Shane Cross R.I.P.

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Shane Cross. Photo courtesy of Flip.

We have some very sad news about Australian skaters / Emerica friends Shane Cross and Ali Boulala. Shane died during a motorcycle accident with Ali, who is in critical condition. Our deepest sympathies go out to all of Shane's friends and family, and we wish a speedy recovery for Ali.

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(114) responses to: Shane Cross R.I.P.

  1. first, seriously that really is unexpected and sad. i really cant believe this. wow. rip shane cross...damn

    teamapplejuice's Emeritar teamapplejuice Posted:
  2. You know,i'm from Russia and i check this tragedy on my web site......Lord i think you with Shane....Rest In Peace brother....

    alexey's Emeritar alexey Posted:
  3. r.i.p shane cross

    CMD's Emeritar CMD Posted:
  4. "shanefromthedead" fock off man

    R.I.P. Shane, get well soon Ali

    INIT-skateboarding's Emeritar INIT-skateboarding Posted:
  5. I just heard Ali passed away to, is that correct? :'(

    INIT-skateboarding's Emeritar INIT-skateboarding Posted:
  6. holy crap, he was on his way to being one of my favorite skaters.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  7. At first I thought this might be a joke. That SUCKS!

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  8. R.I.P. Shane.

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  9. Damn,R.I.P. Shane Cross. You had a sick style man. I'll always remember what you did on and off a board man. R.I.P.

    zerokro's Emeritar zerokro Posted:
  10. Man, Shane Cross was one of my favorite skaters of all time and a great friend. R.I.P. you'll be missed.

    Hope Heaven allows skateboarding and i'll pray for Ali too.

    fostersk8er's Emeritar fostersk8er Posted:
  11. i saw both of them in münster at the monster mastership ripping... i wish i could see shane again!!! best wishes to ali! R.I.P. SHANE CROSS

    emericana's Emeritar emericana Posted:
  12. r.i.p Shane Cross . best wishes to ali

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  13. god damn it shane cross ruled and still rulez, R.I.P., get well ali boulala

    skatefarm's Emeritar skatefarm Posted:
  14. RIP Shane. Get well soon Ali

    emericanpatriot's Emeritar emericanpatriot Posted:
  15. Shane Cross was a great skater.I saw him on mystic skate cup in 2005. Rest in peace you´ll be missed.And Ali Boulala - best wishes

    EmericanMannn's Emeritar EmericanMannn Posted:
  16. Did Ali pass? I looked it up but just found boards and shit. Anyone know? INIT-skateboarding got me wondering.

    LowBudgetSkater's Emeritar LowBudgetSkater Posted:
  17. i hate it when people die. i know it happends but not like this. I hope Ali is ok.

    cbomber's Emeritar cbomber Posted:
  18. R.I.P.

    madd-kool's Emeritar madd-kool Posted:
  19. R.I.P shane, get well soon ali.....

    emericaSk888's Emeritar emericaSk888 Posted:
  20. skate hard in heaven

    Destono's Emeritar Destono Posted:
  21. i hope Ali didnt die if he did that would suck so bad i cant believe shane cross died

    keathhirchart's Emeritar keathhirchart Posted:
  22. R.I.P. Well, this can be a lesson to everyone. Drink responsibly.

    BuenoMan's Emeritar BuenoMan Posted:
  23. RIP Shane feel better Ali.

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  24. this is like everywhere man,sad.

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  25. dude that sux hardcore i hope alis ok

    jonthewonderboy's Emeritar jonthewonderboy Posted:
  26. im gonna miss this kids mad in peace my friend.

    chriscolelovesyou's Emeritar chriscolelovesyou Posted:
  27. woooooooooooooooah! ali is dead too? that's not possible. man today has been sucking even i was dying over at this grass gap, i walked away with grass in my teeth, no lie. R.I.P. shane cross, and hopefully not ali too.

    chriscolelovesyou's Emeritar chriscolelovesyou Posted:
  28. i hope he knew jesus. shane cross fuckin ripped

    draobetaks's Emeritar draobetaks Posted:
  29. k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  30. shane was so young, he was just coming up and was gonna be a big pro. and then dead.

    sheilatakeabow's Emeritar sheilatakeabow Posted:
  31. R.I.P. I WAs talkin to him on the weekend as in 3/4 at the Double Stack cash thing he was such a nice guy and funny im so sad u will b greatly missed.

