Design-a-Tee 7 Winners!

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Once again, to empower the ranks of Emerican youth, we posted a T-shirt template here on the site for you to print out and draw the most creative Emerica T-shirt graphic you could muster. We received a whole pantload of entries via email and snail mail, sifted through them all, thinned out the herd, and came up with these four winning beauties—all lovingly and painstakingly designed by you ever-creative kids!


Mike Rizzuto, Greenlawn, New York, Handrails


Grey Babcock, Topanga, California, Guitar


Petr Blaha, Pilsen, Czech Republic, Escher


Bernardo Pratama, Warren, Michigan, Bar Code

Each of the four winners above receives three pairs of Emerica shoes of their choice and five T-shirts bearing their winning design—not to mention full bragging rights for designing a T-shirt graphic that will be included in an official future Emerica Gear line. We’d sincerely like to thank everyone who entered the Emerica Design-A-Tee 7 contest. We had a blast sorting through all of your designs. Stay tuned for Design-a-Tee 8 coming soon.

Honorable Mention


Ida Tajul, Sungai Petani, Malaysia


Joe Carter, Hillsborough, New Jersey


Ryan Sundwall, Winslow, Alabama


Kyle Baca, Hudson, Wisconsin


Adam Roye, Austin, Texas


Dominic Hoyt, Mansfield, Texas


Brad Crockett, Harlingen, Texas

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(62) responses to: Design-a-Tee 7 Winners!

  1. those drawings are pretty good

    baker3luver's Emeritar baker3luver Posted:
  2. hmm... maybe next time i'll design something cliche and win.

    AstralProjecShawn's Emeritar AstralProjecShawn Posted:
  3. the bishop is the best

    Knobber's Emeritar Knobber Posted:
  4. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  5. Dmanit I missed it... Third is the best.

    prashant.'s Emeritar prashant. Posted:
  6. Sweet, they are all good

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  7. those are all pretty legit actually

    doyah's Emeritar doyah Posted:
  8. that stay gold shirt made by adam roye is sick, it should have been a finalist, way better than the ones that did win.

    stereotype's Emeritar stereotype Posted:
  9. yeah, i like the guitar one

    Murphy's Emeritar Murphy Posted:
  10. i got honorable mention bitches

    carter's Emeritar carter Posted:
  11. do you think they will send you a shirt if you got honorable mention?

    carter's Emeritar carter Posted:
  12. YO carter, sick tee

    jkrane's Emeritar jkrane Posted:
  13. The forth and the fith are ok...the other ones suck.

    alivekennedys's Emeritar alivekennedys Posted:
  14. Most of the winners don't turn out to be that good.

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  15. some of the honorable metions are better than the winners

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  16. carter's is sick

    wyatt's Emeritar wyatt Posted:
  17. honorable mentions were better, emerica, you guys need to make the lime green one with the emerica symbols.

    emericanpatriot's Emeritar emericanpatriot Posted:
  18. they all suck

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  19. jk they're cool

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  20. really diggin the guitar.

    plus4life's Emeritar plus4life Posted:
  21. omg! escher is just like mine but a tad diff. that makes me so mad and i didnt win! and they posted the results like a week late and i have been waiting!

    timeskater19's Emeritar timeskater19 Posted:
  22. The damned honorable mentions are better than the actually winners.
    Especially the honorable mention from Wisconsin, sick shit their.

    Anthony's Emeritar Anthony Posted:
  23. That f-in sucks man.
    My t-shirts were awesome.

    Emericaskater7's Emeritar Emericaskater7 Posted:
  24. All the featured entires are good. I can't beleive I actually won.


    firexonxme's Emeritar firexonxme Posted:
  25. WHY DOESNT ANYONE TELL ME THESE THINGS. I didnt even know the contest was one. Next time one of u tell me.

    pssh assholes

    EmericaGoof's Emeritar EmericaGoof Posted:
  26. I made the green one with all the emerica symbols.

    EmericaStar's Emeritar EmericaStar Posted:
  27. I made the green one with all the emerica symbols.

