Ricardo Fonseca Wins First Stop of etnies Skate 07/08!

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Ricardo Fonseca.

Emerica Europe team rider Ricardo Fonseca, the only Portuguese skater who has ever won the National Circuit five consecutive times, is back in the winner's seat. On the weekend of May 5-6, 2007, Fonseca took first place once again in the opening competition of the etnies Skate 07/08 series. The Skatepark of Torres Vedras, Portugal was the first stop for this National Circuit, with over 100 skaters from all over the country competing in the three categories of Initiate, Amateur and Professional.

Saturday was reserved for Qualifications that were held in a jam format with three skateboarders riding all together for three minutes. Some girls showed up, but not enough for their own comp, so they joined the boys with no problem. Marta Nery, who is only 12 years old, was one of the surprises of the day, getting a place into the Initiate Finals. There were also some hot local skaters who definitely showed-off the benefits of having a good skatepark close to home. In the Professional Qualifications, some bad luck fell upon Ruben Rodrigues and Nuno Relógio, who were both eliminated. On the first day, it was already clear that the level of street skating was very high and that the Sunday Finals promised to be one of the most disputed of all time.


Helder Lima.

Sunday started with the Initiates Finals. Local Kirill Andrade got first place with some nice Indy grabs and a 50-50 grind to 180 out. Guilherme Araújo, from Estoril, got second place and Ricardo Ferreira, from Santa Catarina, got third. In the Amateur division, Bernardo Gomes, from Cascais, did a boardslide down the big rail and a frontside 50-50 down the curb for third. The South skateboarder, André Nogueira, came in second with a crooked grind, an Indy grab and backside 5-0 down the rail. First place went to Lisbonite Miguel Limão, who offered up a switch flip, a Smith grind, a crooked grind, a backside Ollie and a backside 50-50.

The level of skateboarding was increasing all the time, and the crowd was anxious for the Professional Finals. The current National Champion, Emerica Europe team rider Helder Lima, ended up in fourth place with a backside Smith and nollie backside lip down the big rail and a nollie backside 5-0 down the curb. João Pinto claimed third with a backside lipslide down the big rail, a frontside lip on the pyramid box, a switch big spin in the hip, and a big Ollie transfer from the sub box to the roll-in. Second place went to Santo André’s Rúben Gamito via a big flip, a frontside feeble, a Smith grind, a backside lipslide and a huge nosebone transfer.


Ricardo Fonseca.

Last but not least, first place was swooped up by Ricardo Fonseca, one of the biggest Portuguese skateboarders ever, who proved that he’s still no stranger to winner's seat. His first run was almost perfect, as he only fell on one trick, not to mention that he completely peppered the course with a kickflip flip frontside 5-0 on the pyramid box, a backside lipslide on the big rail, a frontside bluntslide down the curb and a 360 flip over the hip. Rúben Gamito won the Best Trick event with a 360 flip to 5-0 grind on the pyramid box.

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  1. Nice First!

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  2. cool

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  3. Ricardo Fonseca,Cliché rider.
    French manufacturer represents!!!

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  4. good to stay up on the euro circuit, has anyone ever seen a video series named Puzzle?

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  5. never heard of him before

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  6. Cheers!!
    Ricardo kicckks assss!
    Congratulations to all of them... they´re geeting better and better every day!!! Watch out for them!! ;)
    Peace and Salutes from TugaLand!

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