    EmericaAus's Emeritar EmericaAus Posted:
  32. R.I.P. my brotha

    RSWD.'s Emeritar RSWD. Posted:
  33. R.I.P. Shane Cross.... condolence for ur God keep ur soul..

    skateaholicsphilippines's Emeritar skateaholicsphilippines Posted:
  34. he was absouluty the man. i cant believe it at all. i wish the best to his family and hope ali gets better.

    CaSeYsHeLtOn's Emeritar CaSeYsHeLtOn Posted:
  35. Did you hear that Ali Boulala died too? Alot of my friends said he died yesterday which is 3/7/2007

    Speynolds's Emeritar Speynolds Posted:
  36. Ali's not dead. He's in a medically induced coma because of bad head trauma and skull fractures. What sucks the most is that when he wakes up, he'll have to be told that he killed one of his best friends. Good Luck Ali

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  37. that sucks

    heshen's Emeritar heshen Posted:
  38. RIP shane, keep shreddin' in heaven. it sucks when people die like that, especially a ripper like shane. hopefully ali will recover.

    EmericaSkate1213's Emeritar EmericaSkate1213 Posted:
  39. R.I.P. Shane Cross

    YDGsoulja's Emeritar YDGsoulja Posted:
  40. Rest in Peace

    emerican-brandon's Emeritar emerican-brandon Posted:
  41. quite possibly one of the best skaters ever. It sucks how he died.

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  42. that fuckin sucks, shane was soo gnarley!

    rammie15's Emeritar rammie15 Posted:
  43. lets just hope that he is with God right now.

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  44. R.I.P: flip is my favorite skate team (besides Emerica)I remember Alis ollie down a 21 set. R.I.P Shane

    theraelmuffinman's Emeritar theraelmuffinman Posted:
  45. Rest In Peace Shane.
    you were awesome man.

    And to Ali, you better get out of your coma soon.
    You bring funn to skateboarding, and you are a thrill to watch!

    Emericaskater7's Emeritar Emericaskater7 Posted:
  46. I feel so sorry about the skate communitys loss-i thought he would of had the best part in really sorry-R.I.P Shane-get betta Ali

    cashskater13's Emeritar cashskater13 Posted:
  47. R.I.P Shane Cross
    Get well soon Ali Boulala

    xXMIKEXx's Emeritar xXMIKEXx Posted:
  48. dengg.
    r.i.p shane..
    get well soon ali

    kittyROMERO's Emeritar kittyROMERO Posted:
  49. i heard it today and i thought it was a rumor. but when i searched it on google emerica news was the first to come up. my cell phone wallpaper is the pic of him doing that sick nosegrind on el toro. it's going to be weird seeing it and knowing he's gone. R.I.P. mr. boulala is in for a rude awakening when he wakes up and discovers his friend died because of him.

    emerica122's Emeritar emerica122 Posted:
  50. let's hope he's with god right now. R.I.P man........

    sawyer wilson's Emeritar sawyer wilson Posted:
  51. that is very very sad S.I.P. Skate In Peace live in heaven shane and i hope u will skate it up up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LZMSSboi's Emeritar LZMSSboi Posted:
  52. why must tragedies happen like this,
    whoever thinks that his death happened for a reason or something like that should go to hell.

    R.I.P. Mr. Cross's Emeritar R.I.P. Mr. Cross Posted:
  53. may god have mercy on your soul and i hope you have it just as good as up there as you had it down here.


    R.I.P. Mr. Cross's Emeritar R.I.P. Mr. Cross Posted:
  54. still my no.1 hero man



    Pato's Emeritar Pato Posted:
  55. R.I.P shane cross u were a hero.

    joel's Emeritar joel Posted:
  56. rip shane and to his family i know they will remember him very well rip

    kaleb 's Emeritar kaleb Posted:
  57. R.I.P
    Shane Cross
    Rest In Peace
    You Will Always Be Remembered....
    Get Well Ali

    trace lopez's Emeritar trace lopez Posted:
  58. R.I.P. Shane

    MrMcSk8's Emeritar MrMcSk8 Posted:
  59. i still miss you shane. rip.

    shiiann's Emeritar shiiann Posted:
  60. R.I.P Shane Cross keep ridin in heavan we love u

    nick mercado's Emeritar nick mercado Posted:
  61. R.I.P Shane Cross.

    ortto's Emeritar ortto Posted:
  62. shane cross you had style your clothes your skating you were my favorite skater hope you shred in heaven man

    EMERICA's Emeritar EMERICA Posted:
  63. R.I.P brother.

