Abe Olague

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Southern California
Age 17

Honest, Abe throws down some mean moves in this sponsor me clip, but its feature film length could have used a little pruning. Sponsor me clips should be a minute or two long, tops, yet chock-full of flowing lines and style and sick tricks--all peppered with a few bangers. If you have a few clips of the same trick at different spots, pick the best one, don’t use all of them. Also, in skate videos in general, the short-cut "trick-trick-trick-trick" editing style gets kind of old. Some original music to help mosey things along doesn't hurt, either.

That said, Abe has some sick footage in this clip. I liked seeing some creativity with the 360 flip footplant on the bank-to-wall, and not too many people can nail a Cab kickflip down stairs--Abe stomped one down an eight-set! And he appropriately closed the video with a banger: a switch frontside bigspin heelflip. Thanks for sending in your clip, Abe Olague. Let's not be vague: you just earned yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes!--Jet Ski and Post King


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(44) responses to: Abe Olague

  1. 1st


    conk's Emeritar conk Posted:
  2. Hahaha, hey i know this guy! Emerica, your dumb for not flowing him.

    Alternate's Emeritar Alternate Posted:
  3. the filmers hand in front of the camera after a trick got really annoying

    donavon-wnh's Emeritar donavon-wnh Posted:
  4. yeah...why are filmers always doing that ?

    ReynoldsisthebesT's Emeritar ReynoldsisthebesT Posted:
  5. this sucks he should be on the emerica flow team at least

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  6. you put your hand in front of your lens so that when you reveiw the footage, you know when they landed something.

    YTEICOS's Emeritar YTEICOS Posted:
  7. cool

    kronenberg's Emeritar kronenberg Posted:
  8. this guy should deff. be flow. i mean. this video was better than alex gourdous and he got flow! whats up with that? well anyways this kid will get on another team. he's too good not to be seen.

    Patty Peleshinski's Emeritar Patty Peleshinski Posted:
  9. yo thats pretty cool

    lucas's Emeritar lucas Posted:
  10. that switch big heel off chino 4 was my trick
    i didn't know someone else had done it too
    hes good though

    LouieTII's Emeritar LouieTII Posted:
  11. I can`t believe .....Flow this guy he is amazing so big and clean tricks !!! Man come in Europe you will be sponsored by big skateboard company and they gonna pay you \m/

    Angel's Emeritar Angel Posted:
  12. Come on he's good!

    K-money's Emeritar K-money Posted:
  13. thats freakin sick

    Mark olague's Emeritar Mark olague Posted:
  14. WOW this kid should be on the team fo sho

    DARRELL's Emeritar DARRELL Posted:
  15. abe davila is better

    rob weezy's Emeritar rob weezy Posted:
  16. your guys should of put him on flow team

    brandon's Emeritar brandon Posted:
  17. most defenitely should have flowed him.

    richard's Emeritar richard Posted:

    RANDAL EATON's Emeritar RANDAL EATON Posted:
  19. wow man that first trick was huge and legit this guy should be flowed yo

    Ebiney's Emeritar Ebiney Posted:
  20. na he isnt that good for flow but he is good though...

    Kilo's Emeritar Kilo Posted:
  21. you have to be dumb as shit to not flow him...

    well good job, you just passed up a great opportunity...

    ballsack's Emeritar ballsack Posted:
  22. hes got those nollie howards

    joedeezy's Emeritar joedeezy Posted:
  23. If I were this guy, I would praise myself out of how good I am! I would say "I should be flow"! Fa show! yo

    Mr. Kronk's Emeritar Mr. Kronk Posted:
  24. this dude was sick but he wasnt as good as alex goro, i dno wot made u guys think that, goros hell boss

    yo son's Emeritar yo son Posted:
  25. this has got to be the worst skating i have ever seen!! take notice of the fake steeze after every trick and how mexican he look's. Gross gross gross...

    Abe Olagay's Emeritar Abe Olagay Posted:
  26. shit u guys at emerica must be pretty strict cuz this dude was hella good

    fisher's Emeritar fisher Posted:
  27. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much wack shit, but he should get flowed for some of those hams

    The Voice of Reason's Emeritar The Voice of Reason Posted:
  28. haahah
    i just realized
    me and abe both used to ride for the same company a few years back

    dylanjoness's Emeritar dylanjoness Posted:
  29. That was sickist video so far !!! I want to play that kid in skate !!!

    Boss's Emeritar Boss Posted:
  30. That was the sickist video so far !!!

    Boss's Emeritar Boss Posted:
  31. man this guy is waaaaaay good, emerica, call him back and flow him shoes.

    devvon's Emeritar devvon Posted:
  32. No offense but just because the edit was shit and no music doesn't mean you have to look beyond the raw talent.

    He is the best so far.
    Landing amazing tricks.

    THOMAS's Emeritar THOMAS Posted:
  33. this kid was really good not the best style but has potenial

    awesome's Emeritar awesome Posted:
  34. this guys fucking rips...hammers hammers hammers..better got your eye on this kid emerica.

    junior's Emeritar junior Posted:
  35. the hand in front of the camera tells if the video is good or not. fist means its bad and a half a fist or something like that means its sketchy

    idk something like that but this dude is fucking beast deff sposorship you now one of my favorite skaters

    setup631's Emeritar setup631 Posted:
  36. chris barth is better....

    skateboarding?'s Emeritar skateboarding? Posted:
  37. Abe, keep sending in videos. Emerica, keep your eye on this kid.

    Some Dude's Emeritar Some Dude Posted:
  38. You guys r so dumb how r they gunna put him flow... compair him to branden westage.. or any other of the flows.... he blows compaired to them,,, but give him a couple of years and that boy will have to many spon
    sers to count....

    renu clothing's Emeritar renu clothing Posted:
  39. it was really long with some of the same tricks, but im pretty sure its okay for you to have your switch front big heels on lock.

    eshowitz's Emeritar eshowitz Posted:
  40. and you should have deffinetly flowed him. you rarely see pros doing switch front big heels down eleven sets. and big elevens. watch a pro video part and you might get a switch front big spins. this kids a fucking nut

    eshowitz's Emeritar eshowitz Posted:
  41. "renu clothing" brandon westgate is an Am not flow

    bennyjman's Emeritar bennyjman Posted:
  42. He rips so hard why isnt he flowed

    Nattuf's Emeritar Nattuf Posted:
  43. haha i know this fool
    hes so whack in real life, all screamo and shit

    0RIPVAN0's Emeritar 0RIPVAN0 Posted:
  44. i filmed some of that stuff haha

    brandon's Emeritar brandon Posted:

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