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Lance Mountain is a skateboarding legend and lifer who grew up skating in the original late-'70s / early-'80s skatepark scene. He started out as a pro for Variflex (from which the term Varial originated), became the "comic foil" member of the infamous Bones Brigade (one of the top teams of the '80s), starred in all the classic old Powell videos, owned and ran The Firm Skateboards from the early-'90s until 2006 and is still tearing up the trannies to this day as a traveling pro for Flip.

Lance recently launched his very own personal Web site, which is a massive treasure trove of hilarious stories and photos from throughout his illustrious non-stop 30-year career. Lance's sprawling online labyrinth includes a bio, magazine interviews, videos, endless scrapbook archives, huge collections of skate-related swag, galleries of his own art and music, and a pro shop where you can buy art directly from the Mountain man.

This site is obviously one labor of love that no skater should miss. Noting that some sections aren't live yet, I have the feeling Lance is just getting started, so be sure to check back occasionally for more laughs and good times.

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(7) responses to: Lance Mountain

  1. I met him one time, he's a pretty chill guy.

    emericanpatriot's Emeritar emericanpatriot Posted:
  2. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  3. third, and i met him one time

    fostersk8er's Emeritar fostersk8er Posted:
  4. truko solamente!!!!!

    gio411's Emeritar gio411 Posted:
  5. He's huge.

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  6. lance is the fucking shit! anyone else thinking new emerica teammate?

    myemericaspace's Emeritar myemericaspace Posted:
  7. wow haven't heard of him in a while haha Iused to like him a ton. I saw him at a skatepark in Las Vegas

    skatelover911's Emeritar skatelover911 Posted:

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