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Team Report 09-19-06

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Andrew Reynolds has been shredding around Los Angeles lately. He will be flying out to New York later this week for an Altamont Apparel product launch party.

Heath Kirchart is roaming around the East Coast in a van with some of the Alien Workshop team. They are in search of epic skate spots to film for their upcoming video.


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You Interview Spanky Again!

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It's time for number 19 in our never-ending series of Blab Interviews conducted by you kids. This month, we're going to hit up Emerica pro Kevin "Spanky" Long for the second time.

Just ask a nice, short question right here in this post and one week from now, I'll choose a few of the best and give Spanky a call. Read his bio and first Blab interview, so you don't ask anything that has already been answered there.

Wild in the Streets 2006 Utrecht!

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Join Emerica pros Bryan Herman, Braydon Szafranski and the Dutch Emerica Team as they take over the streets of Utrecht, Holland! Show up for the Wild Ride of your life at 12:00 noon on Sunday, September 24, 2006 at Griftpark Utrecht. Somehow, we'll make it to the Yard. Wanna know how? Show up and ride with us!

Various Best Trick Contests will go down along the way. The Best Best Trick of the Day will go down at the Yard Water Gap! We even built a rail over it for extra gnarlitude! The world-famous Falus Worst Trick Contest will also be happening. Questions? Call E-Zone at 030 236 9298 or visit their site.

Chris Senn TransWorld Cover!

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On the cover of TransWorld Skateboarding's November 2006 issue, get a load of globetrotting Emerica pro Chris Senn as he precision grinds over a super narrow, hairy ass, sharp-edged donut at that new gigantic skatepark over in Shanghai, China. It's so burls, there's even a sequence inside.

Seems Senn went on a lil' Oakley team filming mission over there, which also resulted in a 12-page article in this issue. Good job, Senn-Dog! Buy a copy at a skate shop or news stand near you.

Happy Birthday, Heath Kirchart!

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Heath's backside 360 was so fast, it didn't even show up in this photo.

In advance celebration of his 29th birthday (which is today, September 5), Emerica pro Heath Kirchart backside 360'd the Mini-Mega Ramp at the Downtown Showdown contest on Sunday, September 3, 2006 to enthusiastic applause, eighth place on that obstacle, and a whopping $50 in prize money.

After laboring so hard over the long Labor Day weekend for such a great big pot o' booty and the resultant mass exposure, Heath is taking time off today to relax and look forward to his assured increase in board and shoe sales. That's how it all works, right? Congratulations, Mr. Heath! Rake it in!

Gnaw on This!

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What the sizzitches, bizzitches? We got the perfect king bling ring fo' yo' fing. It's called Gnaws, and it's a panther head-shaped ring with a rhinestone insert and a Pure logo engraving on the inner band. Fling it on your fing then stand up and sing with plenty of zing that it's your favotie thing.

Oh yeah, and buy one today at your friendly neighborhood skate shop.