Happy Birthday Andrew Reynolds!

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All of us here at Emerica would like to wish team rider Andrew Reynolds a very Happy Birthday! He turns 29 today. Have a good one, Drew, and many more!

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(27) responses to: Happy Birthday Andrew Reynolds!

  1. yeeah drew! hope you have a good one

    cochise's Emeritar cochise Posted:
  2. Ha!Ha! 2nd, have a good b-day Drew

    Romeo6467's Emeritar Romeo6467 Posted:
  3. reynolds is still #1 in my book.
    happy b-day long SKATE 4EVER.

    7emexico7's Emeritar 7emexico7 Posted:
  4. Happy Birthday. No one does big things so stylish as you.

    cbomber's Emeritar cbomber Posted:
  5. Happy birthday drew, nobody skates as good as you.

    kylexgee's Emeritar kylexgee Posted:
  6. Ha ryhmed that.

    Happy B-day Drew!
    Skate like you just got younger?

    biggietd's Emeritar biggietd Posted:
  7. i love chewing on crusty aboriginees toes

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  8. Happy Birthday Drew! 29 years ago today, a badass motherfucking skater was born!! Have a good one, I know you will. I wish you many years of skateboarding and happyness!

    overkill1988's Emeritar overkill1988 Posted:
  9. Damn!! hes only 29?

    Pinballmaquina's Emeritar Pinballmaquina Posted:
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY......and many more

    skateaus's Emeritar skateaus Posted:
  11. Hell yeah ! Before he was Boss jf the bosses he put the B in the Boss nigga!
    Happy birthday Andrew,you are so cool!

    pashapd's Emeritar pashapd Posted:
  12. Happy bithday, Andrew!
    I hope you`ll skate when you have grandchildren.
    Andrew Reynolds 4ever!

    DREW's Emeritar DREW Posted:
  13. Happy bithday, Andrew!
    I hope you`ll skate when you have grandchildren.
    Andrew Reynolds 4ever!

    DREW's Emeritar DREW Posted:
  14. wow i thought he was in his 30s... keep shreddin drew

    drew's Emeritar drew Posted:
  15. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  16. best wishes to my favorite pro skater!!!!!!


    emericaSk888's Emeritar emericaSk888 Posted:
  17. fuck reynolds

    WorkshopK94's Emeritar WorkshopK94 Posted:
  18. Happy birthday Rey-naldo (I don't know just tried to think of something creat-ish)
    Anyway, have a good one

    sk8rboard23's Emeritar sk8rboard23 Posted:
  19. thats kool!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope its a good one :]]]
    my birthday is in like 3 days!!!! whoa!!!

    ASHxLEY's Emeritar ASHxLEY Posted:
  20. Thanks for all you giving to skateboarding since many years...
    Happy birthday.
    Thank to saw you in lyon for Emerica terreur tour the demo and signature was so sick.
    Thanks for everything

    quentin's Emeritar quentin Posted:
  21. Happy b-day to you!
    Happy b-day to you!
    Happy birthday dear Andreeeeeew!...........
    Happy b-day to you!

    emericaskatedude's Emeritar emericaskatedude Posted:
  22. andrewwwww hah happy bday man 29 and front side flipin over hollywood high handrail and bs flipin that fatty 4 block nice man ur the best

    AKsk8er's Emeritar AKsk8er Posted:
  23. thank's for revolutionizing the way the fs flip is performed ;) have a great birthday.

    chriscolelovesyou's Emeritar chriscolelovesyou Posted:

    DrakeESK's Emeritar DrakeESK Posted:
  25. happy birthday boss! your an AMAZING skater and nobody can do shit as big as you! have a good one.

    msk's Emeritar msk Posted:
  26. happy birthday! i'm the last but isn's importnat! i allways play with andrew in Pro skater #1 ( the best game) and know all tricks! -.-!

    darkdemonsk8's Emeritar darkdemonsk8 Posted:

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