V7 Teenage Tour 2007 Edition!

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Contest Series

April 15 Skatepark de Rouen in Rouen, France
April 22 Skatepark de Grammont in Montpellier, France
April 29 Skatepark de Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France
May 5 Skatepark de Melun in Paris / Melun, France
May 9 Skatepark de Lyon in Lyon, France
May 12 Skatepark Unity in Hyeres, France
May 13 Finals at Skatepark Unity in Hyeres, France

All you French-Emericans better get ready to bust out your best bug-eyed stare when Emerica pros Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Leo Romero, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Brandon Westgate and Marquis Preston completely French your fries and shatter your minds during a demo after the V7 Teenage Tour Finals contest on May 13, 2007 at Skatepark Unity in Hyeres, France. Be there or be a freedom fry!

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(9) responses to: V7 Teenage Tour 2007 Edition!

  1. "completely french your fries"
    ha, good one.

    Cara1's Emeritar Cara1 Posted:
  2. I always thought this was a contest for some reason.

    Bestskater's Emeritar Bestskater Posted:
  3. first! nah nah

    Mintay's Emeritar Mintay Posted:
  4. look tight to bad i cant make it

    roflsaurus rex's Emeritar roflsaurus rex Posted:
  5. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  6. Does anybody in the US knows that fries are from belgium ? :D

    ben-tx's Emeritar ben-tx Posted:
  7. wonder why theyre not hittin up marseille

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  8. i'm a french and if i can see Andrew Reynolds i'm going to be so happy

    quentin's Emeritar quentin Posted:

    jujunordo's Emeritar jujunordo Posted:

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