    Mekayla's Emeritar Mekayla Posted:
  64. Shane was so good at skating im sorry about what happened you will be missed by many : ] we love you man

    Ian's Emeritar Ian Posted:
  65. i dont know what to say he was to ali get better RIP.... :(

    shaneisdbst's Emeritar shaneisdbst Posted:
  66. Shane cross, my new favorite skater. He inspires me to go out there and just live life because life is short and you never know wat could happen.. RIP Shane. We will Miss u.

    Letslive's Emeritar Letslive Posted:
  67. shane was a sick skater he wasfreakin good and my favorite skater

    josh's Emeritar josh Posted:
  68. i met shane once... how could like, the best and happiest person just die all of a sudden... thats so sad. i cant believe it. ;

    spankymaniak's Emeritar spankymaniak Posted:
  69. Yo Shane was my first altime vavorite skateboarder he made it so i would want 2 go out and skate. I am really going to miss yo man i'll see u in the afterlife.

    0w yeah if you see this...stay off anything going over 60 dipshit...LOVE U MAN!!!!!!!

    Colton.Preston's Emeritar Colton.Preston Posted:
  70. rip in peace

    alexANDER MARZICOLA's Emeritar alexANDER MARZICOLA Posted:
  71. R.I.P bro
    that blows hope you can skate in heaven

    smitty 's Emeritar smitty Posted:
  72. shane,R.I.P. man. dudes skatin' out there who know that when shane died i think 'oh my god!! one of the best skaters ever died!!' i was so upset that i actually made myself learn a switch tre flip 'cause of this. well R.I.P. shane. thou will by the greatest skate legend ever!

    paul's Emeritar paul Posted:
  73. Don't worry guys there's stair sets in heaven...

    David Veltri's Emeritar David Veltri Posted:

    JOHNATHAN's Emeritar JOHNATHAN Posted:
  75. I miss you shane, you were always funny. ill never forget you.

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:
  76. R.I.P shane cross, this sucks man, he waz the best ret in peace shane,feel better soon ali,damn.

    shanethebest's Emeritar shanethebest Posted:
  77. Damn... man one of the best skaters


    to bad there isn't a heaven.

    sk8r6977's Emeritar sk8r6977 Posted:
  78. shit:( i kno im late but i stil cant blieve it:( shane was the best and wil allways be in my heart, R.I.P shane may godd "allah" rest your soul..:(

    hassan h.a's Emeritar hassan h.a Posted:
  79. when i herd he was dead i was shocked and sad he was my faverit skater and always will be r.i.p shane

    skatejunky's Emeritar skatejunky Posted:
  80. he was my daddy *sad face*

    poopey's Emeritar poopey Posted:
  81. omg thats tragic. shane cross was a really sick skater too. and he seemed to be a good friend. R.I.P Shane Cross.

    sk8er 0101's Emeritar sk8er 0101 Posted:
  82. i didnt know much about shane but i know it was a big loss so r.i.p shane.

    rylan's Emeritar rylan Posted:
  83. R.I.P
    you will be missed!
    You're smile will never fade!

    DSpanky's Emeritar DSpanky Posted:

    ASA REDBULL@'s Emeritar ASA REDBULL@ Posted:

    ASA REDBULL@'s Emeritar ASA REDBULL@ Posted:
  86. I didn't know Shane Cross was until I heard he died. I saw his videos and realized that skateboarding lost an awesome person. He will be talked about forever. R.I.P. Shane , Get well Ali

    Sergio's Emeritar Sergio Posted:
  87. i loved u shane u were the best a will always be
    the best i know its really late but, it still lives on man keep skating in heaven u were my favorite skater u inspired me to keep on skating and to never stop U ARE THE BEST. R.I.P i loved your skating

    sharif's Emeritar sharif Posted:
  88. I've known that shane has been dead, but I never got to do or say anything about it. I'm in school right now typing this. I found this site while I am writting an essay on Shane Cross. don't rest in peace shane. live in peace up in the sky!!!

