Schuyler Ricketts

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Somerville, Massachusetts

Despite his last name--which is one "t" removed from rickets, a disease of childhood characterized by softening of the bones as a result of inadequate intake of vitamin D and insufficient exposure to sunlight--Schuyler Ricketts is a promising young skateboarder with strong bones who, as this sponsor me clip proves, spends his fair share of time shredding entire fields of wheat right out in the glare of the sun.

Besides boasting the most sightly of sprightly styles, Schuyler also skates fast--yay verily, he performs his shred sled stunts at quite an impressive speed--brings down some big ones, and even proves that he's not afraid to take the occasional header or skate through a giant warehouse that is currently under construction.

My only complaint might be that he sometimes picks up quite a bit of change at the bottom of his jumps. But, what do I know? Maybe he has to supplement his income to purchase all those bulk bottles of vitamin D. Just kiddin', kids. Thanks for submitting your DVD, Schuyler. You just earned yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes!–Post King

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(83) responses to: Schuyler Ricketts

  1. first bitch nah thats gay.this kid is sick!!!!!!!!

    cheezybreezy's Emeritar cheezybreezy Posted:
  2. sick shit!

    Six's Emeritar Six Posted:
  3. kid fuckin rips...should be flow

    SicEarthling's Emeritar SicEarthling Posted:
  4. Finally a sponsor me that kid is good

  5. kids sick. his back 360's are nice even if he does pick up some change

    shrizzedtehgnizzar's Emeritar shrizzedtehgnizzar Posted:
  6. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  7. get this guy some flow, he rips

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  8. this guy is on the cataclysmic abyss video in the friends section...sick

    aznpop's Emeritar aznpop Posted:
  9. I was going to say that meanie.

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  10. he should be on flow most def

    k-dog's Emeritar k-dog Posted:
  11. damn skyler thats hella sick to see you on the emerica page! congrats man! keep shredding!

    Turlock's Emeritar Turlock Posted:
  12. yo, schuyler's my boy...he rips so hard. a handful of those tricks i was there for, very impressive!!

    madsteezykid's Emeritar madsteezykid Posted:
  13. fuck!!? i think he cleared like 6 sidewalk squares on that kickflip! he cleared the window fo sho!! Damn, boardslide 50 stairs?? fuck yeah. this kid is down.

    Wersky's Emeritar Wersky Posted:
  14. i didnt know that a nollie back-heel to 5-0 on a ledge could give hammer vibes...crazy

    Wersky's Emeritar Wersky Posted:
  15. i skated with this guy in sacramento, he suprised me as much now as he did then. this is how i imagine skateboarding to be, um, im going skating to 7/11 now...

    SkateNerd05's Emeritar SkateNerd05 Posted:
  16. f/s 180s to fakie nosegrinds or 5-0's or what??!!? he's channeling some crazy energy in this silent party.

    SkateNerd05's Emeritar SkateNerd05 Posted:
  17. Down right amazing!!

    skateboardingDictionary's Emeritar skateboardingDictionary Posted:
  18. skateboardingDictionary's Emeritar skateboardingDictionary Posted:
  19. from the words of morons..."sometimes he pick up quite a bit of change on his jumps" what the hell. who wrote that? haha. anyways, isnt that a snowboarding term. this kid is legit. fuck that. i'm sure that Greco and geoff rowley pick up too much change as well... if anything it says more to land on a trick offbalanced and still ride it out, than to land perfect everytime like a damn robot or something. what you see as picking up change, i see as good improvisation. go ride your snowboard, but dont pick up any sticks now after your jump o.k!

    skateboardingDictionary's Emeritar skateboardingDictionary Posted:
  20. ThraSherSkate87's Emeritar ThraSherSkate87 Posted:
  21. not much to say, but this guy is fuckin ill!! Something about him..

    ThraSherSkate87's Emeritar ThraSherSkate87 Posted:
  22. he skates FAST as FUCK though, huh!?!?

