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Skate Site

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Check out this killer French site devoted to skateboarding called, appropriately enough, Skate Site. It features a whole bargeload of photos and reviews on skate books, skate magazines, skate movies, skate music and a portfolio of high-quality skate photography. And it even has English translations in many areas! Sweet stuff.

Dia de los Emericanos Contest Winner!

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Congratulations to David S. of San Juan, Texas for winning our Win the Dia de los Emericanos Collection! contest. He won a whole big box of Emerica goods, including one pair of B.Herman, Francis and Ridgemont shoes, one Hombre hood, one Muerte t-shirt, one Jack Flash t-shirt and one Emericanos gift pack!

Look for more contest winners to be announced soon.

Emerica Got New Ams!

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Dang, dog! To celebrate the New Year 2008, Emerica done gone ahead and bunched two new ams up on the squad. When the new site launches in January, we be announcing that shit! So, in 2008, the Emerica Am Team will be Brandon Westgate, Marquis Preston and...

Quick Braydon Contest!

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In the blog below, just describe in 15 words or less what you like about Emerica pro Braydon Szafranski. When the contest ends on December 31, 2007, I'll choose a winner, who will receive one free pair of Emerica shoes of their choice and one complete Baker Braydon Szafranski skateboard. So, without further ado, show some Sza love!

Official Rules 

Coming Soon: Brand-New Emerica Web Site!

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A web nerd performs a final tweak on one of our servers.

Get ready for the all-new Emerica Web site to launch in January 2008! We've re-built the entire thing from the ground up, and it's much bigger, wider, nicer-looking, easier to navigate and better than ever!

Join the Emerica Team (pros) and Young Emericans (ams) and create your very own Emerica team page in the new and improved All Emericans section, where you can post video clips, photos, an avatar and your own background; as well as write blog posts, create a quote, add homies and display your favorite Emerica products in My Steez. If that weren't enough, you even get your own domain name (

We're talking about a complete skateboarding-based social network here, pal. It all goes down in January 2008. Become a part of Emerica!

Back on Emerica Europe: Rob Maatman

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Switch flip. Photo by Ruud van Bragt

Rob Maatman is one of Holland’s most talented skateboarders who, after being offered a deal by a number of shoe sponsors, has decided to re-join Emerica Europe flow, as he really loves the team and products. We are very happy to welcome this stylish rider back, and we're sure he will grow to be one of Europe's best skaters in no time!

This weekend, Rob will enter the Dutch Championships at Area 51 in Eindhoven, followed by a trip to the United States to skate with David Loy and Riley Hawk. Rob rides for Emerica Europe, Thunder, Zero, Spitfire, Krew and Burnside.