Wild in the Streets 2007: San Francisco Report

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Emerica's Wild in the Streets 2007 event in San Francisco on July 4 was amazing! With 800-plus skaters attending, it wasn't quite as big as last year's event in Chicago, but we got three times the exposure for the local skaters' cause. Media was all over it. CNN, NBC, CBS--all the majors were there.


Hundreds of kids skated along with the team, waving Emerica flags as we took city streets by storm. The police even created a motorcade (just like the one JFK got in Dallas) and blocked off the streets for everyone to skate smoothly through the city, which was awesome! The session ended at 3rd and Army, a well-known spot, and the Emerica team shredded hard for all the photographers.


There should be tons of news coverage to come, and the mission of this year's Wild in the Streets--to raise awareness for the San Francisco skate community’s need for a new skatepark--was achieved. All in all, it was a fantastic event, everyone was stoked, and there were surprisingly no arrests--probably due to all the cameras. I guess authorities have finally realized that YouTube Nation has arrived! Look for more photos, plus some videos and links coming soon.


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  1. First and thats pretty cool

  2. 2nd
    thats tight i wish i could go

    kylexgee's Emeritar kylexgee Posted:
  3. third and i wish i could be there...

    Speynolds's Emeritar Speynolds Posted:
  4. Big Ups' To Shawn Connolly who won the race to 3rd & Army...

    Los1's Emeritar Los1 Posted:
  5. hey postking, is slash on the team?

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  6. No, he's on vox.

    ZaneH's Emeritar ZaneH Posted:
  7. Not that I know of.

    Poster's Emeritar Poster Posted:
  8. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  9. thats sick mang :) 8=D

    leostalker's Emeritar leostalker Posted:
  10. 8=D leo owns

    leostalker's Emeritar leostalker Posted:
  11. That's insane!!!

    stokedup's Emeritar stokedup Posted:
  12. That's insane!!!

    stokedup's Emeritar stokedup Posted:
  13. thats really cool i alwayz wished i culd go to one of those

    white kong's Emeritar white kong Posted:
  14. I wish I could have been there.
    I would have won the race :P

    Lolly Gag's Emeritar Lolly Gag Posted:
  15. you guys are fucking gay with your im 1st im 2nd comments grow up

    matt's Emeritar matt Posted:
  16. yeah are you guys gay? my sister does that shit.

    joe whitt's Emeritar joe whitt Posted:

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