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Build Your Own Page in Tool Shed!

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For those of you who don't already know:

Welcome to the newest feature of the Emerica Web site, the Tool Shed, an interactive skateboarding-based social network. Now you have the tools to build your very own profile page, where you can post video clips, photos and an Emeritar, plus write blog posts, create a quote and add friends. If that weren't enough, you even get your own domain name (yourname.emericaskate.com). So, what are you waiting for? Open up the Tool Shed and build your page today. Become a part of the Emerica family!

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(24) responses to: Build Your Own Page in Tool Shed!


    thedude1081's Emeritar thedude1081 Posted:
  2. second "bitches" tough guy up there ^

    x1modestmouse1x's Emeritar x1modestmouse1x Posted:
  3. 2nd bitch asshole nigggaaa

    staygoldguy's Emeritar staygoldguy Posted:
  4. you need to back down nukka i be number 2 foo

    x1modestmouse1x's Emeritar x1modestmouse1x Posted:
  5. cinco de mayo

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  6. gawd you guys are the ultimate gay of gay. Nothing decent to contribute. I was first anyways really, not thedude1081. Making all you guys go down a notch.
    The blogs on Tool Shed, are like a 50-50 situation, some are good and others are just really stupid. It sucks, but just gotta weed through, I suppose.

    Cara1's Emeritar Cara1 Posted:
  7. Bad cara

    ZaneH's Emeritar ZaneH Posted:
  8. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  9. www.myspace/yourname.emericaskate.com

    emericanpatriot's Emeritar emericanpatriot Posted:
  10. Hey, I have a toolshed

    Colin.'s Emeritar Colin. Posted:
  11. OMG

    ZaneH's Emeritar ZaneH Posted:
  12. cool man

    sierra's Emeritar sierra Posted:
  13. ZaneH wishes he was bad.

    Cara1's Emeritar Cara1 Posted:
  14. meemmmeeeemmmeeee

    naif123's Emeritar naif123 Posted:
  15. uch u guuys are so immature. nah just kiddin.

    EmericaGoof's Emeritar EmericaGoof Posted:
  16. wtf

    DEFYkid's Emeritar DEFYkid Posted:
  17. ^^

    DEFYkid's Emeritar DEFYkid Posted:
  18. Check my shit, I got vids of emerica demos I made and Wild In The Streets!!

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  19. i just got finished making mine

    fostersk8er's Emeritar fostersk8er Posted:
  20. cara wants to scrap

    ZaneH's Emeritar ZaneH Posted:
  21. yesterday i was messing around and found emerica tool shed so i made this acount

    theraelmuffinman's Emeritar theraelmuffinman Posted:
  22. <('.'<)

    theraelmuffinman's Emeritar theraelmuffinman Posted:
  23. yea im a just go do some kickys and some nollie backside heels

    emerica2222222's Emeritar emerica2222222 Posted:
  24. i just found this and decided to make one

    planemerica's Emeritar planemerica Posted:

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