Wild in the Streets 2007: Stuttgart Report

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Skateboarders took over the streets and skate spots of Stuttgart, Germany on Sunday, June 24 during Emerica's Wild in the Streets, which brought 200-plus skaters from all over Southern Germany together for an afternoon of enjoyment and a taste of anarchy.

The event started at the Nuttenpark Skatepark in the city center, where the route of the day was announced. Spots included the Habitat 10 stair, Berliner Platz Benches, the Marmorplatte Manual Spot, a double kink ledge, the Schlossplatz Double Set, the DB Ledges and the Blocks at the Pariser Platz.

The level of skating was really high. Standouts were Wilko Grüning (Germany), Enis Fazilov (Finland), Ruben Rodrigues (Portugal) and Phil Anderson (Germany). Surprisingly, in a city known for it's heavy police presence, we didn't get kicked out anywhere. The Schlossplatz Double Set, which is in the middle of the busiest shopping street, can hardly ever be skated, yet the session on Sunday lasted over 15 minutes!
The goal of Emerica's Wild in the Streets is to build community and raise awareness of skateboarding and the needs of skateboarders. The event in Stuttgart was definitely a step in this direction, bringing together skateboarders of all ages and nationalities.

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  1. Sweet.
    Germany skaters are really cool guys.

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  2. I mean GERMAN skaters.

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  3. Not first.

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  4. that one krook looked really sick

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  5. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  6. real shit

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