    ThraSherSkate87's Emeritar ThraSherSkate87 Posted:
  23. in the second line, he lands his heelflip on the nose, so he's like fuck it and just pops one nollie too, then he land the back 360 so rad!! i love that shit. This dude keeps it pure. feelin the bandana

    ThraSherSkate87's Emeritar ThraSherSkate87 Posted:
  24. Pro

    ThraSherSkate87's Emeritar ThraSherSkate87 Posted:
  25. i just noticed that his ender is a gap to willy grind! haha. fuck yeah! crazy

    ThraSherSkate87's Emeritar ThraSherSkate87 Posted:
  26. This guy's so butter baby!

    Jessiepop's Emeritar Jessiepop Posted:
  27. Dizzamn, he deserves to be spnsored. FUCK. He is smooth, all the way.

    GR1MMZ's Emeritar GR1MMZ Posted:
  28. this guy deserves the spotlight!^%#!$#! fuc* sposner me tapes!!!!!
    this guy eats pro's for breakfast!!!!

    shredordie's Emeritar shredordie Posted:
  29. skateboardingDictionary, if you're going to do laybacks and berts after your tricks, it better be on purpose. Schuyler didn't "improvise" putting his hands on the ground, he lost his balance. Why are you so angry that I called that out? I guess you didn't want to pay attention to all the praise I heaped upon him throughout the rest of the review. Yeah, improvisation my ass.

    Poster's Emeritar Poster Posted:
  30. yeah, skateboardDictionary was quite harsh for a while there.. haha. but i do appreciate the occaisional change grabbing on peoples "jumps". i mean, that shit happens and you have to do whatever to stay on and all. right? besides, schuyler could've done it again "cleaner" just as easily if he wasn't happy with it. this tape is amazing

    Wersky's Emeritar Wersky Posted:
  31. who's to say that laybacks and surfs need to be on purpose anyways? in my opinion, it feels more natural to see someone land off balace and do what they must to ride away, as opposed to seeing someone posing a layback or bert intentionally... to me that just feels like a gimmick when its on purpose. when schuyler does it, it just feels like skateboarding. Post King likes the berts on his jumps to be on puropse. thats great. after all, it is just skateboarding, right? since when did we have ground rules.. just skate and film, and show me what happens to happen; accident or intention. No one's to say if "better be on puropose" or not.

    Wersky's Emeritar Wersky Posted:
  32. by the way, Post King...what kind of person hypes someone up like that, just to take a cheap shot in the end of the article?! Right when i first read that i thought it was weak.
    Also when i read that line about how things better be in skating. sounds like something my stepdad would say. But fuck it, hype is hype right? who cares about the free shoes. :-)

    Wersky's Emeritar Wersky Posted:
  33. hey kids. go out tomorrow skate hard and fast. skate with your friends and by yourself. in the sun and in the rain. everyday. every minute. and never sit in web pages philosophize about skating in the comment box like i do. im just a dumbass

    Wersky's Emeritar Wersky Posted:
  34. Basically Post King, your a fagget so shut up.

    BostonSelect's Emeritar BostonSelect Posted:
  35. he should huck one of thoes sweet fs flips down some stairs daammmm!!!! this kid is so ballin' fast ......hes pro

    macskate1's Emeritar macskate1 Posted:
  36. fuck yeah. this kid is sick as fuck!! i saw this one film that he made with his friends.. its called Go To Sleep. and holy fuck; everything he does is so sick. he had tons of amazing bonus footage also in it. none of the tricks in this sponsor me tape were in G.T.S... so he must be filming like crazy. my brother talked to him in Modesto last week.. i hear he is filming for a video that corey duffel is putting together this summer!!! i cant wait!! this tape is too good. makes me wanna skate.

    FoundationKilla's Emeritar FoundationKilla Posted:
  37. WOW!! i never comment on these tapes.. but damn! this kid is fantastic!! Skate on Ricketts!! mad props... i cant believe you aren't am yet. or at least flowed by some big names.. good luck!

    iJustLoveToSkate's Emeritar iJustLoveToSkate Posted:
  38. that pop shuv over the 14 is too good, and thats the best boardslide i've ever seen

    iJustLoveToSkate's Emeritar iJustLoveToSkate Posted:
  39. Boston Select, it's funny how you called me a faggot, but you added me as a friend in Tool Shed. Thanks for the name-calling. Please die right now.

