Team Report 07-17-07

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For the past couple of months, Andrew Reynolds has been looking for a new house with some land so he can build some skate obstacles. Just off the Wild Ride, he has found himself one in the hills near Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Congrats to Andrew on the new home!


Seems that Heath Kirchart couldn’t get enough of the great Northwest. Not even a week after returning home from the Wild Ride, he headed right back up to Oregon to skate some spots that he liked with Alien Workshop filmer Greg Hunt. In case you didn’t see it yet, Heath has a new shoe out called the Kirchart SDK and various items of signature Gear from Emerica. Check it out!

Ed Templeton, Leo Romero and Austin Stephens are currently kicking it Canadian-style on the RVCA Canada Tour. Check out all of their shenanigans on the RVCA site.


Kevin “Spanky” Long was supposed to be in Canada with RVCA, but his knee has been giving him some trouble, so he’s opted to stay home and start a physical therapy regimen.

Bryan Herman has been staying a bit undercover since returning home from the Wild Ride. He has been going back and forth from Hollywood to Victorville, skating and chillin’.


Jerry Hsu drove down to Los Angeles this week from San Jose to hang with his bros. He came down to Emerica headquarters on Monday to put some finishing touches on his upcoming pro shoe and Gear that he has been working on. The stuff is looking sick! You’ll be able to get your hands on it in late Spring 2008.
Aaron Suski took a weekend trip to San Diego with his girlfriend to beat the heat in Tucson. Suski went to Sea World for the first time and was psyched! He’s thinking of a future career as a dolphin trainer. Suski is back in Tucson for a little bit and will be heading to upstate New York in a couple of weeks for some Zoo York demos. Check out the Zoo York site for all the info.

Braydon Szafranski
has been hanging out in Hollywood, doing what he does best--skating and partying.

Chris Senn was in Honolulu last week with some of his Element teammates for the Grand Opening of an Element store in Waikiki. Chris is about to jet set out to Rotterdam, Holland for the WSR contest.

Brandon Westgate has been enjoying time at home in Massachusetts after traveling for almost a month on the new Harley-Davidson Nightster that he bought for the Wild Ride. Brandon will be cruising out to upstate New York with Suski and the rest of the Zoo York team for some demos on July 28 and 29.
Marquis Preston has been lurking up in Palmdale, California with his homies over the past week. He will be heading up to San Jose with Jerry Hsu and Jon Miner later this week to film for Stay Gold.

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  1. 1rst tite

    toymachinesk8r's Emeritar toymachinesk8r Posted:
  2. Man I would give anything to do this with them.

    t-dub's Emeritar t-dub Posted:
  3. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  4. nnnnnnoooo spanky's not on the rvca tour anymore :'(

    staygold0's Emeritar staygold0 Posted:
  5. thats sick, i wish i could go on tour with them :/

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