Win the Transist + Hand-Painted Templeton Deck!

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Enter right now on the contest page for a chance to win one free pair of Emerica Transist shoes designed by Ed Templeton and a one-of-a-kind skateboard deck hand-painted by Ed. Why does the photo not show the artwork on the deck? Because Ed is on tour right now and hasn't painted it yet. We'll post a new photo soon. Contest ends on July 13, 2007.

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(13) responses to: Win the Transist + Hand-Painted Templeton Deck!

  1. 1st! Sweet stuff!

    ipledgetoemerica's Emeritar ipledgetoemerica Posted:
  2. cool

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  3. the shit!!!!

    buckfush's Emeritar buckfush Posted:
  4. nice stuff. i like it ^^

    slimy's Emeritar slimy Posted:
  5. That Kicks ASS Hard!

    Nikkolas1993's Emeritar Nikkolas1993 Posted:
  6. Definitely a worth while contest!!!

    skate-theory's Emeritar skate-theory Posted:
  7. haha i can still use this?

    MobileRocks's Emeritar MobileRocks Posted:
  8. 6th

    MobileRocks's Emeritar MobileRocks Posted:
  9. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  10. they should make this one of the colorways of this shoe. it helps this shoe not look nasty. Shit they actually make this shoe, look good!

    KoolKabron's Emeritar KoolKabron Posted:
  11. i look forward to my first skate with this fuckin hot shoes!

    Francis123's Emeritar Francis123 Posted:
  12. ed templeton is tha shit, he's got some great gear

    dream's Emeritar dream Posted:
  13. I wanna Kewl Shu

    snocon's Emeritar snocon Posted:

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