    Poster's Emeritar Poster Posted:
  40. YEAH dude that is what i am wanting to see from this company, a skater with smooth like xlax style yet with daring mind sets to do what no other would in their right mind

    Rickiej's Emeritar Rickiej Posted:

    thePOSTMAN's Emeritar thePOSTMAN Posted:

    thePOSTMAN's Emeritar thePOSTMAN Posted:
  43. that fakie flip had a pinch of arto in the mix. great stuff. this guy really ripps!! FAST AS HELL. He should be getting flow from emerica by now, does anybody know if he's flow or am for any other company's yet?

    SwitchNollieFakieOllie's Emeritar SwitchNollieFakieOllie Posted:
  44. love that boardslide!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK. that brick ledge/wall at the bottom! fuck that. too fast

    SwitchNollieFakieOllie's Emeritar SwitchNollieFakieOllie Posted:
  45. keep it up schuyler

    SwitchNollieFakieOllie's Emeritar SwitchNollieFakieOllie Posted:
  46. it's great video! Peace

    EmericaALlDay!'s Emeritar EmericaALlDay! Posted:
  47. oh fo sho. i always knew schuyler would get big one day. turn this man flow. hit him up on myspace and get a copy of Go To Sleep.Its some good shit

    adriandagangster's Emeritar adriandagangster Posted:
  48. Post King is Gnaraleigh fellas

    Hey by the way do you work for sole tech post king?

    livefreeordie's Emeritar livefreeordie Posted:
  49. the sexiest sponsor-me video for at least six months, baby uhhh

    Artibar's Emeritar Artibar Posted:
  50. nice!!

    MrMexican07's Emeritar MrMexican07 Posted:
  51. this dude rips but his style is slopy

    chrispy's Emeritar chrispy Posted:
  52. we love schuyler!!

    come back to ceres and party it with is again hahaha!

    lets do girls!!!!!!!!

    get him on emerica for sure!!!

    martin, faustini, and chuy te le ver!!

    faustinopatino's Emeritar faustinopatino Posted:
  53. silly goose. hook em up. he skates fast. chris senn? na....better.

    televerge's Emeritar televerge Posted:
  54. WHAT A FUCKING RELIEF!!! thank god a skater like this kid is around. fuck booring steezy skating. if hes skated long enough to get this good without any coverage you know hes doin it for the right reasons.

    dickdickweener's Emeritar dickdickweener Posted:
  55. what a faggot. who filmed that? micheal j fox? do you think your great just because you can throw yourself down big shit? that dont make you great. get creative and skate some real spots you litle pussy ass bitch. next time your at the ceres park im gonna beat you up. cant even land a kickflip down a double set...didnt you get enough practice from the double set at ceres...oh thats right you couldnt hack it in ceres so you move to the other side of the states so you can brainwash some 13 year olds on how great you are by telling them about scientology. what a faggot...gotta straiten that hair too...? yeah you wouldnt want anyone seeing that jigga ass afro and your girly ass pants that you think is creative to sew that to make them tight cause you cant support the skate culture by buying some krew jeans. all these fucking punks on here claiming how great you are....fuck that its just scientology thats brainwashing you guys...dont fall into his hype. hes played out. wack ass buster. i hope your knee blows out. SUCK A DICK SKYLAR DICKITS!!

    SPN's Emeritar SPN Posted:
  56. smyrna park nortes for life bitches!!!

    SPN's Emeritar SPN Posted:
  57. you gotta love not landing straight. just like you ...not straight. so im guessing tony hawk pro skater got snowboarder mode from this kid? just land anyway you want slide your hand and tic tac out and as long as you throw in some forced style at the end you say you "landed it". bullshit. quit being gay and land straight.

    SPN's Emeritar SPN Posted:
  58. oh i heard that you have AIDs? thats cool. do you use that as a pity affect to get on teams?

