Reynolds in Covers Baby!

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Look for Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds in the new Strange Notes Covers Baby! DVD--available now at finer skate shops near you!


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(12) responses to: Reynolds in Covers Baby!

  1. FIRST!~

    thedude1081's Emeritar thedude1081 Posted:
  2. strangenotes is awesome too

    thedude1081's Emeritar thedude1081 Posted:
  3. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  4. I've got dat vid. It's aight.

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  5. what is strange notes anyway? and good photoshopping on that pic above too

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  6. its cool.

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    xponchx's Emeritar xponchx Posted:
  7. Yea,
    I seen that >checking in> REYNOLDS,and thought it was sick, cause, like, Reynolds stacks his footy for video parts, so you end up seeing all the BEST tricks. When he's got plently of other legit skating people would be hyped on seeing, like second angles from Baker, park footy, and some clips that you seen the photo of in a mag. It's good to see all that and should happen more with all the top notch pros that are already well over established.

    Icetre's Emeritar Icetre Posted:
  8. my buddy got a board in down town p-town at this old school skate shop and they were throwing thowes cds into the seling, but they gave him 4 of them for free and he gave me 1 and its pretty tight.

    life's Emeritar life Posted:
  9. I got dat vid. it's okay.

    EmericaSoulSkater's Emeritar EmericaSoulSkater Posted:
  10. huh?

    valor16's Emeritar valor16 Posted:
  11. huh?

    valor16's Emeritar valor16 Posted:
  12. Yeah that video is pretty cool!

    doobie21's Emeritar doobie21 Posted:

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