Recycle Your Old Skate Shoes!

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Global warming, melting ice snowcaps, smog, destruction of the rainforest: What can you do to help save the world when all you have are some old skate shoes lying around the house? Active invites you to recycle your shoes on Earth Day, this coming Sunday, April 22! Imagine if your old shoes could be recycled into a soccer field where kids could play or even a new park where you can have your Cinco de Mayo barbeque. Well, imagine no more, that day has come!

Active, one of Southern California’s largest skate and snow retailers, wants to help you save the world. They are encouraging everyone to recycle their old shoes at any Active location on Earth Day, this coming Sunday, April 22. If the thought of green soccer fields or refurbished parks weren’t reason enough to recycle, Active will reward anyone who comes in with an old pair of shoes with $10 off any new pair. If you need another great reason to recycle those old shoes, do it to help save the only home we have: Earth.

Active currently has over 19 store locations throughout Southern California to make it even easier for you to drop off your old shoes. For drop-off locations, visit the Active site.

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(14) responses to: Recycle Your Old Skate Shoes!

  1. is it 10 per shoe?? :D

    Fuzznut's Emeritar Fuzznut Posted:
  2. i heard about this

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  3. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  4. Global Warming doesn't exist

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  5. so lucky for you guys to have this... $10 is damn lot! haha..

    Zul's Emeritar Zul Posted:
  6. Active is pro-earth, i like that

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  7. Too bad it isn't $10 per shoe.

    biggietd's Emeritar biggietd Posted:
  8. go green.

    TheUltimateGamer's Emeritar TheUltimateGamer Posted:
  9. That's sick! To bad I live on the opposite side of the country...

    NJskate's Emeritar NJskate Posted:
  10. That's sick! To bad I live on the opposite side of the country...

    NJskate's Emeritar NJskate Posted:
  11. yea somethign for skating and skaters it's our shoes we are giving to them they should give back to us..something to do with skating....

    viper's Emeritar viper Posted:
  12. thats an awesome idea but they should have stores or programs that do that all over the country ,and make it in to skatepark.. somehow

    Dgkskater's Emeritar Dgkskater Posted:
  13. who ever said global warning doesnt exist is an idiot i think its sick that you guys are doing a recycled program but u should do it more than once a year for sure

    csnizzle's Emeritar csnizzle Posted:
  14. more companies hint hint emerica and every one else should make recycled shoes just as an example like how lakai does

    csnizzle's Emeritar csnizzle Posted:

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