    SPN's Emeritar SPN Posted:
  59. ummmmmm, this is schuyler himself and im not a scientologist, john travolta is. and um yeah i mess up on kf all the time im not a robot and yeah i sew my pants because i dont have a job and i steal them from kohls and sew them to fit and im sorry that you are mad that at me but i did nothing to you. So dont waste your time your words are reflections of your true negative self.

    dickdickweener's Emeritar dickdickweener Posted:
  60. hey this is the real schuyler(scooter) not that other phoney baloney. dickdickweener's my bud. that other jokers trippin cause i smashed his windows. :-(

    skypage's Emeritar skypage Posted:
  61. dude, f--k flow, this kid needs at least am

    jonthewonderboy's Emeritar jonthewonderboy Posted:
  62. dude, f--k flow, this kid needs at least am

    jonthewonderboy's Emeritar jonthewonderboy Posted:
  63. spn? wtf do you know about spn, those punk b*tches haven't ran symyrna park since forever ago. punk b*tch please. don't act like you know anything. schuyler has been killing it since before that sorry piece of cement was ever there. he got out of ceres. so should you. ceres is just a spot. not a way of life in that damn park man. spn is dead.

    televerge's Emeritar televerge Posted:
  64. yooo that kid is SICK he should get flow

    EmericaRulez912's Emeritar EmericaRulez912 Posted:
  65. Holy Shit. Patrick Hanlon is on the freakin Emerica message board thing, by the way, my name should have been 'clean backside 330 kickflip kid.' but, Schuyler, i can see you've been having a good time skating since you've been back on the west coast. killin it dawg. i wish i had people to film me. i've seen Schuyler do some rad varial heelflips . this kid rips. i could never bskf360 over anything big like this kid an his backside 360s are sick! fuck i cant even do that trick good.

    PatrickCleanbskf360kid's Emeritar PatrickCleanbskf360kid Posted:
  66. SPV's Emeritar SPV Posted:
  67. Fuck SPN their fucking 18 hundreds they havent been around for ever!!!! fuck you busters!!!! stupid ass chaps!!! stop talking shit about skyy thats my nigga!!!! skyy will shank you any day this dude should be on am fer sure!!!!! i love this kid!!!!
    lets see you in foundation and in gts and colliseum and hes going to come out in the next duffel film u cant get any better than that. and where the fuck do u get scientoligy from hes hella not like that faggit hes hella just chill he doesnt go around telling 13 year old kids that shit well im done peace.

    SPV's Emeritar SPV Posted:
  68. Great tricks but he is really sloppy, nice tape though.

    tayloremerica's Emeritar tayloremerica Posted:
  69. Dude shreds, he should be flow, come on Reynolds!

    DrakeESK's Emeritar DrakeESK Posted:
  70. this fella is a mank keep up da good work bro

    lorry's Emeritar lorry Posted:

    SICKBRO91's Emeritar SICKBRO91 Posted:
  72. For being one of my best friends, i am sure proud of him and i am willing to say i will name my child to be schuyler if its a boy, motherfucker.... proud of you pikipaka....


    STEVOsmith's Emeritar STEVOsmith Posted:
  73. I think the kid is sick. He's got some minor steez issues but he's still fuckin rediculous.

    Versus-I's Emeritar Versus-I Posted:
  74. get him on flow
    This kid isgood!!!

    andrew101's Emeritar andrew101 Posted:
  75. he's sick but most of his tricks are sketchy

    austinragsdale's Emeritar austinragsdale Posted:
  76. Shit.
    The Nollie BS Heel Switch BS Five-O........
    That's amazing.
    Keep up the good skateboarding.

    Lolly Gag's Emeritar Lolly Gag Posted:
  77. this kid is sick needs to work on his style and landing that stuff was pretty nasty he rips though

    rob's Emeritar rob Posted:
  78. that wuz sum ghetto ass skatin'. this kid is the mutha-fuckin' shit homie. this kid is makin me jealous fo sho son. but the point is that this kid is fuckin nasty at skatin', he's gonna go fuckin' pro easily.

    Ghettoskater's Emeritar Ghettoskater Posted:
  79. flow fo sho:]

    siickkk shittttt

    EnzoTheElephant's Emeritar EnzoTheElephant Posted:
  80. too down....

    )(((__liveitup__))) >'s Emeritar )(((__liveitup__))) > Posted:
  81. schuy rips absolutely crazy back 360's - that lazy at the end was awesome cops came after he did it

    andyd's Emeritar andyd Posted:
  82. HE Is CRAZY

    well ok then's Emeritar well ok then Posted:
  83. should be flow

    jdahsk's Emeritar jdahsk Posted:

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