    Garren white from ID's Emeritar Garren white from ID Posted:
  89. rip.
    i still miss you.

    andd's Emeritar andd Posted:

    TOM's Emeritar TOM Posted:

    kaleb's Emeritar kaleb Posted:
  92. Rip In Peace..
    love you man..
    You are my inspiration..
    Everyone will always remember you..
    Thank you for everything you have done for Australian skateboarding..
    Peace man..

    Timmy's Emeritar Timmy Posted:
  93. R.I.P Shane
    One of the sickest skaterr ever livedd.
    YOull never be forgotten!

    JoseGOnz420's Emeritar JoseGOnz420 Posted:
  94. shane lo mejor del skate , te vamos a extrañar . en el cielo te esperan todos los sets de escaleras que quieras.una lastima tu perdida , las tragedias son algo comun . te amamos hermano de aca argentina siempre con vos SOS LEYENDA

    manu argentina's Emeritar manu argentina Posted:
  95. rip shane we'll miss you

    skate101's Emeritar skate101 Posted:


    LUIZKATE's Emeritar LUIZKATE Posted:
  97. rip shane

    LUIZKATE's Emeritar LUIZKATE Posted:
  98. dude that sucks shane cross u dont rest in peace live
    skate and do more in peace you will be missed so much i loved all of your skating man u were the best, and as for ali dude u r so good at skating get well soon dawg I

    Ricardo acevedo from fremont !! 's Emeritar Ricardo acevedo from fremont !! Posted:
  99. i love shane

    priscella's Emeritar priscella Posted:
  100. shane cross and the other flip skaters r the shit in extremely sorry they all skated badass and also in sorry and very sorry so any haters on flip and shane cross can go suck on it!!!


    NICK DICK's Emeritar NICK DICK Posted:
  101. shane cross my freinds and i are so sad that u past away i just want to say i will miss u :(

    Joshua blasutto's Emeritar Joshua blasutto Posted:
  102. R.I.P shane you are the best

    murry 's Emeritar murry Posted:
  103. Damn dude, I was just watching your videos and shit. Still can't believe your gone. Whats El Toro gonnna do without you, cuz your probably the best skater to ever go down those stairs:\ R.I.P Shane

    xXsteeznutsXx's Emeritar xXsteeznutsXx Posted:
  104. i know im a lil late but rip shane cross and im pretty sure u have recoverd ali

    Beastlydee2015's Emeritar Beastlydee2015 Posted:
  105. RIP Shane nice recovery Ali and u are still the best Shane with Ali right behind u

    SKATERBOY 13's Emeritar SKATERBOY 13 Posted:
  106. wow i cant believe hes actually dead....
    he was like a hero to me

    eddy .V's Emeritar eddy .V Posted:
  107. rip shane he was a real example of a skateboarder...this is just another one of those things i can say why wont government realize alchol kills marijuana dosent... anyways pure love to all

    lucas's Emeritar lucas Posted:
  108. yeh thats true bud drinking can lead to messed up things lets keep our head on and learn from these things...all the love shane

    skatetillucantwalk's Emeritar skatetillucantwalk Posted:
  109. Shane didnt die.... Hes Teaching God How To Skate.. R.I.P Shane Cross

    Stetson Jeppson's Emeritar Stetson Jeppson Posted:
  110. Owwwww man dude you rippen hard i hope R.I.P shane and good luck ALi...............

    cameron's Emeritar cameron Posted:
  111. only the good die young

    Rest In Paradise Shane

    joconhill's Emeritar joconhill Posted:
  112. R.I.P. Shane Cross.

    Manthony's Emeritar Manthony Posted:
  113. We will all miss you bro.R.I.P

    Andrew Rivas's Emeritar Andrew Rivas Posted:
  114. We will never forget you bro.R.I.P

    Andrew Rivas's Emeritar Andrew Rivas Posted:

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