    EmericaStar's Emeritar EmericaStar Posted:
  28. well done to everyone, nice work. Quite like some individual designs...
    can't wait til' design-a-tee 8

    zprods's Emeritar zprods Posted:
  29. well done to everyone, nice work. Quite like some individual designs...
    can't wait til' design-a-tee 8

    zprods's Emeritar zprods Posted:
  30. adam royes design is pretty sick but the tye dye one with the black dude rockin stunna shades is by far the sickest. whoever picks the tee contest winners needs to jump off a big cliff head first. the school handrails shirt is the gayest thing i've ever seen by far.

    dudernahada's Emeritar dudernahada Posted:
  31. VENOM's Emeritar VENOM Posted:
  32. the handrail shirt is truly shit. the rest are cool but escher looks about the best... yeh the drawing of the dude in shades is great but why is anyone defending the use of tye dye though?? fuck that!

    VENOM's Emeritar VENOM Posted:
  33. VENOM's Emeritar VENOM Posted:
  34. that guitar T is pretty tight.

    riot-rider's Emeritar riot-rider Posted:
  35. those r pretty cool.
    cant wait til 'o8. im gonna win!! hehe. jp...i suck at drawing.
    my fav. is the bar code 1. its the shiz.

    sammywasapunkrockerr's Emeritar sammywasapunkrockerr Posted:
  36. pretty sick t's

    sk8rofemerica's Emeritar sk8rofemerica Posted:
  37. Does anyone else think they probably only check the first 10 or twenty that they get in the mail, I dunno, escher really cool but the handrails, WTF, that's the type of shirt you buy at wal-mart because they think that's rebellion, emerica this is an ART contest not a marketability contest, stay true to that.

    andrewthecoolraccoon's Emeritar andrewthecoolraccoon Posted:
  38. the quality of the winners is ever-lacking.

    c'mon, emerica, pick something that doesn't completely blow, i dare you.

    elias's Emeritar elias Posted:
  39. yea id buy 0ne or 2

    emerica2222222's Emeritar emerica2222222 Posted:
  40. i dig the honerable mentions alot more. especially the first one and the one with the bishop

    youngemericandallas's Emeritar youngemericandallas Posted:
  41. looks sweet

    heshen's Emeritar heshen Posted:
  42. and that handrails shirt does look like something from wal-mart

    tooKr3wforyou's Emeritar tooKr3wforyou Posted:
  43. yo the bar code one is sick. i like at the bottom how it says "made for skateboarding" like using numbers and symbols. and my favorite is the tree branch one.but theyre all pretty off the chain

    emericask8r618's Emeritar emericask8r618 Posted:
  44. the barcode shirt is ficken tight that should be the winer fur sher!!!

    life's Emeritar life Posted:
  45. how do i get the template
    someone tell me please

    emericanwoodpusher's Emeritar emericanwoodpusher Posted:
  46. yeah, where the hell is the fuckin template.

    GR1MMZ's Emeritar GR1MMZ Posted:
  47. the bishop one should have won

    scisssorhands's Emeritar scisssorhands Posted:
  48. really nice!!

    gloryjame's Emeritar gloryjame Posted:
  49. The Bishop one was sick with it. And the green and black X one. The Honorable mentions were way better than the chosen ones. :/

    roryzilla's Emeritar roryzilla Posted:
  50. yoo do another one of these soon.

    skate or try's Emeritar skate or try Posted:
  51. those are some radical designs from the people. look at how far skating has come. im so surprised.

    mark roberts's Emeritar mark roberts Posted:
  52. yo

    frontside's Emeritar frontside Posted:

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  54. adam roye si the sickest shirt ive seen. i need that shirt. sick as hell

    M!T[H's Emeritar M!T[H Posted:
  55. These shirts are the shit man.

    Braydon's Emeritar Braydon Posted:
  56. I really like the bar code one thats sweet.

    Jake F's Emeritar Jake F Posted:
  57. i like the one that says i go to school for the handrail and the swoshy one looks hot

    setup631's Emeritar setup631 Posted:
  58. when are the having this again cause i wanna enter this awsome idea i have???

    joeTHEskater's Emeritar joeTHEskater Posted:
  59. Probly the best designs I've seen in one of these contests.

    this-is-joel's Emeritar this-is-joel Posted:
  60. tye dye shirt was insane that one shoulda won

    megatitepantskater's Emeritar megatitepantskater Posted:
  61. oh my god i have the first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hecho en emerica's Emeritar hecho en emerica Posted:
  62. kyle baca's shirt was sooo dope

    gheorgheorghe's Emeritar gheorgheorghe Posted:

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