrew: About how much did the fattest person you've ever made love to weigh?
I've never made love to a fat person. I haven't had sex with enough people to talk about sex that way.

cal24d4life: What's your favorite color / kind of poop?
Green, I guess. I name all of my poops Lenny Squigafonte.

ProudlyPinoy: If you could go back in time, what year would go back to, and why?
It would be fun to go back to the Old West, around 1875, just to see what the real Old West was like. Or maybe a little bit earlier, to the Lewis and Clark days, before America was turned into a gigantic trash can.

emericanagent: When you're drawing out ideas for ads or graphics and such, do you listen to any sort of music or anything to help get ideas flowing?
I usually listen to NPR when I'm painting or drawing. If not that, then just a big mix of music--everything from Bob Dylan to Slayer.

emericanagent: Do you think there are aliens in Area 51?
No, I don't believe in aliens. I believe they could exist in theory, but not on planet Earth. I think they were made up in science fiction, got blown out of proportion and people believe in it, like dumbasses.

emericanagent: If you had to choose between French kissing an old man who had a crush on you or a hobo barfing in your mouth, which wood you choose?
Frenching the old man. I don't subscribe to your ageism.

skatebaker: Have you ever tried anything at El Toro? If you have, what? If you haven't, will you ever attempt it?
No, I haven't, and I probably never will at this point in my life.

skatebaker: If you knew that you had a week to live, what would you do?

I don't know, probably hang out with Deanna, eat food, and have sex. Just do what I normally do. Maybe go somewhere interesting, like Africa or an island, and blow some money. I'd like to try to get eaten by a shark before I die.

The interview is over. Don't ask any more questions. 

Ultimate Alternative Father's Day!

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Calling all bad-ass dads! It’s time to rumble down the highways of Illinois and Wisconsin during the Ultimate Alternative Father's Day leg of Emerica’s Wild Ride.

For two days, fathers, sons and everyone else will ride their hogs, skate and camp with the Emerica team. The action kicks off on Saturday, June 17 at 1:00 p.m. at Springfield Skatepark in Springfield, Illinois. There’s never been a Father’s Day celebration quite like this, so be there…or be Mr. Rogers.

Meet at 1:00 p.m. at Springfield Skatepark 5751 Bunker Hill Road, Springfield, Illinois 62704. Kids will get a chance to meet and skate with the Emerica team. From there, the group will hit the open road to a second skatepark, Big Creek Park, in Canton, Illinois, approximately 90 miles away. Big Creek Park 940 N. Main Street, Canton, Illinois 61561. Arrival time at Big Creek will be approximately 5:00 p.m.

After an evening of hanging with the pro skaters and other riders, the Wild Ride will head approx 60 miles to Hickory Hills Campground 973 CR 2250 E, El Paso, Illinois 61771, phone (309) 744-2407. On Sunday morning, you can continue to Milwaukee with the rest of the Wild Ride, or if you came from the Southern part of the state, you can enjoy an afternoon ride home.

We are providing a group to ride with and an opportunity to meet some of the best skaters in the world. You are responsible for: food, camping gear and reserving your own campsite. If you have any questions about the Ultimate Alternative Father's Day Ride, email

Boost Wild Call of the Day 2006

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Listen to audio clips of Emerica team riders giving daily updates on Wild Ride!

Sunday, June 11

Braydon Szafranski gives the heads up from Denver, Colorado. Listen to it right here:

Download braydon-szafranski.mp3 (1.2 MB)

Monday, June 12

Bryan Herman gives the heads up from Kansas. Listen to it right here:

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Tuesday, June 13

Matt Allen gives another heads up from Kansas. Listen to it right here:

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Wedesday, June 14

Ben Gilley gives the heads up from Missouri. Listen to it right here:

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Thursday, June 15

Leo Romero and Ed Templeton give the heads up from Kansas City, Missouri. Listen to it right here:

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