Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back!

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The experience of traveling across the heartland of the United States on Harley-Davidson motorcycles is a little bit different than your average road trip. Flying across the open highway, passing endless lines of wheat fields and towns with populations small enough that you can meet everyone becomes the norm. Constantly passing cars filled with families on Summer vacation with little kids in the back seat with their faces pressed against the rear window, staring at the herd of bikes rumbling by as if it were a pack of wild animals.

Stops at local gas stations or restaurants turn into sleep fests on concrete sidewalk beds--a harsh yet welcome break from the relentless vibration of the bikes. And when the destination for the day is finally reached, you can’t wait to wake up at the crack of dawn and start it all over again.


This is what Ed Templeton captured with the unique photography in his new book entitled Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back, a collection of photos taken during Emerica’s Wild Ride in 2006, across America’s heartland from Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois.

Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back is a publication of The Gold Thread, a division of Emerica. The first printing is a limited-edition release with less than 2,500 copies available worldwide--a true collectible. Ed’s new book is available only down at your local skateboard shop, so you better get crackin' and buy your copy today.

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  1. Nice!!!!

    ReynoldsisthebesT's Emeritar ReynoldsisthebesT Posted:
  2. This has to be one of the best LOOKING posts I have ever seen

    nowax's Emeritar nowax Posted:
  3. Hey I just went to Denver! Looks awesome.

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  4. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  5. Great book. Very visual.

    skate-theory's Emeritar skate-theory Posted:
  6. Awesome. Emerica's wild ride was the gnarliest video ever. Sick job, Templeton.

    Mike Miracco's Emeritar Mike Miracco Posted:

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