V7 Teenage Tour 2007 Stop No. 1: Rouen

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Alex Hermann.

April 15 marked the official start of the V7 Teenage Tour 2007 Edition. The first stop was located at the Skatepark of Rouen in Normandie, France. It started out busy with kids ready to show their skills and meet some of the French V7 pros and Enjoi U.S. team riders.


Maxime Genin.

Yann Garin, Simon Volpoet (2006 winner), Maxime Genin (2004 winner), Dany Hamard (2002 winner), Alex Hermann, Toni Brossard, Louie Barletta, Jason Adams, Caswell Berry and Nestor Judkins rocked the park. It turned out to be a huge success. Check out some results, photos and video at V7 Distribution and MySpace.




R. Nevellou.


Simon Volpoet.


V. Dey.



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  1. cool

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  2. louie must be sick to see live, he's so creative, not like Ali tho

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  3. you're talking Ali G right?

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  4. No man Boulala. Enjoi & Emerica together is legendary

    davidxc's Emeritar davidxc Posted:
  5. when are the AR slims gonna be for sale? the brown ones..not just the white and black ones

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  6. let me

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  7. kronenberg do you only say cool?

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  8. THAT IS CRAZY FREAKING CRAP O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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